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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 21 - The Return of Goku

Name: Samir Bashir

 Nappa is on rampage and his first target is Gohan turns the tables on Nappa by launching a devastating kick and nailed Nappa in the head. Nappa, now furious at Gohan launch a humungous blast at Gohan. Piccolo won’t let that happen and sacrifices himself. Of course this did have implications as now Kami and dragonballs would also leave this dimension.

Gohan angered at loss of his trainer and best friend launches a large ki blast at Nappa. However, Nappa still in fighting form deflected the hit. Gohan’s power level went back down and Nappa was ready to finish him off. However flying Nimbus caught Gohan in the nick of time which meant that Goku was back on the battlefield too and so he was. Nappa goes straight after Goku but Goku dodged the attack and then gave Gohan and Krillin half a sensu bean each. Then Goku tells them to stay out of the battle with himself and Nappa as he can take care of him single-handily.

At Master Roshi’s house, Buba has just gotten the crystal ball to work and all of the Z gang can now take at the battle.      

Goku then starts powering up to the power level of  9 000. Nappa begins to attack but misses at all times and then Goku gave Nappa a few payback punches for his friends.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is pondering at how Kakkarot (Goku) had become so powerful so quickly.

Then Goku tricks Nappa and gives him a punch straight into his stomach.  With Nappa caught off guard and lying on the ground will Goku be able to overcome these mighty Saiyans. Find out on the next Dragonball Z.

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