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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 219 - The Terror of Mr. Buu

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
The Terror of Mr. Buu (Episode 219.0)

Last Time: Buu attacks Dabura, Kaio, and Gohan.

Now: Buu knocks Gohan out of the way, using a Ki blast, which causes Gohan to go flying, while holding onto the beam. Kaio uses his psychic powers to make the beam explode, and gets ready to fight Buu. It is now believed that Gohan is dead. Kaio starts to fight Buu, and uses his psychic powers, but Buu is too strong, and cripples Kaio’s power. Dabuar stepps back up to fight Buu, telling him that Buu is just a weak fool, and will eventually kill Babidi. Babidi laughs, and tells Buu to target Dabura, and not to hold back!

Vegeta watches over Goku’s lifeless body, thinking...

Trunks and Goten finally make it to the sceen, but are puzzled by the Krillin and Piccolo statues. Trunks leans on the Piccolo, and it falls over and breaks. (Oops :) ) Trunks sees Kaio, and wants to know where Gohan and the others are...

Dabura is ready to fight Buu!

Next Episode: Majin Buu reveals his true powers, but someone still stands Babidi’s way...



Hi! My name is Victor and I'm a BIG fan of your website. Anyways, I just saw The Terror of Mr. Buu on English dubbed version and thought you would like to
have a summary! Here goes... 

The episode starts off with the Supreme Kai in horror. Babidi is laughing. Supreme Kai tries to attack Buu with a blast, but it doesn't work. For the next 15 seconds, Supreme Kai just gets his butt whipped. Just before Kai is killed, Gohan kicks Buu out of the way. Gohan tells the Supreme Kai they should leave. Then, Buu gets a little angry, but Gohan charges at Buu. Buu fires a ki blast and sends Gohan flying everywhere. Then, the Supreme Kai uses psychic powers to destroy the blast, and Gohan lands in the forest. Then Kai just sinks his head into the dirt. After that, Babidi orders Buu to kill Kai. Buu doesn't listen at first, but eventually says he's going to eat the Supreme Kai. Just before he does though, Dabura, looking all messed up, throws a spear and the spear sinks through Buu. Babidi goes insane and Dabura tells him not to ally with Buu. Then, Buu pulls the spear out and regenerates the hole. Dabura and Babidi are stunned and Dabura says: WHAT KIND OF MONSTER IS HE?!

Goten and Trunks arrive at the battle site, and see Dabura, Buu and Babidi with the Supreme Kai at the ground. Goten then spots the stone Piccolo. They climb up the mountain like experts and think that someone created a statue of Piccolo. Then they start tapping the stone, but Trunks taps too hard and breaks the Piccolo stone(whoops!). This is up to where I watched. I had to go to karate school and I'm sorry if I missed anything


   Hey it's me Soniks again for another summary
The Terror of Mr. Buu
    Well technically i thought this episode really really sucked.  You'll see why in a few paragraphs
    The episode starts off once again with Kaioshin in complete fear of Buu, who I think is probably pwerful, but looks like he can be taken out with one punch. (Maybe not...)  Gohan is lying in the rubble from last episode (the part i missed) and Kaioshin thinks he can stop Buu (yeah right... I think Kaioshin should be demoted to the Weakest Kai... goodbye he he...ok maybe that wasn't as funny as i thought...anyway)  Kai starts to use his most powerful energy to repel Buu's upper body back, when i think Kaioshin should kicked him in the...well ya know... and then sends a blast at him.  At the side shot of the blast, it looks like the energy goes right through Buu, but just forces him back about ten feet.  
    After a few attacks, you see Kaioshin laying helpless on the ground, with Babadi mocking the hell out of him.  Not funny.  Buu stands there, then jumps on top of Kaioshin, then Gohan kicks him in the face, sending the monster back.  Buu sends an awful blast at Gohan, then Babadi thinks he will fly into outer space.  Kaioshin doesnt want him to die, so he uses mind powers to destroy the blast.  Gohan then drops to the ground, and Kaioshin telepathically tells him to stay there.
    Hercule, thinks to himself, and wants to know why Videl was flying, and also thinks he can too, so he steps out his window, thinks about it then just trys inside.  I think u can guess the rest.
    Goten and Trunks are flying still, and the fnd the battle field.  They also find Piccolo and Krillin's Stone bodies, and accidentally breaks Piccolo.  Thats why i didn't like this episode, all because of that.  But i have a feeling what happens when Dabura dies tomorrow (gets eaten), after he trew a spear through Buu, and it didnt affect him one bit.  If you wanna find out what i think happens to Piccolo, well i wont give too much away, but i think he revives himself like Cell did after Goku tried to kill him.  But that's just my reasoning.  Next Episode ~ 220 - Meal Time: Vegeta wants a peice of Buu!


The Terror of Majin Buu episode 219 English Dubbed DBZ series        

O.k. so in the very end of the last episode Gohan is knocked out when Buu hit him on the head. Now Supreme Kai is in the air alone with him and yeah, he's scared. He tries to use his uniqe fighting power on Buu, but Buu is too strong. After he uses his mental energy on Buu, Buu uses the same attack on him. That sends Supreme Kai sailing into Babidi who gets knocked off to the side. Then Buu lands on Supreme Kais back which paralizes him for a while. Gohan tries to rescue him but Buu sends him off with a blast. Supreme Kai uses his psychic power to blow up the beam and Gohan lands somewhere in the woods.
      Dabura then shows up and his surprise mutiny is cut short when Babidi says he's no longer useful.
      Meanwhile Goten and Trunks lands on a cliff a mile away and find Piccolo's and Krillen's statues. Trunks breaks Piccolo when he accidentally punched him, but he doesn't know that it's really Piccolo. The scene the goes back to Dabura, Babidi, and Buu. Buu regenerates after pulling out the spear that dabura threw at him and decides to eat Dabura.Gee I wonder what'll happen next?

- Heather M. 

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