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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Ep isode 218 - The Losses Begin

Majin Buu Saga
Episode 218 - The Losses Begin
US Dubbed

  The show starts out with Majin Buu in the previous episode and Supreme Kaio and Gohan in complete fear. Then we switch to the Goku and Majin Vegeta fight. Vegeta is about to slam Goku square in the face, but Goku tells him to stop and Vegeta listens. They talk about Majin Buu and his ki and Vegeta says Goku is stalling. We go back to Majin Buu. Babidi is telling Buu that he'd still be locked up if it weren't for him. Buu turns around and says nothing. After a minute, he turns around and makes a funny face at Babidi while shouting "BUU!" Babidi falls down and is gasping for air. Buu is laughing. Dabura is angry at Buu and calls him a bloated idiot.Gohan and Supreme Kaio wonder what Buu is doing. Then, Dabura tells Babidi that the original Buu should have been stronger, but this one is weak. Then, Buu releases steam and punches Dabura right in the eye. Dabura swings at Buu but misses. Buu kicks him and sends him bouncing and crashing into a mountain. Babidi praises Buu. Gohan speaks about Buu's plays around and Babidi threatens to put Buu in the ball and Buu obeys so he can stay out. Gohan says to kill Babidi but Kaio says only Babidi can reseal Buu and when he does, then they should kill him.  Kaio speaks about a different method and says its too late. Buu is told to kill S. K. and Gohan and Gohan grabs SK and flys off and Buu chases them. After a cloud of smoke, Buu is flying right behind Gohan. He turns around sees nobody. Then when he looks forward again, Buu is blocking the way. Buu screams YOU DROP DEAD! and smashes Gohan on the head. Gohan falls down unconscious and SK is right in Buu's path. The episode ends.

                                                                  by ScorpioSaiyajin  



Episode Title&#: The Losses Begin  #218

English Dubbed
    Buu beats up on Dabura for making fun of him. Goku feels Buu's ki and tries to get Vegeta's help, but Vegeta knocks Goku out, Takes a senzu bean and flies toward Buu. Back at Babidis space ship, Buu, on Babidis command, starts to fight Gohan and Supreme Kai.
Ryan Dugan


This is for U.S. Dubbed DBZ. It is ep. 218 The Losses Begin

It starts off with Goku and Vegeta fighting.Then they are all tired and Goku feels a powere surge from Buu and tells Vegeta to stop fighting. Vegeta laughs and says "there's nothing to worry about. The Surpreme Kai has been constantly surprised by our power and on the

ship we beat what was supposed to be the strongest fighters in the universe and barely broke a sweat." Goku said "you're wrong" and that Vegeta was too proud to admit it. 

Then it goes back to Buu. Babidi is talking to Buu and Buu turns his back to him. Buu starts shaking and Babidi asks what's wrong then Buu turns around and sticks his tongue out at Babidi and laughs.Babidi gets scared and Debura says that Buu is an idiot and a waste of time. Buu gets mad and steam comes out of his holes and he punches Debura. Debura

is holding his face in pain then Buu kicks him and he goes flying and crashes into a mountain and doesn't move. Babidi says that he is probably dead. Gohan can't explain Buu's power. It goes to Goku and Vegeta and Goku says " you had to have felt that." Then it
goes to Trunks and Goten. Trunks says that he felt something go to his stomach and that it was probably how evil feels. They talk and then have a race to Buu. 

CM break

Hercule is taking a shower and is thinking of the Z fighters and that they were the people from 7 years ago. He get out of the shower and reporters burst in and his towel falls down.

Goku and Vegeta are fighting and Goku says that they dont have time to fight and the whole world will be destroyed by Buu. And that Bulma and Trunks would die too. Vegeta says "Shutup!!!" and kicks Goku "SHUT UP! I don't care about them! I willingly let Babidi posess

me." BLAH BLAH then Goku says " Lier. I don't buy it. Talk all you want Vegeta but you better convince yourself first."Vegeta says" Fine. you wine we'll postpone the fight. Well! Get out some Senzu beans." Goku is getting some senzu beans but Vegeta hits him and his hair turns black again and he falls down. Vegeta takes the senzu bean and eats it. Then he says that he didn't want Goku to beat Buu and dangle it in his face. 

Babidi tells Buu that he'll put Buu back in his ball if he doesn't obey. The Supreme Kai tells Gohan that if he knew that there would be people stronger than himself he would've taught them a method... Gohan asks what method?? then Babidi tells Buu to kill Gohan and the Supreme Kai. Gohan grabs the Supreme Kai and flys away. Buu waits a while then blasts off and is already in front of Gohan.

Jacque Malfabon


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Episodes 218 Majin Buu - The Losses Begin

Majin Buu is finally revived, but he looks like a complete moron, and he acts like a big fat baby. Goku and Vegeta are still fighting though Goku has already stopped the fight in the last episode becuase he felt Majin Buu's power. Goku stops it again, and says that he feels it again. Vegeta starts laughing. He says that Majin Buu is weak, and that the Saiyan race has evolved, and that Buu's time is gone, and that they are much stronger now then he is. Goku tells him that he's wrong, and that he feels something deep inside of Buu, and he knows that Vegeta feels it to, but is to proud to show it. Back at the Buu site, Babidi is convincing Buu to let him be his master, but instead, Buu turns he's back, and Babidi says that he comands him to turn around at his master. Buu starts to look angry, but instead he turns around and sticks his tongue out at Babidi, and starts laughing. Dabura says that Buu is a fool. Supreme Kai looks extremely angry. Dabura tells Babidi that majin Buu's revival has somehow been incohis waist, revealing himself to the world. Goku and Vegeta are still fighting, and Goku trys to stop Vegeta. Goku reminds vegeta that the whole world will get destroyed becuase of Buu, including Trunks and Bulma. Vegeta gets really mad and tells Goku to shut up, and that they now mean nothing to him. Goku calls him a lier. Vegeta tells him he won, and that their battle will be postponed. Vegeta tells Goku to get out his senzu beans. Goku starts getting them out, and Vegeta, swings his arms back, and punches Goku in the neck, causing him to pass out on the floor. Vegeta takes the bean, and powers up. He says that he will continue the battle another day. Babidi is still trying to convince Buu to let him be his master. Babidi tells Buu that if he doesn't, he'll put him back in the ball. Buu stops laughing,and agrees. Gohan says that they need tot ake out Babidi, since he's the only one who's controlling Buu, but Supreme Kai says that since Babidi is the only one who can put Buu back in the ball, thats not an opt
Justin Cary 


Title:The Losses Begin
Original air date 3/06/01
Rating: 6 2/3 out of 10
Review by: Midnight Sayian Ranger
Website The World Of Midnight
Not a lot of action happened in this episode, but here's what happened:
First off, Buu continues to commentaround like a kid in a candy store. Vegeta and Goku continue their fight, but now Goku is trying to convince Vegeta that they should stop and go take care of Buu. Vegeta laughs off the coment and says that Buu is no match for the two of them.
Meanwhile Dabura is getting disgusted by Buu and insults him. Buu doesn't like that and kicks Dabura into a stone wall, knocking him out. Babadi is pleased by this.
Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are deciding which battle they want to see. (Man, it sure is taking these kids a long time to get to the action.) At first they seem scared by the evil energy they are sensing, but then, gleefuly decide that they want to see the source of it, so they fly off in that direction.
Meanwhile, lame-brain Hercule (I feel so sorry for Videl. I don't think I'd be able to stand having him for a dad.) is taking a shower. He flashes back to the scene at the ring where Vegeta blasted all those bystanders. He remembers Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta from the Cell Games and wonders why they came back. Then, as he steps out, a mob of reporters come to interview him. They want to know what he's going to do with the prize money. Hercule says he's not afraid to hide anything from his fans, then the towel he's wearing falls off leaving him butt naked in front of the reporters.
Then, back at the bloody Sayian brawl, Goku agian tries to talk some sense into Vegeta by pointing out that if Buu isn't stoped, he'll kill evrey one on Earth, including Bulma and Trunks. At first, this doesn't seem to have any effect on the Sayian prince, but after awhile, and a little more pleading from Goku, Vegeta apears to come to his senses and agrees to pospone the battle and fight Buu. Then, Vegeta sugests Goku get out his senzu beans so bothof them can be at full strength when they fight Buu.. Goku gladly agrees, but once his back is turned WAM! Vegeta hits him in the back of the head and knocks him out. (I guess that makes Vegeta the winner of this little match.) He eats Goku's last senzu bean and says that he did what he did so Goku wouldn't see him turn hero again. He tells Goku to enjoy his sleep, and flies off to fight Buu.
Meanwhile, Babadi is trying to get Buu under his control. He sucseeds when he tells Buu that if he doesn't do what he says, he'll put him back in the ball. Buu gets the message and bows to Babadi. Gohan sugests to Supreme Kai that they destroy Babadi so they can control Buu. Sapreme Kai says no. Babadi is the only one who knows how to put Buu back in his ball and claims that he'll be forced to do it once he loses control of the big, pink guy. Gohan then desides to high tail it out of there and takes off with the Kai in tow. Babadi orders Buu to destroy them, so Buu not only goes after them, but out runs them (or, fly I should say.) He knocks Gohan out with one blow and them makes his move on the Supreme Kai.
Next episode: The Evil Power Of Buu.
Be sure to check out my web site and tell me what you think about it.


Episode Summary for The Losses Begin ~ Buu Saga
    The Episode Starts out with Vegeta and Goku Getting ready to pound each other into oblivion when Goku stops Vegeta again, sensing evil power.  He senses Buu, and tells him that this guy might be even more powerflu than both of them combined.  Vegeta, being his proud errigant self, says that the sayajin race has evolved and become more powerful since Buu was born.  He also stated that Kaioshin was gawking at the three sayajins and said how pwerful that they were when they fought the supposed "most pwerful fighters in the universe", and how they killed them easily.  Back at Buu's site, Gohan and Kaioshin look on in horror, thinking what this monster can dish out.  Then, it begins.  The evil child-like monster strikes Dubura in the eyes, and then sends him flying into a cliff, after his mocking of Buu.  Babadi looks on and says to Buu that what he did was wonderful, and that he may have killed Dubura.  Back at Goku and Begeta's fight, Goku says he felt even bigger power, and tells Vegeta that they should go over to see what was going on.  Vegeta pretends to agree, as Goku pulls out the bag of Senzu Beans, and as he does, Vegeta knocks Goku in the back of the neck with an elbow, knocking him out.  He then says "Kakarrot, you are such a fool, to let your guard down for one second, a mistake"  Vegeta takes a Senzu Bean and heads to the battlefield.
    Now I apologize, but i didnt see the rest of the episode because i had to go to Hockey practice, but i I am sure if u want, you can look on a different summary and find out what happens, i will too, but i dont have time now, i have to leave, so thanx for taking the time to read my summary, and I think you should read my other summaries, one of them is Mighty Blast of Rage, my old name was SSTrunx77, so find my summary cuz i think it was good, peace.
- Soniks ~the fusion of Sonic the Hedghog and Trunks

Episode #218:The Losses Begin

U.S DBZ Dubbed

This episode starts out with Goku trying to pursuade Majin Vegeta to go battle Majin Buu,but M.Vegeta refuses and so their fight goes on. Back with Majin Buu Babi-Dee is still trying to control him, but Majin Buu turns around and making it look like he is about to power up then turns around and screams, “BUUUU!!!”Which makes Babi-Dee fall to his knees. Then Dabura starts insulting Majin Buu by saying that his transformation was not a complete success and that he is worthless. Majin Buu gets ticked off and steams then punching Dabura which knocks him out. Babi-Dee becomes happy and congradulates Majin Buu, which doesn’t give. Then Babi-Dee threatens that if Majin Buu doesn’t obey him, he will seal him up in the shell again. Majin Buu becomes afraid and instantly falls into his command.Gohan asks if they should destroy Babi-Dee and make Majin Buu under their control.The SUpreme Kai says that this is impossible because Majin Buu is uncontrolable and soon Babi-Dee will have to seal him up in the ball.Babi-Dee then orders Majin Buu to kill Gohan and the Supreme Kai, the Supreme Kai says there is no escape but Gohan grabs him by the arm and flies away at top speed. Babi-Dee starts yelling at Majin Buu for not chasing after then but then Majin Buu starts flying three times as fast as Gohan.  Meanwhile Goku has pursuaded M.Vegeta to battle Majin Buu so he takes out his sensu beans so they can recharge. M.Vegeta quickly knocks him out and takes a sensu-bean recharging him so that he can battle Majin Buu alone. Majin Buu finally catches up to Gohan and knocks him out in one hit leaving the Supreme Kai to defend himself. Can Majin Buu be stopped or is the human race doomed? Find out next time on DragonballZ.

Next time on DBZ:The Terror of Majin Buu!


Series: dbz
english & dubbed
the losses begin, episode 218

--> the episode picks up where the last one ends, goku and vegeta are fighting, and gohan and supreme kai are extremely afraid of buu, who is pudgy, childish and quite weird. While vegeta is about to attack goku, goku tells him to halt and informs him that a strange empty (but strong) power is coming from the direction of gohan and supreme kai.
--> dabura notices buu fooling around and completely ignoring his master and insults him, saying that he is a complete fool and that reviving him was a waste of time. Buu suddenly stops and turns around to dabura. Surprisingly, he pokes dabura in the eyes and while dabura is swagering around like a drunk covering his eyes, majin buu gets behind dabura and kicks him hard into a cliff.
--> vegeta refuses to believe that majin buu is stronger than both of them and babbles on and on about how the saiyan race has evolved since then and that they are much more powerful. But goku thinks otherwise, and informs him about it. Vegeta, saying that he wants to fight goku when he is not so distracted, tells goku to stop for now and get out his sensu beans. Right when goku does so, vegeta knocks him out cold and steals his sensu bean, and single-handely flys towards buu himself.
--> meanwhile, goten and trunks see the flock of birds and trunks decides that they should go that way because it ‘seems scarier’
--> babidi is sick of buu’s not listening, and threatens that he will send hiim back into the egg if he does not start. Buu, catching wind of this finally, begins to obey his master. Babidi’s first command is to exterminate the supreme kai and gohan. Gohan grabs supreme kai’s wrist and takes off in the other direction. Buu, after hesitating, flies after them in a muuuch faster pace. Soon he is in front of supreme kai and gohan and he knocks gohan out of the sky. And that is basically the episode

--> next episode: best animation, supreme kai finally fights! (what i’ve been waiting for)
--> things to look for: this is good animation

v2 f.r.e.a.k

note to pojo: in my scale, there are 3 animations, best, good and ok


dbz:the losses begin(english)
by matt farley

            the episode starts off with majin vegeta and goku fighting.then they show buu and company.babidi and daboura try to control buu,but,buu hits daboura in the eyes and he goes flying through a knocks him unconcious.meanwhile,hercules is in his room and he seems very sad about what majin vegeta did to all of is fans in the arena.then a bunch of reporters rush in the room. back at goku,vegeta tricks him into going to fight buu.goku gets out the senzu beans but then vegeta knocks him out and takes a senzu bean.back at buu,babidi finally is in control of buu.he commands buu to kill gohan and the supreme kai.he knocks gohan to the ground and then it is over!!!!next episode:the terror of majin buu!
email        thanx!:)


Hi i'm Joe Mug and this is my third episode summary, I'm sorry about any spelling, typos, or mess-ups. This is the episode summary of Dragonballz English episode #218 The Losses Begin.
    As the episode the starts Babidee is finally able to get Buu under his control. Supreme Kia is scared so much I think he peed his pants! Just kidden. Then Dabura insults Buu about how he is so fat and week and then Buu gives Daburas face a fistful. Babidee is amazed at buus power event though his guy Dabura got slammed. Then Dabura gets kicked in the back and flies into a mountain.Buu then mocks Babidee but Baibidee tells him if he doesn't obey him he will put him back in his ball. Goku and Vegeta stop there battle so they can kill Buu.Goku lets his guard down while getting the senzu then Vegeta knocks Goku out. He eats the senzu then flies off. Goten and Trunks are on there way and are nearly at the battle field. Supreme Kia thinks that it is all over when Gohan grabs his hand and they start flying away. The problem is Buu is so much faster than him that in about 10 seconds Buu catches up to them. Buu flies ahead of them then punches Gohan into a mountain. Now with no one to protect him Supreme Kai is forced to stand up and fight Buu on his own.    
    Next episode Gohan jumps in and him and the Supreme Kai fight Buu. Then when Gohan and Supreme Kai are about to be finished off bye Buu, Dabura jumps in!  ^.^


DBZ Dubbed ep. #218. "The losses begin"

This episode begins with Goku and Majin Vegeta fighting . Goku keeps feeling the big energy from Majin Buu. Goku is trying to get Majin Vegeta to stop too, but he doesn't. Back where buu is Dabura makes fun of him. So buu punshes Dabura
in the face and kicks him into a mountain. Next we see Trunks and Goten, and then Hercule in the shower (eww). Back at the fight seen Majin Vegeta tells Goku to get his senzu beans out and get ready to fight buu. While his does that Majin Vegtea knock Goku out cold. Then we go back to buu. Babidi tells buu to kill Gohan and  the supreme kai. So Buu does. Gohan runs away but buu catches up with him and knockes him to the ground.The supreme kai is left to fight buu alone

Next Episode: the supreme kai uses his own attacks to fight buu, but loses


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
The Losses Begin (Episode 218.0)
Last Time: Buu awakens.(Getting cheap with words)
Now: Dabura mocks Buu, and tells Babidi that he doesn't need weaklings as servants. Buu gets mad at Dabura, and punches him hard in the face, which causes Dabura to flinch, and he falls backwards, holding his face. Babidi then tells Buu that he hates the Supreme Kai, and that he will have to die. Buu doesn't want to listen to Babidi, until Babidi reveals that he can lock Buu up again. Buu is scraed, and after some childish torment towards Babidi, Buu goes after Kaio and Gohan.
Vegeta and Goku sense Buu's energy, and believe it to be weak, until Goku senses an large increase in Buu's power, and stopps the fight. He tells Vegeta that he doesn't want to fight anymore, and Vegeta reluctantly agrees. Then, Vegeta asks for a Senzu Bean, and when Goku goes to get one, Vegeta knocks him out, and steals the Senzu!
Gohan grabs Kaio's arm, tells him to trust him, and flies away. as fast as he can (which is pretty fast) to escape Buu. Babidi tells Buu to go after them, and does so- he flies so fast, that Babidi loses sight of him almost instantly.
Next Time: Buu, Kaio, and Gohan fight (again, with few words :) )


Episode Title&#: The Losses Begin  #218
English Dubbed
    Buu beats up on Dabura for making fun of him. Goku feels Buu's ki and tries to get Vegeta's help, but Vegeta knocks Goku out, Takes a senzu bean and flies toward Buu. Back at Babidis space ship, Buu, on Babidis command, starts to fight Gohan and Supreme Kai.
Ryan Dugan


Majin Buu Saga
Episode 218-The Losses Begin
Us Dubbed

            Story by Samuel Behbahani

      The episode starts by showing Majin Buu laughing and the Kaio and Gohan are feared by Buu's super power,Gohan tells the Kaio that I can beat Majin Buu.Then we see Goku and Majin Vegeta fighting each other.Vegeta tries a couple of energy blasts but Goku then stops him and tells him that Buu is ressurected and that his power is enormously strong,then Vegeta says that Buu is only a waste of time.Then they agree to fight Buu with full power (by eating the sensu beans) and then Majin Vegeta knocks Goku and that he wants to fight the Buu creature alone. Then we turn back to buu,Dabura tells Babi-di the ressurections are not complete,and then Dabura walks up to Buu and calls him lousy.Buu gets angry and puffs himself up and he pokes and kicks Dabura right into a mountain. Then Babi-di thinks Dabura is dead and he tells Buu you did a good job. Buu disobeys Babi-di and Babi-di tells him if you disobey me I will put you back in the shell you came from. Buu gets scared and obeys babi-di's orders.He tells Buu to kill the Kaio and Gohan, when they hear that they fly away but Buu catches up to them and knoks out Gohan.

      Next episode: The Terror of Mr. Buu    

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