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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 217 - Buu is Hatched

From: "Eric Grundberg" 

I have an episode summary. Here's american episode 217 of the Majin Buu saga, BUU IS HATCHED.
This episode starts off with a confident Babidi and Dabura meeting Gohan and the Supreme Kai. After a meaningless exchange of words, Babidi transports everyone outside of the ship, along with the egg containing Buu.  Dabura is looking forward to fight a Gohan, which he believes will be easy to defeat.  Meanwhile, Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight has escalated from fast punching and kicking to involve fast ki blasts as well.  We keep switching back and forth from the fight and the space ship. Buu's energy meter keeps going up....  time is at stake, and the meter keeps going up while Gohan tries to obtain motivation to release the hidden powers he showed against Cell.
    Gohan winds up... but just as soon as he is about to fight Dabura, the meter reaches the umbral level, and Babidi goes berzerk!  The egg containing Majin Buu starts to pulsate....  The Supreme Kai begins to crack up....  We are taken back to an intense Goku/Majin Vegeta fight.

     That fight is still at a stalemate.  Just when one of the two fighters seems to get an upperhand, the other one comes back and counters.  Goku and Majin Vegeta dont seem to want to tire out after so much beating!  Goku and Majin Vegeta take a stance... while they talk, Majin Vegeta revealed that he actually planned his alliance with Babidi so that he could get a chance to get to fight Goku.  "If you are so proud, why did you let yourself be manipulated?"  "I ONLY WANTED TO BE LIKE I USED TO BE!"  Vegeta powers up, and the fighting goes on.....

    Back at the tournament, Mr. Satan is crowded by reporters and somehow gets the crowd to come back.  Goten and Trunks are still speeding towards the spaceship....

    The Majin Buu egg stops pulsating and steam comes out from around it. 
The Supreme Kai is in fear. It ends.

Hello, my name is Jesse Meza, and my web site is:

      This episode begins with Majin Buu's egg showing. There is steam coming out from the ducts around the egg. The power meter is at its maximum and the egg keeps flashing. Gohan and the supreme kai  gasp in terror. The supreme kai is trying to tell Gohan to run away, but Gohan does not listen. As Gohan watches the egg flash, Goku and Majin Vegeta continue thier fight. After a while Gohan gets really mad, and powers up and shoots a kamehameha wave at the egg. After the smoke clears, the egg is still there, so Gohan tries again and again but it won't work. The egg starts to fly up in the air...and opens...but to their suprise...THERE IS NOTHING IN THE EGG!!!! The supreme kai laughs in relief.  "He remained in the egg for so long, he turned to dust!" Just as Gohan was about to fight Dabura again he notices that the smoke that came out of the egg is taking form...then pops out arms, legs... a head, a belly...and pink fighter emerges! Then Babidi walks over to the pink blob..."Are you Majin Buu?" the pink blob nods his head. Goku and
Majin Vegeta stop and fell the huge amout of energy...

Next Episode: Majin Buu is free and ready to play!

From: WFChampions

this is the most greatesat episode STARTS OFF: buu is about to hatch and gohan does a attack at the buu ball and it flyes up with babidi in shock the egg hatches supreme kai is lol and gohan to bcuse there is nothing in there                                                             But wait gohan is'nt lol any more gohan feels a huge power level and its not funny supreme kai notices a pink cloud ITS MAJIN BUU!!!!! (Fat Buu) Goku feels the huge power and tells vegeta and vegeta is lol and says ""I am way stronger than buu""hehehe" goku flyes 4 some senzu beans and comes back vegeta hits goku and takes off with the beans end of episode..............


The episode starts of with Gohan and Supreme Kai standing infront of the ball of Buu. Supreme Kai pleads to Gohan to run, but Gohan feels that he must fight for all of the people that he cares about. Buu is just about hatched, and Gohan fires a might Kamehameha wave at the ball. The ball doesnt even move! Once again Gohan fires a Kamehameha wave at the ball. This time he puts more energy in to it. The ball flies into the air and Gohan fires yet another blast at the Massive ball. the ball falls on the ground and cracks open. A pink dust floats in to the air and hovers over them. The next scene is of Goku and Vegita continuing with there battle, they both pause with there fight because Goku feels a presense of evil. Back where gohan and the Supreme kai are the Pink dust forms into a fat child like being. Buu jumps around and does flips, I guess happy to be free. the episode pretty much ends here.

Thanx alot, Chad



the episode starts off with everyone standing around the buu ball.gohan fires 3 blasts at the ball but it is to late! meanwhile at the tournament hercules and the announcer guy dicuss when to give hercules his prize money.elsewhere,goku and vegeta continue there fight.they each make a few successful hits.back at the buu ball it starts to hatch,but when it open,only a little pink cloud comes out.they wonder where buu is but then the cloud forms into majin buu.buu comes down to the ground and wonders around.he doesnt really seem evil........?thats basically the episode.


#217:Buu is hatched
U.S.DBZ Dubbed
By:Dart the Ultimate Warrior

The episode begins with Gohan (in Super Saijain form) and the Supreme Kai looking in horror as Majin Buu's egg is hatching. The Supreme Kai is really afraid and begs Gohan to retreat while they still can. Gohan doesn't want to retreat and keeps pushing himself to power-up.At the same time Babi-Dee is laughing like a school girl because Buu is hatching. Gohan finally
gets ticked off and goes Super Saijain2 (the way he did was really impressive). The Supreme Kai looks at Gohan in amezment as Babi-Dee and Dabura look on in horror.Then Gohan aims a Kamehameha right at Majin Buu's egg where Babi-Dee and Dabura are standing.
Unfortunatly Dabura is quick enough to save himself and Babi-Dee (damn!).After the long blast the egg didn't even budge, so Gohan continues doing Kamehamehas.After two more blasts the egg rolls over and hatches. In the egg is nothing more than a pink cloud which flies up into the air. Babi-Dee then starts crying (no I mean it he really does start crying) because of all the work "he" put into making the egg hatch. The Supreme Kai laughs at him and then wants to fight,but Gohan seems to have his attention at the pink cloud in the sky. Then all of them start looking as the cloud becomes THE FEARED MAJIN BUU!!! AS he floats down I laughed because he was nothing more than a fat ass pink blob! Majin Buu starts playing around like a baby. Babi-Dee says, "Majin Buu come to your Master,that's it your almost here." (I laughed my ass off here.) Gohan doubts that Majin Buu is really that powerful.The Supreme Kai still fears him. At the same time Goku stops his fight with Majin
Vegeta to tell him that Majin Buu has hatched but Vegeta doesn't seem to give and smiles.

Next time on DBZ: The Losses Begin.

Peace out! 


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