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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 215 - The Long Awaited Fight

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
The Long-Awaited Fight (#215.0)

Majin Vegeta and Goku's battle continues. Not much is to say here, but it looks like Vegeta has the advantage, until Goku uses some decisive punches to crush Vegeta....

Goten and Trunks are still on their way to the battle scene, and are almost there.
Gohan and Kaioshin move down to Stage 4 to fight, and run into the 12-Step army of Babidi. All Gohan has to do is charge up to knock out all 12, and Stage 5 is opened. Shin and Gohan are almost at the end of the tunnel! Will they stop Majin Buu from ever being born?
Next Episode: Babidi and Dabura step up to stop Gohan and Shin, but what's left of the Z team won't give up just yet! Goku and Majin Vegeta continue their fight, who will be the victor? Will Majin Buu be awakened? Find out, on the next DBZ!


My name is Ebenizer and this is Episode #215 of  english version: Dragonball Z
Episode #215 The Long Awaited Fight
It starts out with hercule (mr. Satan) talking to the announcer of how  they need to reschedule the world champion belt ceramony. and thinking about if they should give money to #18 for being in 2nd place.
Majin Vegita and Gokou are now seen and are staring at each other. Then Vegita  comes rushing at Gokou in a firey rage and starts punching and finally lands one and knees gokou then kicks him to the ground Vegita chases after him but Goku goes the other direction then they both kick at the same time and electricity flies and Vegita headbutts goku and and vegita is now in control as he repeatedly punches goku in the stomache then Goku catches both of Vegita's fists and knees him twice in the head and kicks vegita into a mountain side then vegita gets angry and they both hover next to eachother about a inch away from eachother's faces then they yell at eachother then the battle continues. Vegita and Gokou both land a punch in eachother's faces at the exact time. Gokou's fist into Vegita's face and Vegita's fist into Gokou's face but Vegita gets angry and starts punching Gokou repeatedly in the stomache then he continues punching as he powers up. Then gokou is powerless and Vegita knees him in the neck
Gohan and the supreme kai go to next level of the ship and are challenged by many fighters resembling pui pui but they are very weak fighters. Gohan powers up and all 20 die. They then continue down to the next level of the ship.
Gokou is starting to get some punches in and Vegita is getting some too. Gokou tries to punch Vegita but Vegita appears behind  him and throws an energy wave into gokou's stomache. They then have  an eneergy battle but the energy battle is then cut to a scene of goten and trunks talking.
The next scene has Gokou and hanging off a cliff with his eyes half open and all messed up saying "Don't know why I'm surprised, he has been training for the last seven years straight."
Then gokou gets pulled up by his arm by nonother than Vegita. Gokou says in horror "Vegita!"
Vegita throws Gokou into a mountains wall and Goku is screaming liek a girl! and Vegita creates energy waves in the shape of cuffs and are placed  on goku's arms, legs, and neck. so Gokou can't move and Vegita walks up to him and asks "What's the matter? Not winning as easily as u thought?"Then Goku says "I never said it would be easy!" Then Vegita says "Hmphhh, you won't be winning at all!" then slaps Gokou in the face twice. and Goku get's angry and Vegita says "What clown!? Feeling angry and humiliated?!?"
Vegita then says "Fool! (He then starts punching Gokou in the face!) You don't know what humiliation is!" Then he flashbacks to all his humiliations in life.
his first when fighting Kakarot on Earth, his second when it was Kakarot who beat Frieza and not him, his third was when Kakarot was the first to become a legendary super saiyan, and finally when all his power he had been working for was surpassed by a half saiyan child (Gohan) when he a full grown saiyan prince. Then Vegita prepares to cut Gokou into pieces but Gokou wakes up from his being unconcious and breaks free from the wall and with the boulders attached to the cuffs he hits Vegita with them! Then Punches Vegita repeatedly in the stomache and is thrown into a cave where Gokou get's tricked and is put into a strangle hold by Vegita and Then a Final Falsh, Kamehameha Battle starts! They destroy the cave and  continue their fight.
Gohan and the supreme Kai get to the bottem of the ship where the egg with majn buu in it is. Then episode ends with more scenes of Goku and VEgita fighting!  


Its Danny again (I did things in the DBZ CCG section and GT) and I'm doing episode #215 The Long Awaited Fight.
    It starts off with Mr. Statan and the announcer talking about how they are going to postpone the awards ceremony because of all that has happened (Vegeta destroyed part of the stadium killing hundreds of people).
The anoouncer asks Hercule if they should tell 18 about the the postponing and Hercule is sweating like crazy because he owes 18 20 million zenie. He starts bragging like usual and starts laughing, looks at the announcer and starts to laugh again. It was really funny.
    You are taken to a scene where Bulma and Chi-Chi are talking and you hear Bulma who is still in shock. In episode 213 she fainted. Chi-Chi is talking about the example he set for Goten and Trunks when she realizes that they could have been down there when the blast hit. Bulma wonders what happened to him because he wasn't like this before.
    You see Goku and Vegeta both SSJ2 staring each other down. Vegeta yells and charges Goku. He starts punching but Goku blocks them. Then immidiatly Goku gets kneed in the stomache and elbowed down on his knees. Vegeta tries to kick him but Goku gets out of the way just in time. Vegeta starts flying and tries to knee Goku againg, but Goku blocks it with his own knee. They are struggling for the advantage when Vegeta say"Whats this I thought you were skipping the warm-up." Goku says "I guess I ways wrong." The fighters fly back and Goku catches Vegeta;'s fists. They start kneeing each other and blocking with their knees. Note to readers- This is the best part of the entire fight that has been realeased in English. Vegeta headbutts Goku and punches him in the stomache 9 times before Goku catches his fist. Goku knees Vegeta in the stomache twice and kicks him into the side of a cliff.
    Vegeta says "Thats more like it." and blows part of the cliff up. Vegeta and Goku fly to within an inch of each other and create a double arua and start fist-fighting again. They each punch each other in the face at the same time. Vegeta recovers and punches Goku in the stomache 15 times. Then he knees him in the back and stomache and elbows his neck.
    You see Krillin turned into stone and Piccolo turned into stone outside Babadi's spaceship. Then you hear Babadi laughing and saying " Keep it up Vegeta. Oh. Hit him again, hit him again, hit him again. Ohohohoh ha yes. Oh nice shot. Nice! Dabura at this rate Majin Buu will be ready in no time. (The meter is 3/4ths of the wat there!) Now all we have to do is decide how we kill the ki and that rat."
    Gohan and the Supreme Ki come across 10 fighters that bare a strong resemblance to Pui-Pui, but are weak. The 10 fighters surround Gohan and cower as with a little energy blast Gohan destroyes them all. This was a very funny scene. Then the door opens to the area that Majin Buu's egg is in, and they fly down.
    Back at the fight Goku is attacking Vegeta. Then Goku flys bach and kicks Vegeta in the stomache. Goku wasn't ready and Vegeta hits him with an energy blast at point-black range. Goku is blown into the side of a cliff. Vegeta doesn't see Goku and he fires an energy blast. Vegeta fires one back. Then Goku and Vegeta have a fight like SSJ2 Gohan and Perfect Cell did in Save The World with the blasts. Goku flies out of the little cave he made and is within 20 feet of Vegeta.  They each start to yell. Vegeta says "No you won't win this time" and uses his second hand. Goku uses his too. After this they both close their eyes and just fire. There are a bunch of sparks and the blasts blow up in a huge explosion.
    Scene change to Trunks and Goten. Trunks is flying just fine, but Goten is rubbing his legs together while flying going Mmmmm Mmmmm. He starts slowing down and the space between Trunks and Goten increases rapidly. Trunks looks back and says "Huh? What are you doing Goten, if you don't hurry were going to miss seeing that Buu monster." Goten says " I know but" Trunks says "But what?" Goten says " I have to go to the bathroom." Trunks flies over and says "Darn it can't you just hold it in?" Goten replies " No. I can't. I haven't gone scince before we played in the tournement this morning. It's gotta come out!!" Trunks tells him to go over to a nearby island to do his business. Goten flies over to a rock , unzipps and gets this big smile on his face. Then you see steam coming from the roch. Trunks comes over and they have a conteat on who can write their name!! This monster comes and they both fly off the island and put it in gear to see the Buu monster.
    Then you see Goku hanging by a cliff looking beat up saying, "Don't know why I'm suprised, he has been training for the last seven years straight." Goku gets thrown into the side of a cliff and just screams and screams. Vegeta fires five energy blasts that tie Goku to the cliff so he can't move. Vegeta says "Whats the matter, not winning as easily as you thought?" Goku says "I never said ot would be easy." Vegeta says "Hmph You won't be winning at all.: He slapps Goku in the face and Goku gets mad. Vegeta says "What clown, are you feeling angry, humiliated is that it. Fool. You don't know what humiliation is!!" Vegeta knees him in the stomache and begins punching the heck out of him. Goku spits a little blood out. "Don't worry I will teach you the bitter taste just as you have taught me. (Scene is when Vegeta fires the Gallic Gun on the Earth.) Me a warrior elite, in my finger tips I overcame entire worlds. I am a saiyain of royal blood the last of my kind and on my sholders rest the glory of an extinct warrior race. Whole civilazations trembled at the sound of my name, but you didn't did you Kakarot? At your hands, your common hands my honor and my pride the foundations upon which I had always stood began to crumble at my feet. It was at your hands that I suffered my first great humiliation. Toppled by a piece of low-level trash. (Scene change to Frieza Saga when Goku kills Frieza) Imagine my added shame when it was you and not me who avenged our people by deafeating Frieza. You who were the first to achieve the pinicle of oue race, the first in 1,000 years to take the place among the Super-Sayains of legend. A place that I had been raised to beilieve was my royal birth right. (Super-charged Perfect Cell scenes) And can you imagine the disgrace I suffered when stenght that I had worked my whole life to achieve was passed by a mere child, your half-breed son Kakarot. (Back to the fight) It is time to take back what is mine. I will not live my life as your second. That time is over. Every breath you take is an assult to my honor. But no more Kakarot, At my hands you will be cut down inch by inch, just as you have cut down my pride!!!!"
    Goku breaks free and puncheds Vegeta with part of the rocks on his arms. Goku punches Vegeta in the stomache 7-8 times and knees him in the head. Vegeta fall into a cliff and Goku follows him in. Goku tries to sense Vegeta and just before this huge blast hits him Goku senses it. Goku is holding the blast and manages to deflect it. Vegeta yells "I'm here fool!" and gets Goku in a strangle hold. Vegeta starts flying twords one of the spikes in the cave with Goku in front. Goku stops him and Vegeta fires a Final Flash and Goku fires a Kamehameha.The entire cave explodes and Goku and Vegeta stare at each other for a while. 
    Back to Gohan and the Supreme Ki. They land in front of an ungaured Buu egg. Gohan is shocked at the evil energy he is sensing. The Supreme Ki adds that if they combine their poweres there is a chance that they can destroy it. Babadi and Dabura walk beside the egg in a cheerful tone of voice. The Supreme Ki leaves Dabura to Gohan.
    You hear the narrorator telling about the fight while watching more scenes from the mist intense fight in DBZ. Next episode is called The Magic Ball of Buu. 
See Ya,


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