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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 214 - Vegeta's Pride

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Vegeta's Pride (#214.0)
Last time on Dragonball Z: Gohan continued his fight in Dabura's underworld, and Dabura had the advantage, until Gohan shattered Dabura's sword. Dabura retreated from the ring, and told Babidi that Vegeta has evil in his heart, and with that, Babidi took control of Vegeta's mind. The Z team and Majin Vegeta were taken back to the 25th WT arena.

Now: Vegeta is enfulged with his new power. He mocks Goku, and claims he wants to fight him once and for all. When Goku refuses, Vegeta blasts at the crowd with a Ki Blast. Thousands of people are killed, leaving more energy for Majin Buu. Goku then realized that Vegeta will have to be stopped, and he tells Babidi to move the Z- Team somewhere uninhibited, so no one will be hurt. But, Kaioshin disagrees, and stands in front of Goku, trying to stop the fight. Goku only realizes that more people will be hurt by Majin Vegeta until he gets what he wants, so he begins to fire a Ki Blast at Shin. Kaioshin steps to the side, and lets Vegeta and Goku do as they wish. Babidi moves them to the desert, and then, Shin gets another idea. There is to be no stopping Majin Buu's birth, unless they leave for stage 4 now, so now, while Majin Vegeta and Goku fight, Kaioshin and Gohan will go on to stop Majin Buu, or, awake him before he is at full power. However, Babidi and Dabura need him at full power, so they open Stage 3 up, so the team can go even further into the ship.

Next Episode: Majin Vegeta and Goku's battle begins, and things are really hetaing up! But, with more damage energy from the SSJ2's, Majin Buu's power grows!


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed (Funimation)
Vegeta's Pride (#214)

Everyone still in shock at what Vegeta has done, all eyes are now on him. All the spectators now look to Mr. Satan to help. He dares Vegeta to a fight, but then allows him to continue to fight Goku, knowing he has no chance of winning. Goku then realizes that Vegeta had let Babidi take control of him, knowing he would gain more power if he did. Vegeta then blows up another section of the arena. Vegeta still wanting to have his battle against Goku. He explains that even though he is a Sayain prince, and Goku a third class Sayain, Goku has surpassed Vegeta a number of times, and has even saved Vegeta's life. Vegeta says he wants this battle to finally crush Goku and regain his pride. Goku agrees to battle only if they were transported somewhere without innocent people.
They are taken to a desert like area, similar looking to where the cell games were held. Shin, knowing there is nothing he can do to stop the battle decides to get to where Buu's egg is and try to destroy it, before the battle between Goku and Vegeta gives Buu enough energy to gain full strength. Babidi orders Vegeta to kill Shin, but Vegeta refuses saying that Babidi can take over his mind and body, but he can never control a Sayains pride. Goku gives Gohan a senzu bean to use for his battle against the enemies, and Gohan and Shin go down to find Babidi and Buu's egg. Goku and Vegeta both go Super Sayain 2 and the episode ends. Finally Vegeta and Goku get their chance to battle, who will win? who keeps their pride and their life?

By: SSJ4Gogita


Episode #214             
Vegeta’s Pride

         My name is Minh and I’m doing an episode summery for
episode 214.My site is
links though. 

It starts out from at the tournament with the announcer and Hercule looking at Majin Vegeta in awe.  Then Goku says why could you do such a horrible thing to the crowd. (He shot an energy beam at it). Majin Vegeta says fight me or I will remodel

the stadium! Goku thinks that Majin Vegeta won’t but he really does.  Then the Supreme Kai stands in front of Majin Vegeta and Goku.  He says if you fight Vegeta
Majin Buu will be alive again! But then he says if you won’t listen to me then your going to get past me. (Or something like that). Goku waits awhile and says, “don’t do this Supreme Kai”.  “But Goku I’m afraid I have no choice” the Kai says.  Then Goku holds his hand up and makes an energy beam.  Kai says fine I’m afraid I can’t stop you. Sorry Goku he says. (Doesn’t this Kai say a lot?).  

Then Babidi transports them to a rocky rock place.  But gohan and the Kai make a plan

and go for Buu’s egg.  Babidi hears them and wants them to come for revenge from the Kai (Babidi is babidi’s father and the Kai killed him) Soon after Gohan leaves Goku Goes Super Saiyan 2 or Saiya-jin whatever.  But now that Vegeta is controlled he is
more powerful so he goes Super Saiyan 2 too.  I’m not sure if I did to much but in the next episode Vegeta and Goku fight next time on Dragon Ball Z!   The next episode is called: The Long Awaited Fight


I'm David I just Recently became a dbz fan when the android series started, But this episode in particular is a really good episode. To understand this episode you have to have some sort of knowledge of the cell series etc. It is great how Vegeta is shown and expressing how he fells about goku always surpassing him. This episode shows that he felt like a helpless fool in the cell series and he believes that hes pride was taken from him when Goku helped him as well as Gohan. He only says it when goku saves him. This Episode also tells that Vegeta let himself become possessed by Babadi. He says that when he sees the power that Goku had and when he saw slokavege at the tournament and heard people commenting on how he had improved greatly that thats when Vegeta Planed it. It was a great episode and I am anxious for episodes past 216 to come out.


Episode 214
                                  Vegetas pride
   by Kevin Price

Vegeta just fires at the crowd because Goku wont fight him so goku goes

ssj but the supreme ki steps
in the way but Goku powers up a ki blast but shin [supreme ki]
moves.Babidi teleports the z warriors to a
desert.Gohan and Shin go to stop babidi and Dabura while majin Vegta and
goku get ready to fight.
goku gets pissed and goes ssj2 and vegeta.
In the next episode goku and vegeta battle it out and Gohan and Shin find
the Buu egg.


Episode summary for DBZ English episode 214- Vegeta's Pride.

This episode starts off with Vegeta standing in the ring with goku, gohan, the supreme ki, hercule, and the announcer. The people in the stands and in the arena cant beleive Vegeta just blasted a hole into the stadium killing many people.Vegeta is just standing there smiling and the announcer tells hercule he should do something. The crowd yells for hercule to take vegeta out. Hercule says he will take vegeta down. Vegeta just laughs and tells hercule to shut up. Vegeta asks Goku if he wants to fight. Goku says that this insn't the time to fight. Gohan tells Vegeta to stop this and vegeta blasts some air at Gohan and knocks him down. Vegeta says goku is a clown and a piece of trash warrior. Vegeta asks goku again if he will fight him, and if he wont, he will destroy more of the stadium. Goku says he didnt think Vegeta was so weak to get posessed. Goku says that being a slave is wrong. Vegeta just lifts his arm and blasts the stadium again, almost hitting bulma, chi chi, and the others. This gets goku realsays he hopes goku hasnt gotten fragile since he's been dead so long. This gets goku mad. Goku goes ssj2. Vegeta also does. Then Vegeta says"Let us commence, and try to skip the warmup". Goku agrees. They are about to fight.
That was the end of the episode.

My name is ryan 


this episode starts out with vegeta and goku getting ready to fight. goku starts telling vegeta about how ''weak'' he is for letting babidi take over his mind.he(goku) then asks vegeta something about him in slavery.vegeta then asks goku ''if slavery is getting what you want?!''then blows up another portion of the wt stadium.hercule then thinks he can beat vegeta up and asks him to fight. vegeta then tells him to shut up(not supriseing. i would to) he then asks goku to fight him. goku asks if he wants to fight becaouse of babidi. vegeta doesn't answer and goku yells in the the air:''babidi! take us away from people! then i will fight vegeta!'' so babidi does. when the supreme kai hears this he trys to stop goku. just before he blasts the supreme kai away the supreme kai gives in. goku gives gohan a senzu bean and tells him to do his best.
then when they get ready to fight babidi notices the supreme kai and gohan are gonna bust into the ship.he opens the ship so the won`t rupture buu`s shell.then there`s a goten and trunks seen. i don`t rember it well though.then its back to goku and vegeta.the are about to fight. 
                        - honeycutt


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