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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 213 - The Dark Prince Returns

Hi- this is a review for English edited episode 213, The Dark Prince Returns in DBZ.

This episode begins after Dabura requests to be taken back to Babidi’s ship during his fight with Gohan. As Dabura consults with Babidi, the Z Warriors (Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Shin) try to decide why Dabura stopped the fight. Dabura had mentioned a new fighter, which confused the fighters as Dabura was supposedly Babidi’s strongest servant.As they pondered, Vegeta realized that if he had fought Dabura, he would have killed him and they wouldn’t even be there. Vegeta rounded on Gohan and pushed him a couple times.  Eventually, he gets really angry and begins to form an energy attack. Shin and Goku try to reason with him, and he finally withdraws.  

Inside Babidi’s chamber, the two discuss Vegeta. Dabura had overheard Vegeta say he was the strongest of the three Saiyajins, so he (Dabura) thought that they could use him as their own in order to help revive Buu. Babidi strongly agrees with this idea (“Yes! Yes! I love it...”) and goes quickly to it. Before he begins, though, Supreme Kai (Shin) realizes what they are going to do, but does nothing about it. With his magic-sphere thing, Babidi concocted a magic and aimed it at Vegeta. Vegeta immediately feels pain and begins to clutch at his head. Shin knows what’s happing, but is too distracted to tell Goku and Gohan. Instead, he urges Vageta to fight them, to resist. The others join in, but to no avail. He tries hard to fight Babidi’s magic, but finally keels over and stands up (with great difficulty) as Majin Vegeta, with Babisi’s insignia placed on his forehead. Babidi warps the four to the location of the World Tornament, which is still celebrating Mr. Satan (Er- excuse me- HERCULE)’s victory. 

They appear in the ring, greatly surprising ChiChi and Bulma, and the rest. Majin Vegeta blasts away a portion of the stadium, killing many, enraging Goku, and causing his wife to pass out in sorrow. Goku says that the Vegeta HE knew would never do that. As they strike fighting stances, the rest of the group up in the stands still wonders what is up. After many years, Vegeta is once again Goku’s mortal enemy. What will this fight be like? All I know for sure is that it will be one to remember.

By, Vienna W.


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed (Funimation)
The Dark Prince Returns (#213)

Now back in Babidi's ship Vegeta starts to insult Gohan about not winning before Dabura left. Vegeta gets really angry and threatens to blast the ship and get to Dabura. Shin tries to explain that if he does he will awaken Buu, Vegeta then aims his energy at Shin but Goku grabs his hand and gets him to stop. They start wondering who this new recruit is that Dabura was talking about and Shin realizes that it must bee Vegeta and gets scared. Babidi is watching Vegeta and sees his evil within. He is excited at the idea of having Vegeta under his control, knowing he will be able to inflict a massive amount of damage on his opponent, giving Buu the energy he needs to revive. He begins to take over, this causing pain to Vegeta as he tries to resist. He goes super Sayain to try and prevent Babidi getting to him. By this time it is too late, Vegeta has already been taken over. Still as a Super Sayain he falls to the ground catching his breath.
His friends beside him trying to comfort him. He lifts his head to reveal 'M', marked on his forehead, laughing deceivingly. Shin explains that Vegeta belongs to Babidi now. Babidi transports them back to the martial arts stadium. Everyone unaware of what has happened. Babidi orders Vegeta to kill his friends, but all Vegeta wants to do is fight Kakarrot (Goku). He aims an energy beam at the audience, Goku tries to stop it but fails, the beam destroying a section of the stadium, and killing spectators. Bulma not aware about Vegeta's state faints at what her husband has done. Goku and everyone else not happy at what Vegeta has done.

By: SSJ4Gogita


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