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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 212 - Heart of a Villain

I'm PSYBLAST and am writing a review for DBZ Dubbed #212, "Heart of a Villian".
    It starts with Dabura looking at Super Saiyan Gohan in awe. Suddenly, Gohan is right in front of Dabura! He punches Dabura in the gut, making him spit out a lot of blood. He spins around and punches him again, sending him flying. He appears behind him and kicks him into the ground. Gohan aims his hands down and unleashes a massive ki attack. Babadi is scared that Dabura is dead. He's just beat up. They fight some more, and Dabura goes through a big power up. They fight again. Advantage: Dabura!! He breathes deadly fire at Gohan but he narrowly dodges. Dabura appears behind Gohan. Gohan recklessly charges him. Dabura grins and spits at him (and it's not cuz he's rude. In case U haven't read any other summaries or seen the episodes, Dabura's spit turned Krillin and Piccolo into stone!)! The spit hits Gohan's glove but he quickly gets it off just as it turns to stone! Vegeta starts yelling about Gohan's stupidity. Dabura eyeballs him. Vegeta rants about how he would beat Dabura hands down. Dabura grins. He psychically asks Babadi to return them to the ship. He says he's made a discovery. Babadi reluctantly agrees "PARAPAPAPA!!!!!" Babadi shouts the magic words and they're back in the ship. Dabura quickly retreats. He arrives at Babadi and says he discovered one of the mortals has a rage in his heart unlike the others. He says he can be made to serve their cause. Babadi laughs in joy. The episode ends with Babadi crazily shouting. "Here comes the Buu! HERE COMES THE BUU!!!!"
   BTW, I left out minor details with Trunks & Goten but it didn't matter. Next episode: The Dark Prince Returns. Majin Vegeta!!!!


dbz episode

heart of a villain
Gohan is still fighting Dabura he almost gets turned into stone but takes his glove off vegeta starts to get jealous and says he wants to finish the fight dabura leaves tells babidi that vegeta has evil inside of him and babidi is going to bring the evil out of vegeta.


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed (Funimation)
Heart Of A Villian (#212)
Episode starts with Gohan in Super Sayain status, he continues to battle Dabura and gets in some good punches. Dabura starts to charge up some more and they continue. The battle is pretty even so far. But Dabura starts too pull some tricky moves and regains the upper hand. Gohan decides to change his strategy, but it proves no match for Dabura's strength and speed. Gohan's lack of training over the last seven years starts to show. Vegeta gets angry because Gohan is wasting his time. At this point Dabura uses his spit to try to turn Gohan into stone, but it hits his glove and he
removes his glove before it gets to him.
Trunks and Goten are still flying towards the ship, and they both realize they don't know what a wizard is. They stop for a while and trunks says that a Wizard is like a half man and half Lizard. And they continue flying.
Back at the battle the two continue to fight. Gohan getting in a few good attacks. Vegeta is getting really pissed of because he knows Dabura is only toying with Gohan. Dabura seems to be interested in Vegeta's anger. He talks to Babidi and requests to go back to the ship, saying that he has found a new recruit. The whole gang left confused.
By: SSJ4Gogita



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