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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 211 - Pay to Win

English dubbed
Pay To Win

#18 flies down and gets Mr. Satan in a headlock. She asks if he thinks he can win.  He says no. 18 says she'll let him win. He pretends to kick her. Then she knees him in  the stomach. Then He uses "Super Satan Megaton Punch''. It doesn't really hurt her but she throws herself out of the ring. He goes on & on about a delayed variation of the megaton punch. She reminds him about the 20,000,000 zeni and he stops acting an idiot. The episode ends with him acting all happy.


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed (Funimation)
Pay To Win (#211)
This is my first episode summary. But here it goes anyway...enjoy.
The episode starts of at the world's martial arts competition, with Mr. Satan scared because he knows #18 is going to win. #18 knows Satan is no match for her so she plays around for a while. She gets Satan in a headlock and makes a deal with Satan. She agrees to let him win if he gives her 20 million zeti (the winning prize is 10 million). #18 starts to let Satan hit her. The punches don't affect 18 at all, but she pretends anyway. Eventually #18 lets Satan win.
In the air we see Goten and Trunks, complaining about being disqualified. They see Videl and she tells them everything she knows about Babidi. The boys get exited about learning about the wizard Babidi and that the world is in danger and they want to help, since they have never been alive during a crisis (Cell, Frieza e.t.c.). The start to fly towards the ship wanting to fight.
Back in the space ship Goku finds out that Gohan hasn't being training during the time of peace. Shin realizes that the three mortal Sayains have surpassed his strength. At this time Dabura comes out and challenges them all. Since its Gohan's 'turn' he goes up against him. They start battling and Dabura seems to have the upper hand. After some punches Gohan goes Super Sayain and the real fight begins.

By: SSJ4Gogita


DragonBall Z
Pay to Win # 211
 The episode starts off with Mr. Satan and number 18 about to duke it out. While back in the ship Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta are still waiting for their thrid challange. Meanwhile goku make the statement that he cant wait to see Gohan fight because he thinks Gohan is twice as strong, but Vegeta informs them that Gohan has not trained for 7 years and both Goku and Himself(Vegeta) are stronger than he is now.
 Back at the World Tournament number 18 put Mr.Satan into a head lock and tells him he has to give her 20 million zinni and she will through the fight for him. He quickly acepts and uses his mega punch, wich he claims has a delayed reaction but the truth is 18 just wasent affected by it.
 Now gohan is fighting the last chanlanger Dabura and he goes Super Saiyan. THE END
            The only part I like about this eppi is that Goku and Vegeta are stronger than Gohan.


Title:pay to win
Form:American funimation dub in english

The episode starts out with 18 about to fight with Mr.Satan.(he is scared out of his mind)He then imagines what will happen if he loses to 18 1.18 laughs at him
2.videl disowns him 3.The entire crowd boos him out throwing things at him.


He then laughs and says "watch out,you don't know what your messing with" ,he says this while walking backwards,He then charges at 18 fist flying but 18 dodges each one she then puts him in a headlock and say's she will throw the match for 20,000,000 ZENI.
She lets go but the crowd thinks Mr.Satan Kicked her away.
Back at the Ship Dabura Challenges Goku to a fight but Gohan says it is his Turn.Babidi Transports them to a Mountain area to fight.Gohan reviels he hasn't trained much since the fight with Cell.Gohan(non SSJ) and darbura start fighting and they are pretty even but
after a few punches gohan stats to get beat but the he turns SSJ and Dabura powers up a bit and it is pretty even but Vegeta isn't impressed with his fighting skills.
At the Tournament Mr.satan throws 18 acroos the ring and she tells him to do his most powerful attack He does his Satansuperultramegatonblast punch(it is just a punch)She stands Their and says "That was your most powerful attack" She then jumps out of the ring and MR.Satan the worlds strongest fighter is declared the winner.18 then says "I will see you tomorrow and get my money and if you don't pay I will kill you".   
Vegeta explains to Goku that Gohan hasn't trained at all in seven years.Dabura then spitts on Gohans glove but he takes it off before he is turned to stone.Dabura then creates a sword  and attacks Gohan but Gohan destroys it then Vegeta starts to argue even
more with Goku to let him fight instead of Gohan.Dabura notices the evil in Vegeta's soul and asks babidi to let them be transported back to the ship.Babidi is displeased but brings them back and Dabura leves through the door an tells babidi about 
BAll z


211 Pay to Win - 18 throws the fight in exchange for 20 million zeni, twice the prize amount, and Hercule is declared the champion. Videl returns to the ring to spread the news about Babidi. Debura and Gohan begin their fight in a world similar to Earth.

- Jude Peterson


It starts out with Hercule fight 18, and Hercule is pretty scared. After getting him into a headlock, 18 explains that she will throw the fight if he pays her 20 million zeni. He agrees and she jmps from the ring. Meanwhile on Babi-di's ship, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Supreme Kai wait for their next opponent, and eventually, Dabura appears, and they are transported by Babi-di to another place to fight. Gohan begins to fight him, but seems to have lost his fighting touch a little. After a little fighting, the episode ends.



Series: Dragonball Z
Episode #: #211
Stubbed as: English stubbed
Title: Pay To Win

Hurcule and #18 are the only ones left in the Battle Royal. #18 put
Hurcule in a headlock and gives a surprising offer. If Hurcule gives #18
twenty thousand zini, she will lose the battle. He agrees. #18 punches
him to make it a good fight. Hurcule throws her and then does his
Magnaton Punch. It has no affect. She jumps out of the ring going to her
deal and Hurcule makes an excuse why it took so long. Hurcule is the
world champion!
Back at the ship, Dabura comes out to fight. Gohan fights for a
while and then turns into a Super Saiyan.
Will Gohan defeat Daubura? Find out next time on Dragonball Z!


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