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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 210 - Eighteen Unmasks

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Eighteen Unmasks (#210.0)
In this epiosde, the FFA continues. #18 is badly hurt, but keeps knocking down Mighty Mask. It looks like #18 will lose, but then she hears her daughter shout "You can do it, Mommy!". This boosts #18's spirits, and she begins to win. Goten/Trunks go SSJ to fight, and then, #18 realizes who Mighty Mask is. She cuts their disguise in half, and Goten/Trunks are disqualified. They fly off going to look fo the others, and Buu.

Dabura finishes his meditation, and goes to fight Gohan. NEXT EPISODE: Dabura goes to fight, and Babidi takes them to the underworld, Dabura's home. The fight between Mr. Satan and #18 breaks out, and Mr. Satan realizes that he has no chance of winning... Next Episode: Pay to Win



Hi guys im Joe Mug and this my second episode summary I apologize for
any typos.
         We start off dabura training hard for the fight with Gohan. Back at the
world martial arts tournament Android 18 is giving it her all in a fight
against Trunks and Goten. The battles is even when 18 gets an advantage
and hits the kids hard. They go flying into the ring and make a hole in
it. They switch spots and in the costume and attack 18. She is shocked
because there technique is so different. Back at Babides ship its
obvious that Dabura is around the level of what a super sayin 2 fighter
would be.
         Trunks and Goten get a few good hits on android 18 but after she powers
up to her energy to her strongest level she slams them back into the
ring again. Mean while Hecule a.k.a. Mr.Satan is scared beyond belief
that he won't win his title back. They switch places and attack Android
18. Android 18 has a slight advantage in there skirmish. Trunks is
really starting to get really pissed so he tells Goten that if they want
to win the need to go super sayian.
         Trunks and Goten power up to super sayian and Android 18 knows who they
are. The kids power up for a huge energy ball. They fire it and Android
18 just barely dodges it. As it explodes in the distance 18 gets her own
energy blast and fires it while attempting to dodge it the costume rips.
Trunks tells gohan that they'll have to finish the fight. Android 18 is
caught reeling and it looks as if Goten and Trunks will win Then the
announcer says that Trunks and Goten are disqualified. Angry they fly
down out of the ring. It looks as if Hercule has no chance to defend his
title, meanwhile Dabura and gohan are ready to fight.


Episode 210 - Eighteen Unmasks (U.S. Dubbed DBZ)

The episode starts off with Dabura getting ready for the big fight on Stage 3, and the 3 Saiyans complaining about the wait.  As always, the Supreme Kai thinks they're crazy for taking Dabura so lightly.

Hercule watches in fear of the power of the two remaining fighters back at the World Tournament.  Neither Android 18 or Might Mask (who is really Trunks and Goten in disguise) are really putting their full effort into it.  They are duking it out in the air with your basic punches and kicks, though at one point a missed energy attack by Might Mask almost sends Hercule flying out the ring.  At first it appears Mighty Mask is winning, but 18 isn't really trying too hard, until her daughter Marron encourages her.  18 bashes Mighty Mask into the cement ring twice, and the crowd is amazed when he gets up each time. Trunks and Goten go Super Saiyan (which is the big tip off to 18 about their secret identity), and fire a huge energy blast that blows up a large piece of land.  18 realizes how serious they are about winning, and she demonstrates that she is truly a full-fledged good-guy now by thinking that they could hurt a lot of people if she doesn't stop them.  She also demonstrate

Dabura steps out of the meditation room and declares that he is ready to fight.  Babi-dee at one point says that the more evil Dabura gets, the more he will be under Babi-dee's control, proving that Dabura is essentially just as much a henchman as PuiPui or Yamu were.

- Namek13

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