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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 20 - Time's Up!

Name: Samir Bashir

Favourite quote: Vegeta: I’ll make some of my special sauce.

Nappa is flying over Earth admiring the quality of the planet and the fact that Vegeta will be able to get a good deal on this planet. Nappa then thought of how weak and frail the earthlings really are and laughed “Those poor slobs”.

One hour remains and everyone is waiting. Up at Kami’s lookout, Kami and Mr. Popo can feel Goku’s presence nearing them.

Ten minutes remain and Nappa decides to give one more blast before returning to the battlefield.  Now with no time left Nappa returns to the battlefield at gets into his fighting mode and begins to attack.  Piccolo then comes up with a plan that would requires all the three remaining warriors. Krillin would have to create a diversion while Piccolo grabbed Nappa’s tail and Gohan would then attack. At this point, Piccolo seems to have full confidence in Gohan.

Meanwhile, Goku arrives at the check in station and heads back towards Earth via Kami. Then Goku gets some sensu beans from Koron and rushes of to battle.

At the battlefield, Piccolo is ready to begin their plan of attack, however Nappa did not have a weakness when his tail was pulled and Piccolo got nailed. Nappa then begins to beat Gohan.

Meanwhile at Master Roshi’s house, Chi Chi is ready to save Gohan with the help of some heavy artillery but then they spot Baba and they invited her in so that they can watch all the action on Baba’s crystal ball.

Gohan is in trouble but Krillin comes to save the day with his destructo disc which almost destroyed Nappa if it was not for Vegeta’s warning right at the last second. Nappa was then angry at Krillin for scraping “his beautiful face” and started to attack but Piccolo stopped Nappa right in his tracks.  Then Piccolosensed the humugous power of Goku nearing. Vegeta checked his scouter and the power rating was over 5 000. Then Vegeta told Nappa to destroy everybody including as now Vegeta realizes that it was the Nameks who created the dragonballs so if they went to the planet Namek they would find other Dragonballs. Nappa then begins his assault on Gohan but Piccolo is right behind him.


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