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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 208 - Next Up, Goku

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Next Up, Goku (#208.0)


The episode starts off with everyone at the WT mad, because Goku, Vegeta, Shin, Kibbito, Gohan, Yamu, Krillin, Spopovitch, and Piccolo flew off, leaving only 5 competitors. Mr. Satan preposes a FFA match, or, a battle royale. Everyone agrees, and Mr. Satan believes he is the strongest in the bunch, however, WE know that's not true...

Meanwhile, in Babidi's ship, Goku begins his battle, and the Sumpreme Kai warns Goku about Yakon being a terrible monster. Goju laughs, and says hes not that bad. Shin is terrified to hear this. Babidi then calls on Yakon, and asks him if he wants to go to his own planet, and Yakon agrees. Babidi screams the magic words, "Paparappa!", and the team are taken to the Planet of Darkness, Yakon's home planet. Goku goes SSJ to fight Yakon, but Yakon eats his light energy?!? Then, Goku gets a plan, he will stay long enough in SSJ form, for Yakon to explode from too much light, and the plan works, and the hole in the planet opens up, taking them to stage 3. NEXT EPISODE: The Battle Royal begins, and it just turns out to be a tournament between #18 and Mighty Mask, and Babidi finds a Stage III fighter, who might be stronger that all of the Z-Team...




It starts out after Vegeta just defeated pui pui,while outside of babidis ship piccolo and Krillin are stone frozen, the majin meter is about have full and a huge green ugly I might add monster named yakon comes out to fight goku,than goku says he looks kind of dumb to me which go yakon angry than shin says he is one of the most feared universe and he is very strong, I don’t think goku will be able to beat him on his own than we are back to babidi and he says get the energy for me than we will bring majin buu back to life than he starts to laugh than goku and yakon start to fight, yakon slashes goku,he flies up dodging it,yakon flies up and starts to punch and kick but goku dodges every attack, than yakon bounces off the wall and cuts part of gokus GI off, than Gohan says he is a big one but he is quick,than shin says that is what I was trying to tell you and goku cant beat him on his own than Gohan says no my dad should be more the often just watch and see than after a little talking babidi transforms to area the z-warriors are in into the planet of darkness,than dabura says I don’t understand, there is no need to help yakon with this earthling than babidi says he does not want to wake majin buu with this fighting,he should awake with his full power.

Than dabura agrees with babidi than he changes the ring to the planet of darkness where there is no light than goku trips over a rock and says that hurt,shin than explains that Yakon was born on the planet of darkness,it is and the farthest end of the universe where no light my be seen,than Yakon says you cant see me but I cant see you,than Yakon launches at goku and says am going to eat you but goku feels yakons movements in the air and kicks him down to the ground, than Yakon cant find goku than goku flies up behind Yakon and says eat this and punches him down to the ground,than Yakon runs all over the place than goku kicks him  in the face than shin says can any of you tell what is going on out there than Vegeta says yes Kakarotto is winning, than  after some more talking goku says I can could feel your movements in the sudden movements in the air o and I can smell you to than he says I do have one way I can see you,like this than he becomes a super Saiyan and than babidi does not know what is going on than he tells someone to get his meter than goku says come on out stinky,I found my flashlight than babidi sees what gokus power level is and he says 3,000 killas how can a earthling get this much energy, 300 killas is often energy to blow up a planet than dabura says a human like that does not exist than babidi asks dabura if he thinks the meter is broken because Yakon only has 800 and that means he is doomed.

Than back at the tournament more than half the fans left and everyone is trying to figure out if they are coming back or if they should start without them than goten and trunks are eating like pigs and than when they get done goten says I guess you are going to take care of the bill aren’t ya than trunks says I don’t have any cash than goten says what about the zeni you won when you won the jr. championship,than trunks says they will give it to be when the tournament is over,than goten and trunks try and sneak out but get caught and than run out than they are being chased than the bump into ox-king than chichi asks goten what he has been up to than goten yells out they can take care of the bill and run off.

Now we are back to the fight were Yakon reveals he eats light and sucks the super Saiyan right out of goku,than Vegeta says Kakarotto is back to his normal state than Yakon says yummy I have never eaten such a rich amount of energy before, than shin says Yakon

eats light than Gohan tells goku not to go super Saiyan again if you do that monster will eat you energy so than goku goes super Saiyan again even tho Gohan said not to than Vegeta asks what is Kakarotto doing than Babidi says Yakon is wasting all the energy

he is using it for himself than Yakon absorbed to much energy and blows up than Gohan says dad won than Vegeta says with energy to spare than babidi drops the meter and starts to shake than back to goku,than floor opens up and Vegeta and Gohan walk to goku while shin is stands there speechless than dabura says he will be next to fight them than goku and Gohan kid around than Vegeta thinks to himself goku has learned to use his super Saiyan power even further than goku says Gohan is up next to fight than dabura gets ready to fight than the episode ends

A.J. Behfar  


DBZ English dubbed
Next Up,Goku

In this episode Vegeta has already killed PuiPui. They made it to the second
room of Babidi's ship.  Babidi sends Yakon from the Planet of Darkness to
attack. Babidi  turns everything dark. Goku is still beating up Yakon. At the
tournament Mr. Satan decides to hold a Battle Royale. Goten and Trunks
disguised as Mighty Mask knock out Killer with one punch. #18 knocks out
Jewel with a well placed kick. Then #18 and Mighty Mask take their fight to
the skies. Mr. Satan watches and mumbles about having a big mouth. At
Babidi's ship Goku turns Super Saiyan and Yakon starts eating his light. He
sucks up all of Goku's Super Saiyan power. Goku gets a plan and feeds Yakon
all the light he wants. Yakon eats so much that he explodes. Dabura goes into
the Meditation Room and Supreme Kai is amazed at their powers.


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