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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 207 - Vegeta Attacks

Episode 207 -
Vegeta Attacks
English dubbed

Vegeta begins to fight Pui Pui. In Babidi's ship, Vegeta says Pui Pui is no match for him. Pui Pui thinks he's bluffing. He throws a kick and Vegeta blocks it. Pui Pui begins to punch him, but Vegeta dodges. Babidi then changes the room into planet Voon, where Pui Pui was born. It has 10x the gravity of earth, not  knowing that Vegeta is used to 450x gravity. "maybe if it was 500x gravity, you might have an advantage"says Vegeta. Pui Pui then rushes toward him and kicks hi m away. He rushes again at Vegeta, but Vegeta moved away. Stunned, Pui Pui looked behind him and Vegeta said "Still think I'm bluffing?", and blasts him away. The door to the next stage opens.

Back at the tournament, Goten complains to Trunks that he's tired. They go to the fighters relaxation room. The announcer follows them, and is blocked by a cleaning lady. He goes in the room, only to find Goten and Trunks, plus Mighty Mask's clothes. He asked wehere he is, and Truks says he' s in a closet. The announcer checks, and Trunks teleport's to the shower and turns the shower on, and teleport's back. The announcer yells at Mighty Mask, and tells him they don't know when the match will start.
NEXT EPISODE: At stage 2, Goku finds a demon Yakon, who is big and ugly, and Goku has to fight him.



Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Episode 207:
Babidi-Vegeta Attacks

Vegeta tells Pui Pui that he’s no match for him. Pui Pui doesn’t
believe him, and kicks him. Vegeta easily blocks it. Pui Pui then
starts throwing punches, but not one of makes contact. Vegeta then
starts easily defeating him. Babidi gets very concerned, asks Dabura
where Pui Pui would fight the best, and Dabura replies at his home
planet Voom. So, Babidi teleports them to Planet Voom. Pui Pui tells
Vegeta that the gravity here is 10x Earth gravity, not knowing that
Vegeta’s used to 450x gravity. Vegeta then says “Maybe if you had 500
times gravity you’d have the advantage, but 10 times, I don’t even
feel it.” Pui Pui, then says he’s bluffing and makes an attack.
Vegeta easily blocks him , and still easily defeating him, says “Do
you still think I’m bluffing”, and blows Pui Pui up without a scratch
on him, which amazes dabura, Babidi, and especially Supreme Kai. The
room then returns to normal, and a portal in the floor appears, and
they all jump down it. Back at the tournament, everyone is furious at
the announcer and is throwing tons of cans. Trunks and Goten dressed
up as Mighty Mask runs around. Goten tells Trunks he’s tired, and
they run into a room, but they run passed the announcer. The
announcer starts following Mighty Mask trying to tell him whats going
on outside. So shorty after Goten and Trunks go into a room, the
Announcer follows, and hears children. When he’s about to go in, the
Maid stops him and tells him she needs to sweep there giving Trunks
and Goten time to undress out of the Mighty Mask costume. The
announcer goes into the room, and sees Goten and Trunks, and tells
them that they’re not aloud in there. Trunks then says they’re trying
to get Mr. Satan’s autograph. The announcer said thay can stay since
they did so good in the junior division of the tournament. He sees
Mighty Mask’s costume, and asks them where he went. trunks tells him
that he’s in the closet, and while the Announcer checks, Trunks
quickly turns on the shower and zips back. The Announcer hears the
water and asks him to not to leave and that all the contestants left,
then leaves. Back at Babidi’s ship Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and a shocked
Supreme Kai are waiting for the next challenger. Babidi, extremly
mad, asks two of his men to go get Yakon, a green power eating
monster, and tell him to report to Stage 2. When they arrive, Yakon
eats both of them, and Babidi then tells him to go to Stage 2. Goku,
growing impatient, says that he wants to fight. Vegeta tells Supreme
Kai that Majin Buu and Dabura don’t really seem that tough and that
they’re not worth his time. Supreme Kai, again, is shocked. Goku
agrees with Vegeta, and Supreme Kai gets mad at them, and tells them
the degree of them misunderstanding Majin Buu and Dabura’s power is
outragious. Then the door opens, and out comes Yakon. He then tells
Goku that he’s next for his next meal.

Justin Cary


   The Supreme Kai informs Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta that the only way to
restore Piccolo and Krillen was to defeat Dabura, so they rush into the ship
to find him and kill Babidi.
    They enter into stage 1, the first of 3.  Puipui enters the rooms and
boldly announces his victory and that they would all die, because they had to
fight him. The Z fighters all have a good laugh and play a game to find out
who gets to fight him.
    Meanwhile, Babidi gives the energy Yamu and Spopovitch gathered to Majin
Buu.  This gives Buu almost half the power he needs.
   It is decided that Vegeta will fight Puipui. He begins the fight by
kicking him hard, he fights for a little while, having an obvious advantage.
Babidi is amazed, so he uses his magic to change the room into Puipui's home
planet, where the gravity is 10x that of Earth.
   This does not hinder Vegeta and he effortlessly blasts Puipui into
oblivion, opening up the floor to Stage 2.
   Back at the tournament, the crowd is still extremely restless and wants
the tournament to continue.

- N10doeFrk


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Vegeta attacks! 
It starts with Vegeta fighting a weird guy named PuiPui (something like that) in Babidee's ship. Vegeta is kicking Puipui all around the stage, and Babidee and Dabura are looking at it through a crystal ball. Babidee is mad and says that puipui is weak, but dabura says "relax, puipui has got more fighting left" (or something).
Anyways, the fight continues, and after some more butkicking by Vegeta, Babidee asks Dabura where puipui can fight at his best, and teleports the gang and puipui there. Now puipui is very confident because the gravity there is 10x that of earth. Vegeta laughs and says "maybe if it were 500 times gravity you'd have an advantage". Puipui think Vegeta's bluffing and attacks him. Vegeta dodges Puipui easily and starts punching him. Dabura is very surprised and says that when they checked earth 300 years ago, there were no fighters this powerful. Back at the fight, Vegeta finally finishes Puipui and sends him flying into the next dimension. They're teleported back to Babidee's ship and Vegeta comments on why Babidee sent them such a weak warrior. Then a hole in the floor opens up and Gohan, Goku and Vegeta jump in. But the Supreme Kai just stands there and he can't believe how powerful they all are. He then goes after the three. Now it's Goku's turn to fight. Dabura and Babidee are thinking about who to send next, and it's a huge slimey icky monster. Goku gets impatient and starts shouting at the door: "WASKEEPINYASOLONG?!?!!?!" (somethin like that). Then the door opens, and the beast comes out of it.....
Next episode: Goku's up next!
Goku and the monster start fighting, but will Goku be able to defeat this huge beast?!? Find out next time etc.!!!!!

- Laurens Hoppe


Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Vegeta Attacks, (#207.0)
The episode starts off with Vegeta and Majin Puipui's fight. Vegeta is beating up Puipui pretty bad. Babidi realizes that the only way that Puipui can win, is to trasport them to Puipui's home planet, Vzun. Babidi screams the magic words, (Paparappa!), and the Z team and Majin Puipui are taken to Vzun. Puipui tells the team that they should be afraid, because this planet is 10x that of Earth's Gravity. Vegeta laughs, and tells Puipui that he has trained under 450x Earth's Gravity.
Shin is terrifyied by Vegeta's remark, and tells Vegeta to be careful, but Vegeta runs up to Puipui, places his hands on Puipui's chest, and fires a huge Ki attack, killing Majin Puipui. Then, a whole in tthe planet opens up, and the Z Team go down to Stage 2. Babidi and Dabura call upon abeat named Majin Yakon to fight in Stage 2. NEXT EPISODE: Goku begins to fight Yakon, and Babidi takes them to the Planet of Darkness. At the World Tournament, Mr. Satan preposes a more interesting tournament...



From: Invaderzim

The episode starts off with PuiPui losing quite badly to Vegeta, The supreme
kai watches in amazement as he watches Vegeta pound the crap out of Puipui.
Meanwhile back at the tournament Goten and Trunks are resting and have gotten
out of their Mighty mask suit.The tournament announcer comes in at which
point Trunks quickly teleports into the shower and turns it on and disguises
his voice and Goten not letting the tournament announcer go in. Back at
Babadi's ship he and Dabora watch Puipui get the beating of his life. Babadi
asks Dabora where Puipui fights best and Davora replys "His home planet".
Babadi uses his magic to turn the room into his home planet. Puipui tells
Vegeta it has ten times the gravity at which Vegeta cackles and says he can
barely feel it and if it was 500 times more it would be an acutal chalange at
which point he blows Puipui into oblivion. Back with Babadi he says to two
gaurds to summon Yakon.Dabora tells him it's unnessecary to do it so early
but Babadi dosen't listen.

 I hope you liked my summary


Series: dbz 
english: dubbed 
title: vegeta attacks 

--> the scene starts out with (of course a recap first) vegeta, goku, gohan and the supreme kai waiting at stage 1 for bui bui to start attacking. Bui bui seriously under estimates the power of vegeta's punches and at first, vegeta just toys with him. After a few blocks from vegeta and a lot of kicks and punches from bui bui, vegeta begins to play offense. He gives bui bui a couple of upper cuts and kicks until finally, bui bui shuts up. Watching from below are dabura and babidi. Babidi is extremely worried (and puzzled) at the fact that vegeta is gaining the upper hand, even after babidi had possessed bui bui. Soon, the stage changes, courtesy of babidi, to set the needs of bui bui's fighting range. 
--> the setting is his home planet, where the gravity is 10x of the earth. He goes on and on of how vegeta can't beat him. But to his surprise, vegeta not only reveals that he can easily withstand the gravity, but he "doesn't even feel it." to back it up, he releases a flurry of punches and kicks. Vegeta soon gets tired of fighting such a 'weakling' and blasts bui bui into pieces. Meanwhile, at the tournament, people are throwing garbage at the tournament announcer. 
--> dabura and babidi are extremely shocked once again, but then they smile. They remember that there are 3 stages, and they have only beat the first one. The episode ends with the 3 saiyan going down to the next level while the supreme kai stands there gawking and wondering how they could be so powerful. 

(things to look for) vegeta's quote "children--so easily amused" 

writer: crispin huang 
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