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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 206 - King of the Demons
The episode begins with Babidi and Dabura speaking outside his spaceship. The Z Fighters speak about the death of Yamu and Spopovitch.  Babidi realizes that the Z Fighters are watching them and they plan to steal their energy by luring them into the spaceship disposing of the weaker fighters. Babidi then requests that the Supreme Kai is spared for his pleasure. 
Dabura flies directly at the Z Fighters and fires a Ki Blast at Kibito from point blank range, destroying him.  Vegeta and Goku take a couple of quick swipes at Dabura.  Dabura then spits on Krillin and Piccolo, turning them into stone.
Dabura flies back to the spaceship while Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and the Supreme Kai remain at the cliff face.
Back at the World Tournament, the crowd is getting restless while Goten and Trunks argue about why the intermission is happening.
Supreme Kai explains that the only way for Krillin and Piccolo can be restored to normal is if they defeat Dabura.  Goku and Gohan begin towards the ship while Supreme Kai tries to explain that they're going into a trap. Vegeta then follows the father and son combination and then, reluctantly, Supreme Kai makes his way to the ship.
As the Saiyan warriors land, Supreme Kai lands and says that they cannot escape the ship until they destroy Babidi.  Vegeta plans to destroy the ship but Supreme Kai yells that any sudden shock could revive Majin Buu.
Babidi injects Gohan's energy into the shell containing Majin Buu. Meanwhile, PuiPui enters the room with the Saiyans and the Supreme Kai.  PuiPui explains that they must defeat one warrior at each level, while Goku asks who fights first.  Babidi finishes injecting Gohan's energy into the shell which is now half full.
Babidi and Dabura look into a crystal ball while Goku, Vegeta and Gohan, to everyone's amazement, are playing Paper, Scissors, Rock to find out who fights first.  Vegeta wins the game and must fight Vegeta.  Supreme Kai is really uptight over the light treatment of PuiPui.  Vegeta and PuiPui square off as Goku, Gohan and Supreme Kai look on.
Both fighters are extremely confident but can Vegeta defeat PuiPui to advance from Stage 1?
Find out on the next episode: Vegeta Attacks
Episode Review by Living Zen






This is in the dragon ball z series, It is English
dubbed. the episode is the king of the daemons,
episode 206

After spopovitich and yamu are killed babidi and dubura laugh and talk about killing more humans . Then kibito tells the z fighters about babidis evil games that babidi only uses someone until he gets what he wants and then he destroys them like sick animals.
then babidi tells dubura that the z fighters are hiding behind rocks and they start making a plan to lure them into the ship to steal there energy.babidi tells dubura to dispose of the weakred fighters. bobidi and one of his other minioins named puee-puee go backing into the ship leaving dubura alone. then vegeta yells he knows we are here and dubura appears
in front of kubito. dubura puts his hand in kubitos face and blasts his face into last week. sending chills of pain and hate through everyones spines. then goku flies up and attackes with a punch to duburas face but is easily evaded, vegeta then tries his luck at getting dubura and attack him vegetas punches and kicks are easily blocked. dubura spies krillian and spits on him as piccilo sees this and tries a head on attack on dubura but dubura spits on piccilo as well send him into the stone age. piccilo and krillian are turned to stone by duburas spit.

 then they go back to tournment ring and you see trunks and goten in the

mighity mask suit you also hear the anouncersay they are going to have an intermission goten askes trunks what an intermission is and trunks says they have to stop the match because gohan got beat up then goten says that it wasn't gohans fault and to stop talking
about his brother then goten starts hitting trunks and they get in a fight. then they go back to goku and the others. shin says that the only way to make his friends back to normal is to kill dubura. then goku and gohan fly off toward the ship and shin yells no don't go it is a trap and it is safer to stay here but of course goku gohan and vegeta go anyway shin soon follows after them. after flying down a long shaft and landing in a strange room. shin tells them that the only way to get out of the ship is to beat bobidi. vegeta says that he will solve all there problems and blow the ship up but shin stops him from doing so by telling him that any outside stimulas might set buu free. then puee-puee shows up at the door on one side
of the room. 

puee-puee starts telling the z fighters about the satges or flores of the ship and that puee-puee is the first stage and that no of them will make it out alive. then babidi sticks the energy container into buus ball and the gauge reads half full. babidi is suprised that one shot was half the energy they needed and starts to think that spopovitch and yamu must have colected energy from hundreds of people in a such short amount of time that maby he

should not of killed the two but dubura is there to reassure him that he did the right thing. then they go to a view of goku, gohan, and vegeta playing rock paper scissores and after a few games of that vegeta emerges as the victor. shin is very surprised that vegeta intends to fight puee-puee all by himself then puee-puee calls all of them morans so vegeta tells puee-puee that the only moran in this place is babidi because babidi did not search earth very good because if he had he would have found that the strongest fighter alive was satnding right in front of puee-puee. puee-puee laughs and tells them that any energy they lose will be immidily channled to buu. vegeta responds by saying thats  unforunat for buu because he won't be getting any energy from him. Then vegeta says welcome to the end of your life and I
promise its going to hurt. the episode ends with puee-puee launching a kick streight at vegetas head.

English Dubbed
King of the Demons (Episode 206.0)
Dabura tells Babidi that several strong power levels are hiding near his ship. Babidi tells Dabura to dispose of the weak ones, and Babidi and Puipui go inside the ship. Dabura flies up, and shoots a kai blast in Kibbito's face, killing him. He then spits on Piccolo and Krillin. The Supreme Kai is in panic, because Dabura's spit turns people into stone! So Piccolo and Krillin are frozen- with only one cure, killing Dabura, however, Dabura retreats to the ship! So Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta start to fly towards the ship. The Supreme Kai refuses to let them go to Babidi's ship, because of Dabura's power. However, the Z Team dont listen, and Shin deciedes to tag along. to protect the team. They fly down to level one of the ship, only to find a barrier blocking  the path to level 2. Babidi instructs Puipui to go finish off the team while Babidi gives Gohan's energy to Majin Buu. Puipui goes to stage 1 and tells the Z team about how Babidi's ship works (absorbs lost energy, and gives it to Buu). And how there are 4 levels. Shin is terrified of Puipui, and the Z team turn this into a tornament, to Shin's horror. First up, Vegeta will fight. Babidi gives Gohan's energy to Buu, and is shocked at how much energy Yamu and Spopovitch obtained, and wonders about killing him. Dabura reinsures Babidi, and tells him he did the right thing. NEXT EPISODE: Vegeta fights Puipui, and it looks like Puipui has the tournament lost, until Babidi changes the rules...



DBZ US Dubbed Episode #206 - The King of Demons

It starts off with Babi-Dee and Dabura laughing at how easily humans are terrified and then Babi-Dee tells Dabura that he will find Supreme Kai(Shin) and some warriors(Goku etc..) on the cliffs hiding from view. Babi-Dee wants to lure them into his ship where he can steal their energy to revive Majin-Buu so he devises a plan for Dabura to attack Goku and co. on the cliffs and kill some of his friends so that they will storm after him in a rage inside the ship.

Babi-Dee then goes inside and Dabura just sits there. The others on the cliff realize that they have been spotted and Dabua then attacks. He kills Kabito and then spits on Krillin and Piccolo, which later Supreme Kai informs them of the spit being a petrifyable spit. Dabura then warns them to run, but he really wants them to follow.

It returns to the tournament where Goten and Trunks are confused because of the latest turn of events.

Back on the cliffs, Kabito is dead, and Krillin and Piccolo are now turned to stone. Goku, Vegita, and Gohan decide to follow Dabura to kill him in order to break his spell. Supreme Kai warns them that it will surely be a trap but they take no heed and go in. Babi-Dee's plan seems to be working.

Inside the space ship they find a big elevator shaft leading down. Once down, they find a a room with a door. Supreme Kai then joins them in spite of their recklessness. The shaft then closes behind them.

Supreme Kai says the only way out is to kill Babi-Dee. Vegeta proposes blasting out but Supreme Kai forbids it because it could wake up Majin-Buu. Babi-Dee then sends Puipui to beat up the Z fighters and let the room take in their energy. Meanwhile Babi-Dee injects the ball with the energy absorbed from gohan. Puipui comes boasting that they will die, so the fighters decide who will fight with rock, paper scissors. Vegeta wins and Supreme Kai thinks they are mad for not fighting at the same time. Vegeta then gets ready to fight.

-Randy 2001


# 206----king of demons:
                                     In a true moment of horror, Piccolo &
Krillin are turned to stone by Dabura! Shin tells them that they can come
back to life only if the kill Dabura. So, the saiyans go in to Babidi's ship
to save them. Shin chases them in there and yells at them about how they
should be more careful. Then he tells them that once your in you can't get
out. This guy named Weepwe comes out and say that to get to Dabura and Babidi
they have to fight a warrior on each of the 3 levels. The 1st warrior is him.
The saiyans play rock, paper, scissors to see who'll fight first (saiyans
love fighting) and everyone was suprised. Vegeta won. that's where it ends.

Sunny ----


English dubbed Dragon Ball Z
Episode 206 King of the Deamons

This episode starts out with Babadi and Dabura talking about 
how easy it was to frighten Yamu and Spopavitch. The Z fighters still cann't 
believe that they would kill thier own men.Babadi then tells Dabura and Pui 
Pui that the Supreme Kai and his friends were near by. Dabura says " Seven in 
all, all strong. We cann't use Supreme Kai and Kibitoes energy, but three 
others have great strength." Babadi then says that in these three fighters 
alone they would have enough energy to revive Majin Buu. Babadi then says to 
lure the three into the ship by taking care of the straglers, but to leave 
the Supreme Kai. Babadi then tells Pui Pui that he can fight on level one. 
Dabura then powers up and kills Kibeto. Goku and Vegeta try and fight Dabura, 
but he spits on Krillan. Picollo gets mad and atacks, but Dabura spits on 
him. Soon Picollo and Krillian turn to stone. The Supreme Kai then tells Goku 
not to touch them because they might break. He then says the only way to save 
them is to k9ill Dabura. Dabura flys to the ship, and Goku and Gohan follow. 
Supreme Kai warns against it bu Vegeta tells him that patience wasn't thier 
strongest virtue. He then flys away. Supreme Kai comes and he tells them that 
the only way out of the ship is to defeat Babadi. At the bottom of the ship 
Babadi and Dabura give the energy to Majin Buu. It reads half full, and 
Babadi and Dabura wonder how many people Yamu and Spopavich got the energy 
from. Pui Pui comes into the room where the Z fighters are. He says that they 
are on stage one. He then says Babadi is at the bottom. Gohan, Goku, and 
Vegeta do rock paper scizors to decide who fights first. Vegeta wins so 
naturaly he makes fun of his opponent. Pui Pui shows off his speed while 
telling them that all the damage he inflicts on Vegeta will go straight to 
Majin Buu. Vegeta then says that its too bad since Pui Pui won't be able hurt 
him. Pui Pui charges at Vegeta. Will Vegeta be able to beat Pui Pui, or will 
Pui Pui be able to stop the sayin prince? Watch the next episode of Dragon 
Ball Z 
207: Vegeta Atacks


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