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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 205 - The Wizards Curse

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
The Wizard's Curse (#205.0)

This episode starts off with the Z team following Spopovitch and Yamu. Gohan and Kibbito are still with Videl, but Videl decides not to go with Gohan, because she is too tired from flying, and she is too weak, so she heads back to the arena. Everyone back at the Budokai arena are tired of waiting for a fight, and are throwing tin cans at the imp dudes and the announcer. 

So anyways, Gohan and Kibbito catch up with the rest of the Z team. They find Babidi's ship, and watch as a fighter named Puipui comes out. He tells them that Babidi is pleased with them. The Z team are hiding, watching Babidi's ship. Then, two figures come out of the ship- Babidi and Dabura. Babidi takes the energy, and to show his appreciation to Yamu and Spopovitch, he kills them. 

Then, Dabura tells Babidi that several strong power levels are hiding near his ship. Babidi tells Dabura to dispose of the weak ones, and Babidi and Puipui go inside the ship. Next Episode: Dabura attack Kibbito, and kills him. He then spits on Piccolo and Krillin?!? Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Shin go inside Babidi's ship to take revenge for their friends, and kill Dabura! -gundamdeathsytheh


Babidi Saga
Ep. 205 - The Wizards Curse
The episode starts off with Spopovich and Yamu celebrating of their collecting of the energy but, are unaware of the Z fighters following them. Supreme Kai warns them of Babidi's power to open the evil in a heart. A bit further behind Gohan, Kibito and Videl are flying towards Babidi's Ship. Kibito tells Gohan the reason his energy was stolen, it was to ressurect Majin Buu but while this is happening Videl seems to have trouble. Back with the z gang Goku asks Supreme Kai why they didn't destroy the Buu Ball, Supreme Kai tells them because it was too risky they could've broken the seal.
Back at the tournament, the crowd are throwing cans at the announcer while he tries to calm them down. Sharpner and Eliza can't believe Videl can fly. Back with Kibito and Gohan, Videl has trouble with flying and decides to stay behind and tells Gohan to be careful, Gohan and Kibito catch up to the others
A strange being with the Majin simbol on him sees Spopovich and Yamu coming. Spopovich and Yamu land and Kibito realises that Babidi's ship was under ground. The Majin worrior meets Spopvich and Yamu and goes into the ship. Babidi comes out Dabura the demon lord. S Kai and Kibito can't believe this. Yamu hands the energy and wait for their reward Babidi rewards them by blowing up Spopovich. Yamu tries to escape but Babidi orders the Majin worrior, Pui Pui to kill Yamu and he does it with ease.
By, Fogster


Hey, Bruno here. This is my first episode summary. so I'll try to make it my

This is a summary for english dubbed version of episode 205, The Wizard's

      The episode starts with Spopovitch and Yamu flying with Gohan's energy
to Babidi's hideout so Babidi could use the energy to resurect Majin Buu.
They are being followed by Shin, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillyn, Piccolo, and
      Back in the World's Martial Arts Tournament, everyone is angry because
there is no fighting.
      Spopovitch and Yamu land, and the Z fighters land in a nearby
mountain. Babidi comes out with Dabura the king of the demons. That makes
Shin and Kibito very worried. After Spopovitch gives the energy to Babidi,
Babidi kills him. Yamu runs away but one of Babidi's weird minions shoots an
energy blast and kills him.

Well that's about it my name is Bruno and I will be reviewing more episodes.


From: "Jill" <>

Hey, I'm Jill and I'm doing a episode review for the Dragon Ball Z (dubbed) episode called the Wizard's Curse.
It's starts off with everyone flying. Spopovitch and Yamu are in the lead, followed by Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin and the Supreme Kai, who are only a bit behind them. Even further back, there's Gohan, Kibbito and Videl. They're all talking about Buu. Kibbito tells Gohan and Videl to speed up because the others are way ahead. Gohan agrees but Videl says she can't go on because she's really tired and weak. Before she leaves, she asks Gohan a few questions; she asks if he's the Gold fighter and he says he's sorry because he lied. Then she asks about the cell games. She figures out that the Z guys were that "group of people who showed up during the fight with cell" and then she says to Gohan "and you were the little boy who was with them!" Gohan looks kinda sad for a sec and then he nods. Then she says "And it wasen't my father who beat Cell- was it? No! It was you!" Gohan nods (finally! someone actually figures it out!) again and then she leaves.
After that, Gohan and Kibbito catch up to the rest of the guys. They follow Spopovitch and Yamu to Babidi's ship and they see another guy that the Supreme Kai indentifies as Dabura- King of the Demons.  The Kai's getting pretty worried. They hide out and then Spopovitch and Yamu give Babidi Gohan's energy. Babdi's pretty happy but then he kills em'. Nice guy.
That's pretty much all that I thought was important.


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