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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 204 - Energy Drain

This is an American DBZ summary for episode 204
    This episode starts off with Kibito urging Gohan to turn into a Super-Saiyan. Gohan agrees. The Supreme Kai says that the instant Gohan transforms, Spopovitch and Yamu will attack him, but no one should help him. 

He says that Gohan is the one they're searching for, and they just want his energy. Gohan informs Kibito that there's a level beyond Super-Saiyan, and he shows him. Spopovitch and Yamu know now that Gohan is the one. People remark that Gohan is the Gold Fighter and Saiyaman, and that he's talented. Spopovitch and Yamu dash into the ring, and the Supreme Kai overpowers Gohan. Now he can't move, and Spopovitch and Yamu start draining his energy with this weird jug-like object. After they're done, they take off. The Supreme Kai leaves too, and Goku knows he has to follow him. Videl rushes out to help Gohan. Krillin announces that he'll go too, but he has to tell his wife (android 18) first. Then Vegeta gets (surprise!) pissed ;was performed.(Now it shows Kibito telling the same story to Videl and Gohan). The ball was brought to Earth, which was intended to be Majin Buu's next target. The ball is still here on Earth. It wasn't destroyed because it was thought that the only one who could perform the counter-spell was Bibidi. However, they discovered that Bibidi had a son who is here on Earth. His name, Babidi. His purpose, to revive Buu and continue where is father left off. - You're an Idiot


Episode 204 ENERGY DRAIN
Gohan starts to transform into a super saiyan by the request of kibito. During this time Shin reveals himself to the z fighters and tells them to stay out of the ring no matter what. After Gohan is powered up he asks if he should take it to the next level. Kibito replys "yes" and so gohan puts on an impressive lights show. when the dust settles, gohans friends realize that gohan is also the gold fighter. Meanwhile spopovitch and yamu have been monitering the power levels of the fighters and decide that now is a good time to strike. As they jump in, shin preforms a spell to hold gohan still while they (aparently) absorb his energy. After they get all they need they take off and all of the z warriors take off too. We soon discover that spopovitch are slaves of the majin Babidi son of the famous Bibidi who created majin buu. Shin then says that babidi must be using gohans energy to resurect buu on this planet after all those years. Back at the tournament gohan gets healed by kibito and kibito, gohan and videl all take off to catch up to the others. (END)

- Ryan Bowers


dbz english dubbed episode 204- energy drain.

This episode starts out with Kibito waiting for gohan to go ssj. Gohan asks
Kibito if he wants just a super saiyan transformation or bring it up to the
next level. Kibito is surprised that there is a level beyond a super saiyan.
Gohan is worried about turning into a super saiyan because he doesn't know
why Kibito want him to so badly. Gohan does it anyway. He explodes with pure
energy and immediatly goes super saiyan 2. Spopovitch and Yamu see the power
meter go wild and decide to attack and steal Gohan's energy. They spring
forward into the ring and Shin uses his powers to freeze gohan so he cant
move. Spopovitch grabs Gohan and Yamu sticks the point of a jar into gohan
and it starts to steal gohan's energy. Shin tells the z fighters not to get
in the way, but krillin and videl try to get out into the ring to help Gohan,
but goku stops them. By then the jar is finally filled with energy and
spopovitch and yamu fly away. Goku, Shin, Krillin, Vegeta, and picollo follow
them. Kibito heals gohan to full heath kind of like how dende does. Gohan,
Videl, and Kibioto follow goku and the rest. While following Spopovitch and
Yamu, Shin tells goku and the gang why they stole gohans energy. Thousands of
years ago there was a sorceror named bibidi. He made a monster named majin
buu. This monster was many times more powerful than the villain freiza. Buu
could destroy planets with a breath. He was commanded by bibidi to destroy
every living thing in the universe. Buu destroyed many galaxies and sometime
later he landed on Earth to destroy it. But he was contained in a ball by a
spell and when bibidi died there was no one left to release buu. but bibidi
had a son named babidi and he wants to release majin buu with gohan's energy.
That was the end of the episode.

My name is Ryan and my aim is gohanssj52001


Dragonall Z
Episode #  204
Episode Name: Energy Drain
Name: Kendell Kerns-

      The Episode starts out as Gohan Transforms into Super Saiyan level 2
in front of his opponent Kibito. As soon as Gohan transforms, Yamu and
Spopovitch spring into action with a mysterious devise that drains him of his
energy. As they are Draining Gohan as his energy, Goku, Videl, Piccolo,
Krillin, and Vegeta stand and watch as they were told not to help Gohan by
the Surpreme Kia - Shin, as they watch Shin says that Gohan is not in any
danger. As Yamu and Spopovitch finish draining Gohan of his power, they fly
out of the arena as Gohan lies there. Shin Follows behind Yamu and Spopovitch
and asks Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta for his help. They agree and fly
off. While Gohan is lying on the arena floor, Kibito Heals Gohan and says
that if he wants to know what is going on then to follow him. Gohan Agrees
and Gohan and Videl follow Kibito. While following Spopovitch and Yamu, Shin
Explains that they are taking Gohans energy to Bebidi's Space ship. Also
saying that his energy will be used to wkar up the evil Majin Buu. Kibito
explains the same to Gohan and Videl. and thats the end of the episode. Next
Episode - # 205- Babidi Saga- The WIzards Curse.


Dragon Ball Z Episode #204 Energy Drain

    This episode starts out with Gohan transforming into a Super Saiyian 2. 
Kibito is shocked and thinks that Gohan is even more powerul then he
expected.  Then, Vegeta says that Gohan was more powerful during the Cell
Games.  Shin agrees.  Gohan was waiting for Kibito to attack.  Meanwhile,
Shin tells Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta about what will happen next. 
Spopovitch and Yamu would drain all of Gohan's energy.  He says Gohan will
not die and Vegeta makes a comment about Shin.  Then, Piccolo reveals he is
the Supreme Kai.  Everyone is shocked.  Yamu and Spopovitch spring into
action and Gohan is about to attack, but Shin freezes him.  They absorb all
of his energy and Shin follows them.  Then, Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and
Krillin follow him.  Kibito heals Gohan and he and Videl follow Kibito.  On
thier way there, Kibito and Shin explain the story of Majin Buu.  The episode
ends with them arriving at Babidi's hideout.

- AeroDeviL90


english version
title : (episode 204) energy drain
ok , the episode starts off with gohan and kibito on the arena floor and
kibito wants gohan to go ssj .On the side supreme kia told everyone to stay
back what ever happens don't help gohan.Shin also told the z team that he is
pretty sure that Spopovitch and yamu would attack gohan as soon as he turned
ssj.when gohan turned ssj spopovitch and yamu did attack and they grabbed
gohan and stuck a strange device in gohan that drained his energy.after his
energy was all taken spopovitch and yamu left in a hurry.shin tells goku he
can come and help him because there would be danger. goku goes and so do  
vegeta,krillin,and piccolo.
kibito stays and gives gohan energy and then gohan ,videl and ,kibito all go
to follow shin and all then.On the way shin and kibito tell the z warriors
were spopovitch and yamu were going. the end    

- Bobcedwhat42


Dragon Ball Z
Episode 204-Energy Drain 
It starts out with Gohan about to turn Super Sayyin against Kibbito.Gohan doesnt want to because he thinks he would get kicked out of school.After Gohan thinking about that he asks Kibbitto if he wnts him to go to the next level in Super Sayyin Forms.Gohan does after he does Spopvitch and Yamu attack with the energy drainer.Gohan is about to defend himself when Shin(the supreme ki)paralyzes Gohan so his energy could be drained.It takes a little while but when it is done Gohan is not super sayyin anymore laying with pain on the ground.Shin follows Yamu and Supopavitch to where taking that energy.He asks Goku and to go with.
Vegeta,Piccillo,and Krillin go with goku and shin.Then Kibbitto healed Gohan.Gohan follows Kibbito to where shin and everybody else is goin.Videl goes with Gohan and Kibbito.Then Shin explains about where Gohans energy is goin to Magjin Buu.(in aamerica they call him Margain Buu,Margain that fake butter)Kibbitto explains everything to Gohan and Videl too.Thats the end.
Cole M.


Series: English Dubbed Dragonball Z

Episode Name: Energy Drain

Episode No. # 204

Check out my website at

Hi, saiyaman here! I am writing my longest DBZ review yet so I hope you will enjoy this. This episode starts off with Kibito persuading Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan. In the fighters waiting area Goku, the Supreme Kai and the other fighters are watching Gohan, unaware that Spopobitch and Yamu are hiding behind their backs. Shin, the Supreme Kai warns everyone that the instant Gohan transforms, Spopobitch and Yamu will assault him but no one should help him. Back in the ring, Gohan reluctantly agrees but is suspicious when Kibito says that his powers can “be used”. He nevertheless powers up but informs Kibitio that there is a more powerful level beyond Super Saiyan called SSJ2. Kibito says that Gohan should convert to this level instead. He does so and when he is finished, there are sparks and lightning flying across the ring. His classmates, sharpener and Eliza and the rest of the crowd are impressed and remark that Gohan is Saiyaman and the gold fighter. Chi-chi goes crazy and shouts out to the crowd that Gohan is her son. Spopobitch and Yamu are monitoring Gohans power level with a majin power meter. The power meter goes wild and explodes when Gohan powers up to SSJ2. They state that Gohan is the one they have been searching for and they jump into the ring. Shin then performs a spell that freezes Gohan, allowing Spopobitch and Yamu to drain his energy with a jug like object with the majin symbol. Shin stops the Z fighters from helping Gohan. When the jug is full of Gohan’s energy, Spopobitch and Yamu take off into the sky.

Commercial Break

Shin then announces that he will follow Spopobitch and Yamu. Goku is about to do the same when Vegeta confronts him, pissed off because their fight (Goku vs. Vegeta) will be delayed. Everyone except Vegeta enters the ring to help Gohan. Kibito then heals Gohan. Goku, Krillin, Vegeta and Piccolo take off after Shin. Videl stays behind to help Gohan and they follow Kibito instead.  The Z fighters catch up with Shin and he tells them that a sorcerer called Bibidi created a powerful monster thousands of years ago called Majin Buu.. Buu was created for one purpose: to destroy. He was so powerful that he destroyed hundreds of galaxies and races each with a single breath. At that time there were five Supreme Kais in the universe and they all fought Buu. But only one survived. Soon enough Buu grew so powerful even Bibidi had difficulty controlling him so he sealed Buu in a magic ball. As long as Buu was in this ball, he could cause no harm, which was good because he had a power level 1000 times stronger than even the villain Freeza. The ball was brought to Earth, which was intended to be Majin Buu's next target. But Bibidi died at the hands of Shin, leaving the ball on its own on Earth. It wasn't destroyed because it was thought that the only one who could open it was Bibidi. However, it was recently discovered that Bibidi had a son called Babidi who landed on Earth not so long ago. His purpose was to revive Buu and continue where his father left off. Babidi was apparently controlling Spopobitch and Yamu’s mind, so explaining their strange behaviour and the M on their foreheads.  The scene then reverts to Kibito telling Gohan and Videl the same story. Gohan asks Kibito what Babidi will do with the stolen energy and Kibito replys that Babidi will use Gohan’s energy to resurrect Buu. The episode ends here. Thanks for reading this and I hope it wasn’t too long.

SSJ2 saiyaman 



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