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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 202 - Videl is Crushed


This is an American DBZ summary for episode 202
Videl is Crushed
     The episode starts off continuing the fight between Spopovitch and Videl. Videl can't believe Spopovitch's power. Then he fires an energy wave that hits Videl straight on. Krillin is amazed, and the relieved that it was weak. But Vegeta says that Spopovitch was holding back because he's not allowed to kill Videl. Goku comments that Spopovitch couldn't fly or fire energy waves in the last tournaments. Videl launches a barrage of punches at Spopovitch, but he just brushes them off and retaliates fiercely. Videl can barely get up. But all of her punches seem to have no effect on Spopovitch.  One of Hercule's assistants warns him that Videl is losing badly. Hercule just says that he's not worried about Videl losing because she's so good. Spopovitch tosses Videl out of the ring, but then saves her to show his complete mastery of the battle. He gives Videl a couple of hard jabs, and she falls hard to the ground. Gohan warns her
He yells at Gohan, then realizes he saved Videl's life, and rewards him with his autograph. Suddenly he figures out that Gohan is Videl's boyfriend, and yells at her for liking a scrawny kid. This episode ends with Goku getting the senzu beans from Korin.
My name is PJ and look for more Episode Summaries from me in the future. 
- You're an Idiot



DBZ dubbed version
Videl Is Crushed  #202

Videl is still fighting Spopovitch and she is getting beaten.  When
Spopovitch gets the upper hand, he tortures Videl.  Just when Gohan has had
enough, Yamuu tells Spopovitch They have bigger business and Spopovitch
knocks Videl out of the ring.  Goku goes to Karin Tower to get some senzu
beans and later returns with them. Gohan gives them to Videl and she feels
better.  Hercule/Mr.Satan finally figures out Gohan is Videl's boyfriend.

By, VENUS765w2


Spopovitch starts kicking the $#!+ out of videl as she tries her hardest to get back up and fight. During this time Mr. Satans assistants continue to tell him that videl is losing to his disbelief. Slowly spopovitch starts to make it clearer that videl has no chance until videl flys up into the air hoping to evade his attacks for a while. But spopovitch soon reveals that he too can fly, as he passes videl and soars up high. He has also learned how to create energy waves, as he uses one to send videl and her hopes of winning crashing to the ground. Then spopovitch continues to pummel videl into the ground until it's too much for gohan to watch. He starts transforming and runs out just as Yamu tells spopovitch to finish it. So spopovitch wins and videl is kicked out of the ring and rushed to the hospital by gohan.


The episode starts with Spavavich still fighting Videl. Videl is still doing
ok but Spavavich starts getting the upper hand. After blow after blow Videl
cant take anymore and starts to fly out of the ring. Just before she lands,
Spavavich saves her!
He picks her up by the head and beats her so bad that every Z fighter gets
upset. Chi-Chi especially because she still wants Gohan to marry Videl. But
the half sayjin is the angriest of all. He starts to transform to SSJ from
anger instead of control and Goku has to hold him back. At last as Gohan
brakes freek, Yamu, Spavavich's partner tells Spavavich to stop and that they
have more important bussiness to attend to. Spavavich throws her out of the
ring and Gohan picks her up, threatens Spavavich and rushes her to the
hospital. Goku uses Instant Transmission and goes to Korin's Tower to get
senzu beans. Gohan delivers Videl to the hospital and Hercule/Mr. Satan
rushes to her side and give Gohan an autograph for his help. Videl cries out
for Gohan and Hercule figures out that Gohan is her boyfriend. This upsets
him because he is too scawney. The episode ends with Goku getting only 3
senzu beans from Korin because they are all he has.

This summery has been brought to you by DBZGohanmanic1210. Expect more in the
future. This episode is kind of grousome uncut but isnt that bad cut. Not
needed to watch unless wanted to.
See ya

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