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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 201 - A Dark And Secret Power

DBZ: English-Edited
It is now time for Videl and Spopovitch to fight. On the last episode, Shin looked at Spopovitch with a lot of suspicion. Once Shin goes into the area with the rest of the fighters, he goes up to Piccolo. Piccolo, thinking that Shin is the Grand Kai, asks him. Shin told him no, but Kibito told Piccolo who he is: the Supreme Kai! Piccolo is stunned by this, while Shin tells him to keep to himself because he doesn't want the others to know yet, then he and Kibito walk off. Goku walks up to Piccolo and asks him about Shin and says," Should I straighten him out for you, Piccolo?". Piccolo, knowing that Shin is the Supreme Kai, begs Goku to DON'T do that and to please leave Shin alone. This confuses Goku.
       Back in the ring. Videl is fighting Spopovitch with all she's got. Everytime it seems to be a knockout, Spopovitch gets up again! Her fans can't quite understand it and Hercule refuses to believe it. When Videl gets tired of this act, she uses A LOT of force and kicks Spopovitch's head around! The announcer said she was disqualified for killing a fighter, but it seems that Spopovitch is still alive! Spopovitch gets up and turns his head back around and starts to fight against Videl again! Everyone is shocked and totally stunned to see this! At that essact moment, Goku notices that something is not right about Spopovitch, along with Shin and Kibito.
NEXT EPISODE: In an effort to win the match, Videl continues to fight Spopovitch, but gets a brutal beat down! What will Gohan do?

- Pan-Yuy


As Videl and spopovitch go at it, videl imediately gains the upper hand as she knocks down the enormous spopovitch with an impressive showing of her martial arts skills, but for some reason spopovitch keeps getting up. Eventually spopovitch gets a couple good hits in and knocks videl out side the ring only to discover that videl can fly. So the match continues and Videl starts pounding away at spopovitch and knocks his head clear around and is about to be disqualified when spopovitch jumps up and spins his head back into place. Imediately he starts beating videl again and the episode ends.

- Ryan Bowers


Piccolo just finished his FORFITED match,Kibito tells Piccolo that Shin is
the supreme kai.Then Videl takes her place in the ring.She has to fight
Spopovitch,a fighter that Mr.Satan ounce fought.videl you lots of hard
hitting tecnics but Spopovitch kept getting up.Goku said that Videl should
give up.Krillen said but why?Videls kicken butt!!Goku said cause somthing
just not right,now he can shoot energy beams and fly!!Spopo gives Videl a
good punch in the face.she was bloody and kicked him back in the face but
spopo got back up and kept fighting.And theres that episode.This was the
uncut version.Wait till you here what happens in the next episode of
DRAGONBALLZ!!!!!!!!              ssgokukicksbutt


Episode 201 - "A Dark and Secret Power"

Dragon Ball Z - English Dubbed Version

The episode begins with Videl and Spopavich walking toward the ring. The Supreme Kai pauses. He then stares at Spopavich for a moments then walks toward the waiting room.

Supreme Kai then walked over to Piccolo, and Piccolo asks if he is the Grand Kai, Supreme Kai says No. Then Kibeto tells Piccolo that Supreme Kai is the Supreme Kai.

By that time the fight has begun, and Supreme Kai has told Piccolo not to tell who he is. Videl and Spopavich are fighting now, and Videl is winning.

Meanwhile, King Kai is in the Other World using his Psychic powers to watch the match and Piccolo & the Supreme Kai. "Not even I have seen the Supreme Kai! I wonder what buisness he has on earth!" said King Kai to himself.

Back at the Tournament, Videl and Spopavich keep fighting. Spopavich is getting beat up badly. Finally the tables turn on Videl. Videl almost gets knocked out of the ring, but flies to safety. Videl kicks Spopavich and his head gets kicked his head gets kicked completely around. He then twists his head back around. Spopavich attacks Videl and begins winning. Videl flies in the air to safety, and Spopavich goes after her, then the show ends.



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