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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 200 - Forfeit of Piccolo

English dubbed version
200.  Forfeit of Piccolo
Samir Bashir

The episode begins with Mr. Satan talking to reporters. He seemed to very pleased to be fighting 18 in the first round. In the stands, Bulma and Chi-Chi were having an argument about who will win (Goku or Vegeta). Krillin and Pintar then went into the ring, while Piccolo remained tense about his upcoming fight with Shin.
Meanwhile, Pintar then began to flip around the ring. Marron was worried that Krillin might get hurt, but Yamcha reassured her that everything would be fine. Pintar then landed right in front of Krillin and told him to deliver the first punch right in the gut, and Krillin did. Pintar was surprised and in deep pain. Krillin then him slapped around a few times and finished the match with a kick.
Piccolo and Shin were on the list to fight next and they both entered the ring. Shin seemed pleased, while Piccolo remained tense. The fight then began, but no one attacked. Piccolo then realized what Shin’s true identity was, but he still did not know why he came here. Shin answered that he’d know soon enough. Piccolo was shocked at the fact that Shin could read minds, and with that, he forfeited the match. Everyone
was surprised.
Videl and Spopovich then went to begin their match. When Spopovich passed Shin, Shin then noticed something Spopovich. What does Shin know about Spopovich? And what is the real identity of Shin? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.

Dragonballlz english dubbed version
World tournament saga episode 200 :Forfeit of Piccolo
This episode starts out with the reporters asking Hercule about the
Tournament , Hercule talks junk  and said if he wins then so be, Hercule
then asks whohe is fightin in the first round the journaist said some
woman named number 18(android 18),Hercule says "Oh yeah". In the crowd
Bulma said Vegeta willl win the tournament, Chi Chi says Goku willl win
instead, Bulma then says that Trunks beat Goten in the junior division,
ChiChi says that they were just little kids fighting and said that
Trunks cheated, Then Yamcha asks if they can get along, and they said
On the Tournament waiting room Krilllin says tat Goku and Vegeta
fighting in the first round willl be like the finals, Goku says thats
why he is stretching.Videl asks Gohan whats wrong with Piccolo, Gohan
thinks in his head why is he worried about Shin, and said to himself
should he be afraid of Kibito.Pintar says to Krilllin that he will pound
him, Krillin ignores him, he then asks 18 if she wanted to trade
fighters with him, 18 said no she refuses. Then later on Piccolo
forfeits and Videl is about to fight Spopovitch.

Troy Creasy


Dragonball Z
Episode #200
'Forfeit of Piccolo'
Dubbed Version- UNCUT

The 25th World Tournament Adult Division begins, and Krillin is about to go fight Pintar, a man about 10 times his size! But, unfourtunately for Pintar, his power level was about 1000000 times weaker! Thinking that Krillin was weak, Pintar gave him the first punch, but Krillin knocked him out of the ring with that punch! So, Krillin won round 1. Next, Shin and Piccolo were scheduled to fight. When the match began, the 2 fighters stood still. Piccolo was trying to think where he had felt Shin's power before. Then it hit him. (This was the coolest part in the episode-) He was thinking "it has to be him! But, what would he be doing here?" And then, Shin said aloud, "You'll find out. Soon enough". Piccolo decieded to forfeit, not knowing what kind of psychic power Shin had. Then, Videl and Spopovitch walked up to the field for round 3, and Shin galced at the M on Spopovitch's forehead, and the episode ended.
On another note, in this episode, at Piccolo and Shin's battle, I have to give FUNimation credit, they dubbed this part extremely well, with the music, and the strange feeling this battle is supposed to give. I suggest watching this one, even IF you aren't a fan of the dub.

Reviewed by: gundamdeathsytheh


200. Forfeit of Piccolo-

    This episode begins with Mr. Satan being interviewed and asked about how he feels about the competition and as usual he acts confident.  When asked about his fight with 18 he acts surprised saying that he was unaware of having a match with a women which is untrue because he was told in the last episode.  Everyone else who qualified is in a waiting area and Piccolo is still uneasy about his fight with Shen.  Gohan looks concerned and Videl asks him if he knows whets wrong.   Kibito and Shen are talking and Shen tells him that soon what the cam for will be in their grasp.  Goku is warming up while Krillen is talking about his fight against Vegeta saying that its like having the Championship first.  Goku and Krillen notice Piccolo’s uneasiness.  Krillen wants to fight Hercule but 18 says she wants to have the opportunity to beat him.  The competition is about to start and Videl and Gohan’s school mates are in the audience cheering Videl on.  
Chichi and Bulma are arguing about who will win the Vegeta/Goku fight.  
While Yamcha tries to break them up and gets knocked over.  The first match is Krillen against Pintar.  Pintar seems over confident since he is four or five times the size of Krillen.  Krillen isn’t that worried though.  Marron is worried but Yamcha tells her that Krillen will win.   Once again it shows Piccolo worried in the corner of the room.  Shen’s power is really getting to him.  The match starts with Krillen and Pintar and Pintar is showing off while Krillen is very confident.   Pintar starts off with some tumbling but Krillen is still steady.  Pintar tells Krillen to run home but Krillen just shakes his head. Pintar gives Krillen the first punch free and Krillen knocks him out of  the ring with no effort and wins the match.  Shen and Piccolo are up next while Trunsk and Goten are arguing  in the Mighty Mask suit.    Shen feels confident but Piccolo is still uneasy.  The Announcer tells Piccolo to try to blow up the arena.   Shen and Piccolo have a very long stare down and the crowd gets rowdy.  After the stare down Piccolo senses and enormous energy and forfeits the match before even fighting.  He then realizes that Shen is a Kaio.  He asks him if he is the Grand Kaio but he reply’s that he is the Grand Kaioshin, the Kaio about Grand Kaio. Shen then realizes that Piccolo was once the guardian of Earth at one time.   The third match is about to start with Videl and Spopovich.  Everyone is cheering for Videl and Spopovich in freaking out in the corner but Yamu calls him to fight.   When Shen passes Spopovich he senses the dark energy. 
As the episode ends Spopovich and Videl walk to the ring.

- Trenks


Episode 200: Forfeit of Piccilo
  The episode starts out with everyone etting ready. Krillin asks 18 to
switch fights with her but she says this one is mine. Krillin steps into the
Ring for the first fight against Pintar. Pintar thinking Krillin is so small
makes him weak gives Krillin a free shot.Krillin takes it punches hard to the
gut and then finishes him off easily. Marron cheers for her dad as he steps
out of the ring a winner. Mighty Mask goes to a refesment stan and Goten on
the bottom takes the up out of Trunks' hand and drinks it. Now looking at
pants drinking reminds me of something else but thats not the point.
  Now Piccilo and Shin step into the ring and stare at each other while
Piccilo tries to figure out who this mysterious fighter is. Piccilo finaly
realizes who this but you don't. In his mind he thinks, 'It can't be him! Why
would he be HERE!' Piccilo thinks and Shin says, 'You'll soon know.'
Startaling the heck out of Piccilo. Piccilo Finally says he forfeits and
walks back. The Z fighters ask if Shin is that strong and Piccilo responds,
"Stronger then you could ever imagine!"
  Videl  and Spopovitch step out and the Episode ends making you wait two
minutes to pop in the next video to find out what happens.
  Brandon Pearson

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