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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 2 - The World's Strongest Team
After being away for five years, Bulma is invited to the Kame House, where the Turtle Hermit and Kuririn have been living. Goku arrives shortly, and introduces Gohan to everyone. The Turtle Hermit points out that Goku named him after his late foster grandfather. Bulma is impressed with how proper Gohan’s speech is, in light of who his parents are. Goku tells her how Chichi is quite strict about the education Gohan receives. Everyone collectively worries about Gohan’s tail, but after a delicately-worded question to Goku, they are relieved to hear that his family goes to bed early, not giving Gohan a chance to ever see a full moon. The Turtle Hermit observes to himself with some astonishment how fit Goku is keeping himself, especially considering his having settled down with wife and family.

Before they can be invited inside, however, Goku senses a strong presence headed their way. The alien soon appears. Kuririn, unaware of the strength the alien possesses, attempts to show him off the island. The alien knocks Kuririn through the side of the Kame House with his tail! The alien addresses Goku as “Kakarrot,” and tells him that he is his brother, Raditz. He explains that they are both Saiyans, one of the strongest warrior races in the universe! The Saiyans seek out habitable planets, purge them of their occupants, and then sell them to interested buyers. However, due to a devastating meteoric collision, their home planet Vegeta was destroyed, and only himself, Goku, and two other Saiyans survive. Everyone is stunned.

Raditz tells Goku that he was sent to Earth as an infant to wipe out its population, but because of a nasty tumble when he was still young, Goku forgot about that mission and was raised by the elder Son Gohan to be the fine man he is today. Raditz demands that Goku join him in plundering the planet, and proceeds to take Gohan hostage when Goku refuses to cooperate.

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