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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 199 - Who will fight who?



English dubbed version
199.  Who Will Fight Who?
Samir Bashir

The episode begins with the Z warriors Shin and Kibito
walking away. Piccolo was very suspicious of those
two. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan was still reeling in pain as
he applied bandages to his head.
Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten were sneaking into the
competitors’ area. Then Trunks tricked one of the
competitors (Mighty Mask) and stole his costume. With
Goten on the bottom and Trunks on the top, and the
Mighty Mask’s cape covering their bodies, they would
now be able to fight in the World Championships.
The Z fighters then entered the area in which the draw
would take place. Goku then takes a look at the other
challengers, as Killa, Jule, and Pintar all looked to
be pushovers. However, Spopovich and Yammu were both
very creepy looking. Also, what made them even more
peculiar is the fact they both the letter M embedded
on their foreheads. And obviously, Shin and Kibito
seemed to be great fighters. When Goku spotted Mighty
Mask, he was stunned, as he (they) could hardly walk.
After all was said and done, these were the standings:
1. Krillin vs. 2. Pintar- During the draw, Pintar
tried to bully Krillin, but he ignored it.
3. Shin vs. 4. Piccolo
5. Videl vs. 6. Spopovich
7. Kibito vs. 8. Gohan
9. No 18 vs. 10. Mr. Satan
11. Goku vs. 12. Vegeta- When Vegeta pulled out number
12 from the box, he showed Goku first and not the
announcer. He was obviously very anxious to have a
fight with Goku.
13. Mighty Mask vs. 14. Killa
15. Yammu vs. 16. Jule
The announcer then tells the fighting rules to the
competitors. A player loses if they quit the match, if
the announcer counts to 10 (when one competitor is on
the ground), or if one unfortunately dies.
Pintar tried to intimidate Krillin, but Krillin
ignored him some more. Meanwhile, Piccolo was very
stressed out about Shin, and he was even more stressed
than before because he will fight Shin in the first
round. Will Piccolo be able to defeat Shin? Find out
on the next Dragonball Z.


         DBZ- english dubbed  # 199 Who Will Fight Who?

         the episode starts off wit piccolo thinking they cant trust the 2
strangers. the Z gang heads to the drawing to find out who will fight who. it
shows mr satan(hercule) in bandages and wonders why trunks is so strong. the
scene cuts to trunks and goten, and the 2 kids beat up mighty mask and steal
his costume so they can be in the adult division.trunks is on gotens
shoulders so they can fit the costume. the drawing starts and all the
fighters pick a number to see who is matched up. when it is vegeta's turn he
is matched against..... KAKAROT! vegeta is excited he will be able to get his
rematch wit goku.
piccolo starts to have strange feelings about the 2 new fighters again. we
find thier names are shin( purple guy wit mohawk) and kibito(really big old
guy) piccolo finds out he is against shin, and gets nervous. the adult
division is underway! but ya gotta wait till next episode for the matches to


 english version
episode 199: Who will fight who? World tournament saga

Clayton's summary

This episode starts out with Shin and Kibito walking away from Goku and
the others, Piccolo then says those two are not to be trusted. Videl
whisperes to Gohan "why can't we trust them, theyseem likenice people?"
Gohan says  piccolo is onthe paranoid side,
picccolo hears what Gohan said about him. They then walk up to the
pairing area where they will see who they will fight. Goku says they
dont look like they'll be much of a challenge, but then sees Shin and
Kibito, then Goku sees two big guys known as Spopovitch and Yamu,Goku
says those two give him chills down his spine, Goku then sees someone in
a costume that has a sheet over the head and a robe. But it's Trunks and
Goten! Trunks knocked out a man wearing a costume and then tookit off
and then Trunks and Goten put on the costume, Goten disagrees with
Trunks' plan to enter the adult tournament, because they fought in the
junior divisionand Trunks hated it. Back to the story, anyway Gku says
how ugly the costume looks. The reporter from ZTV(the company that
bradcast the celll games)tells the black dude(i forget his name)to draw
a number, he picks no. 7, then Krilllin comes up and draws no.1, he says
he hopes he doesn't fght any of his friends, piccolo says to krilllin
that even though you fight one of us you should not throw away your
destiny. Pintar then comes up and draws number 2,he looks at krilllin
and says he willl pound him and that he willl end up in a coffin,
Krilllin tellls Pintar to go away. then Goku goes up an draws number 11
i think.Then the reporter tellls Vegerta he is next, so he get up and
draws no.12 and that he willl fight Goku!!!!!!!!!. Vegeta holds up the
number 12 balll at Goku's face, everyone is shocked. While disguised in
the costume Trunks says that his dad willl face Goten's dad(Goku), he
said to Goten "I wonder who wlll win". Goten says "I guess my dad will
win". Trunks gets mad at Goten. The reporter tellls Videl is next she
draws number 15 and asks where is her father Hecule at? The reporter
says Hercule is resting.The reporter callls Spopovitch but there is no
answer, Trunks says thats probably the name of the guy who owned the
costume, Trunks runs up and using a deep voice says he's coming, then he
gets up to the drawing table , then Spopovitch says hey that's me , he
knocks trunks away,Spopvicth draws and willl fight videl, the reporter
says to Trunks are you the one they calll Mighty mask, then the reporter
guy says Mighty mask hasn't been working out much. The reporter then
calls the Great Saiya-man next, then he callls up Kibito, he is gonnna
fight Saiyaman(Gohan) in the first round.Goku tellls Gohan Kibito is a
strong one, then Piccolo draws a number, Shin draws one and he will
fight Piccolo.Then Android 18 draws a number and the guy asks her if
number 18 was her real name, 18 says her father was dull.The reporter
guy draws for Hercule and he ends up with Android 18. Krilllin gets
excited and says she's going to fight hercule,18 sighs.

Videl says her father is a dangerous man, and 18 just loooks at Videl blankly.Goku gets

suprised and says to Gohan that he never told him that Videl is
Hercule's daughter, Krilllin says that Videl is hot and that if Gohan
keeps a charm then she willl go out with, Gohan yellls "Shut up
Krilllin, i dont like and i never said i did!!".Then Yamu comes up and
draws,(i forgot the numbers to most of the draws). Then finallly The
reporter callls Mighty Mask(Trunks and Goten) up. Mighty Mask draws and
willl fight Yamu in the first round. 

Then the reporter guy says the

pairings are done and says in fight number 1 it willl be Krilllin vs.
Pintar, in the 2nd fight it willl be Shin and Majunior(Piccolo), in the
3rd fight it's Videl vs. Spopovitch, in the 4th fight it's Kibito vs.
the great saiyaman(Gohan),in the 5th fight its Goku versus Vegeta,in the
6th fight it's Android 18 and World champion Hercule, in the 7th fight
it's Yamu versus Mighty Mask(Trunks and Goten), and in the 8th and final
figt in the firstround it's killa versus some the other guy(i forgot his
name). Then The reporter guy tellls them the rules:If you falll out of
the ring, if i count to 10 when the fighter is knocked out, if you give
up, and if the oppponent is killled. Well that covers that episode .
Next episode: forfeit of Piccolo
if i misssed anything in this summmary then email me@

Troy Creasy




Episode #199
"Who Will Fight Who? "

the episode starts with Shin and Kibito piccolo says they canot be trusted then krillin sugggest they got o the place to find out who will fight who. meen while Mr.satan is stll recover from the punch from trunks. trunks and goten ambush a quallified fighter then trunks knocks him out then trunks and goten strip the fighter untill his skivies. by the way the costume is made up of a hooded blue mask that s a kape and the rest of the uniform is like white dress and the tear out eyes holes for goten they are all in this little arena while shen "the blond guy" is bringing out a blue box with balls in it and the balls have numbers on them the first up to choose is killa a big black dude who isnt very strong he picks out number 14 then some guy with a fez calls another guy like that untill it gose on the board. then kibito is up next and he picks number 7 and walks away with the same look on his head as before.krillin is up next and hope he wont be to late in to the macth and of corse he gets ball number 1.the great sayman gose up next (gohan) and picks number 8 witch means he has to fight kibito as  you may now kibito is a big pinkish red guy and dosnt look to easy even for gohan.the next person is pretty funny shen say "up next um.... number 18" like the should of gave her a name any
ways she gose up and picks up ball number 9. shin gose up next and piccolo and goku are worried about who they will fight shin and picks number 3.then the pan to goten and trunks wonderin what there fighters name was then shen says "ok next up next....spopovich...and no one answers so trunks and goten gose up to pick a ball and then shen says "arent you the one they call mighty mask?....trunks is like "huh what?" then the the real spopovich comes in and says "out of my way you worm!! i am spopovich" and then spopovich gose up and picks up ball number 6.then a guy comes up called jewl andhe looks exactlylike caroni and sharpner and he picks out number 16. next up is goku and he preps up like hes going to battle and he walks up and picks out number 11. next its tome for videl to come up and she asks shen where her dad is and thats when the z team finds out that videl is Mr.satan's daughter.and then gohan and krillin are talking bout videl being hot and then shen says in the distance "pintar is number 2" pintar looks like a relly fat 7-11 employee there fore he is arbic. krillin is happy aboiut his match-up and makes a smart ass coment about pintar. after that vegeta walks up and pick out a ball the grins and says nothing and shows the ball to goku... the ball is number 12 wich means goku and vegeta will fight what a kool fight that will be...or will it.then mighty mask comes up and picks up number 13 and then proply falls down.then Maj JR. (piccolo) vomes up and picks number 4 wich meens he has to fight shin. then shen picks out a ball for mr. satan  he pick out number 10 wich meens Mr.satan fights 18.and last but not least yamu picks out number 15 just an fyi yamu and sopopovich both ave M's on there fore head wich means there being controled by an evil force maby babidi perhaps......

battle 1 Krillin V.S. Pintar
battle 2 Shin V.S. Maj Jr. (Piccolo)
battle 3 Videl V.S. Sopopovich
battle 4 Kibitto V.S. Great Sayaman (Gohan)
battle 5 Mrs. 18 V.S. Mr.Satan
battle 6 Goku V.S Vegeta
battle 7 Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) V.S. Killa
battle 8 Yamu V.S. Jewl

- limpy limpy


Dragonball Z
Episode #199
'Who Will Fight Who?'
Dubbed Version- UNCUT

The episode begins with Shin and Kibbito walking away from the Z gang. Piccolo tells the gang that those two are not to be trusted. The group goes to a room, where the fighters are being chosen. Everyone goes to pick a number, and the ones with the corrusponding numers get to fight each other (i.e. 1 and 2). Krillin gets to fight Pintar, Vegeta gets to fight Goku, Sayaman gets to fight Kibbito, Videl gets to fight Spopovitch, Kiela gets to fight Mighty Mask, Jewel gets to fight Yamu, #18 gets to fight none other than... Mr. Satan!, and to Piccolo's dismay, he will fight Shin, the first person to test his power. This episode was pretty short, and ends off with Piccolo in fear of fighting Shin, because his power is somehow familliar...
Reviewed by: gundamdeathsytheh


Hello am writing a short (not a very big) review
because i know other people write this kind of stuff
so here it is

Series:Dragonball Z
Episode name:Who Will Fight Who?
Number of episode:#199

We start out with goku and the gang watching shin and
kibito walking away,Piccolo says that they should not
be trusted,goku asks why amnd piccolo says i sense
something different from them they are very powerful
but there power is different than videl asks gohan why
cant we trust them they seem nice,than gohan says
piccolo is a little on the paranoyd side and of course
nameks great hearing piccolo knows what they are
saying,so krillin says let go i want to know who well
be fighting in the tournament,gohan agrees, so back to
Mr.satan he is raping himself in bafagegs asking
himself how trunks could be so dang strough back to
goten and trunks,they sneck in where only the 15
people that passed the punching machine test are and
trunks and goten are looking at a big dufess (no
offence to people that like mighty mask)named mighty
mask than trunks says that is a nice cape and
mask,goten says it looks like a dress so trunks gets a
idea to get mighty's cloths and enter the adult
tournament,so trunks tricks him into going over in a
corner than trunks knocks him out and him and goten
drag him into the grass and start to take his cloths
off than goten says that it is to big everybody well
know it is trunks than trunks says am not wearing it
by myself you are wearing it with me,than goten is
shocked like WHAT!?!?! with you?? so than goten has
trunks on his shoders and says are you sure that no
body well know it is us? trunks says dont worry than a
guy talls "Mighty Mask" that they well start the
pairing soon so "mighty mask" says right away am ready
to fight and than goten walk into a tree and says i
cant see where am going so trunks tells goten to poke
out eye holes and goten says (much better)

Than back to goku and the gang are walking into the
drawing area and the announcer dude from the cell
games says O your here o.k. so he says o.k. we have
ever body should we call in mr.satan than a guy tells
the announcer dude am sorry mr.satan asked if we could
start without him so the guy says o.k.,so krillin puts
his hands like he is praying and says please i dont
ask for much just dont put me fighting one of my
friend (because every one of his friends are more
powerful than him) so than the draw begins,than goku
see's mighty mask not knowing it is really goten and
trunks says that he looks weird, than the announcer
calls killa first and he gets the little ball that has
14,next he calls kibito up and he gets 7,than he calls
krillin and krillin saying i hope my match is not to
late and he gets number 1 so he fights first with
whoever gets 2 and than it goes up like that,than he
calls up "great saiyaman" and he gets number 8 so he
fights kibito and goku says a true warrior fights with
mind than  he calls 18 and the guy says is number 18
youre real name? than 18 replys my father was very
donl (meaning dr.greo) than she draws and throws it at
the ann guy and says now am number 9,than he calls
shin up and he gets 3 so he fights piccolo than he
calls up spopovitch and nobody answers and since goten
and trunks dont know what mighty mask's name is
(mighty mask) he goes up and says am spopovitch than
the real spopovitch comes up and grabs "mighty mask"
and says in a moron voice (again nooffnse tpo people
that like spopovitch) and throws him so "mighty mask"
says why didn't he answer when he was called than
spopovitch get number 6 than jewal is called up and
gets number 16,than chichi is trying to see if goku
got a good stop on the boraed than ox king says it
well take alot of luck to win a match as close as this
one than chichi goes you know chichi on oxking which
is a another lesson DONT MESS WITH THE WOMEN OF DBZ so
than goku is called up and he gets 11 so than videl is
called up and she asks if the annoer guy knows where
her dad is he says that he is takeing a some rest
right now than she gets 15 and than goku is yelling
and gohan in ? like way saying WAIT A MIN DID SHE JUST
SAY MR.SATAN IS HER FATHER? gohan says yeah keep your
voice down dad than krillim says i dont see the
resemblence in them she is quite the looker than 18
looks at krillin so gohan says blushing really i
hadn't notice and krillin says you just put on a
little bit of that charm and am sure she we go out
with you so gohan yells at krillin shut up krillin i
dont like her i never said that i like her so than
krillin says right than the guy calls up pintar and
krillin says that is who am fighting and think i was
worrierd than we see a big indan guy ask krillin are
you the one they call krillin and he says yep so than
he says will am going to tear you apart when we are in
that ring and krillin tells him to go away now and
that just gets him angry and he yells at him saying he
is going to die than krillin is like right,than vegeta
is called up and gets the ball and shows it o goku and
it says 12 which means GOKU FIGHTS VEGETA!!!!! another
saiyan deul as they say than krillin and piccolo say
no not the 2 of them than vegeta thinks in his head a
fight with kakkrot again,perfect than trunks says i
wonder who will win? goten says my dad well so they
have a little fight about whos da is better than
"mighty mask" is called up and he gets 13 than "ma
jr." piccolo gets 4 than the guy draws for mr.satan
and he gets 10 so that means 18 gets to fight mr.satan
and krillin is so happy about it but 18 is like great
than videl says that should not be taken lightly he
dad is a very strough man and 18 just looks at videl
like yeah.......right,than yamu gets 15 so than
everybody is set up and here is the list of fights
1st up is krillin vs. pintar
2nd is ma jr. vs. shin
3rd is videl and spopovitch
4th is kibito vs. Great Saiyaman
5th is 18 vs. mr.satan
6th is  a saiyan rumble goku vs. vegeta
7th is mighty mask vs. killa
8th the last match of the semi-finals yamu and jelaw
rules you are the loser if
1.give up
2. fall out
3. if i count to ten
4. if you sadly kill you enemy
each match is a time limit of 30 min and not 1 sec.
stay tuned for the next dragonballz toi find out more
about shin,kibito,spopovitch and yamu
P.s. sorry if i had any typos's or missed any thing am
writeing this at like this alittle late so hope you
A.J. Behfar


Hay I'm Steven and this is my 1st episode review.

Dragonball Z
English- uncut

199"Who Will Fight Who"

   The Episode begins where the other left off with two mysterious strangers
walking by (Later revealed as Kibito and Shinn,and Shinn who is actually the
Supreme Kai)Krillin gets impatient and makes everyone hurrry to the drawing.
   Meanwhile Trunks and Goten find a way to sneak into the tournament Trunks
went inside the Qualified fighter area and told this guy in a funny costume
(Who is'nt Saiyaman)and tell him that he'll tale him to this skinny kid who
said that he could beat im in armwrestling for 1,000 zeni and took him behind
a bush and whacked him on the back of the neck.
   once everybody was at the drawing place it began.They drew balls out of a
box and it ended up Krillin/Pintar  piccolo was going undercover as Ma
Junior/Shinn Videl/Spopovitch( guy with an m on his head hint!) Great
Saiyaman(Gohan)/Kibito  Mighty Mask/Kira(i think)
Mr.Satan/Android 18  Yamu(another M guy) /Killa(weird) And oh yesss Goku Vs.
<end of Episode>



199. Who will Fight Who-

   This episode starts of with Shen and Kibito walking away from Goku and the other Z fighters and Piccolo comments that they shouldn’t be trusted. 
Goku wonders why but Piccolo says that their powers are different. Krillen says that he want to find out who is fighting in the Tournament so everyone walks off.  Next we see Mr. Satan tending to his wounds he sustained in the exhibition match with Trunks. Goten and Trunks are looking for a way to compete in the Adult competition and the come across Mighty Mask. Trunks has a plan to knock out Mighty Mask so he and Goten can compete.  Trunks tells Mighty Mask that a weak guy wants to arm wrestle him for 1000 Zeni.  When Mighty Mask walks with Trunks, Trunks knocks Mighty Mask out cold.  Goten asks him why did he do that and Trunks reply’s that he won the arm wrestling match.  They then drag Mighty Mask into the bushes and steal his outfit. 
Trunks gets on Goten’s shoulders so they are tall enough to pass as Mighty Mask.  Goten is stumbling around because he cant see under the cape so he pokes two eye holes into the costume.  Everyone gathers to see who will fight who.  Mr. Satan is still tending his wounds so they pull for him. 
Krillen prays that he doesn’t have to fight any of his friends, especially not Goku.  Killa is the first to go up he gets number 14.   Kibito is next, he gets number 7.  Krillen picks number 1.  The Great Sayiaman (Gohan) picks number 8.  Android 18 pick number 9. Shen picks number 3.  Spopovich in next but he doesn’t go so Trunks and Goten think that they are Spopovich but when they go to pick the real Spopovich throws them out of the way.  Spopovich picks number 6.  Jewel picks number 16.  Goku is next up.  Goku gets number 11.  Videl is next she picks number 15.  She asks the Announcer where her father is but he says that he is still in his room.  Krillen tell Gohan to ask Videl out.  Pintar then picks number 2 and Krillen has  a big sigh of relief but Pintar thinks very little of his small cometitor.  Vegeta next picks number 12 and everyone is amazed because he fights Goku the first round.  Krillen says that its the championship match in the first round. 
Goten and Trunks are fighting over who will win and they fall over.  Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) picks number 13. Ma Junior (Piccolo) picks number 4 and is matched Shen.  Mr. Satan is picked by the announcer and gets number 10.  Krillen is excited about 18 getting Mr. Satan but she doesn’t care. 
Yame gets number 15.  The standings are:
                                    Match 1- Krillen vs. Pintar
                                    Match 2- Shen vs. Piccolo
                                    Match 3- Videl vs. Spopovich
                                    Match 4- Kibito vs. Gohan
                                    Match 5- 18 vs. Mr. Satan
                                    Match 6- Goku vs. Vegeta
                                    Match 7- Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks) vs. Killa
                                    Match 8- Yamu vs. Jewel
The announcer tells everyone the rules and tells them to follow him to the ring.  Krillen says that 30 minutes isn’t long enough.  Mr. Satan is still in bed and asks who he is fighting.  The match with Krillen and Pintar is about to begin.




The show opens up with the Z fighters watching the two fighters that Piccolo thinks should not be trusted. In which Videl thinks Piccolo is high-strong Piccolo hears it! Now Krillin insists on going to see who will face who.  Hercule is shown taking every band-aid and anti-bacterial cream,and bandages for the wound Trunks gave him in BIG TROUBLE,LITTLE TRUNKS.Speaking of Trunks he & Goten jump over the wall that seperates the qualifying adults to the public Trunks & Goten then decide to steal the mans cape and mask and enter the tournament as Mighty Mask. So Trunks knocks the guy out takes his cape and mask and enter the tournament (Goten is carrying Trunks on his shoulders so they look like a adult). Meanwhile the Z fighters get to the drawing time goes by and the matches are... 

- malonzo


Dragonballz edited
episode #199 who will fight who

The Z team after being spooked by kaioshin and Kibito head to the area
where the pairings are drawn. Meanwhile Trunks and Goten knock out
Mighty Mask and takes his uniform, Goten stands on the bottom and trunks
on the top. Entering the arena Goku senses two powers that seem large.
The drawings are made and the matches are 1.Krillen vs. Pintar 2.Piccilo
vs. Kaioshin 3.Spopovitch vs. Videl 4.Gohan(greatsayaiman)vs. Kiboto 5.
Android 18 vs. Hercuele 6.Vegeta vs. Goku 7.Killer vs. Mighty Mask
(Goten+trunks) 8. Yamuu vs. Jewel. The fighting is ready to begin.
By Joe Mug


English Uncut
Episode 199: Who Will Fight Who?
     Trunks still mad that he can't compete in the Adult Competition
convinces Goten to help him jump a guy then take his costume. In the drawing
sequence you find out they are Mighty Mask. Still hurting from Trunks' punch
Hercule Satan stays in his dressing room and has someone else pick his match.
You also find out that Piccilo is in disquise as MaJR.
     As the drawing concludes the matches are as follows: Fight One Krillin
versus Pintar; Fight Two MaJR. (Piccilo) versus Shin; Fight Three Videl
versus Spopovitch; Fight Four The Great Saiyaman versus Kibito; Fight Five
Android Eighteen versus Hercule Satan; Fight Six the most anticipated fight
in all of DBZ Goku versus Vegeta!; Fight Seven Mighty Mask versus Killar; And
the Eighth and Final Match is Yamu versus Jewek.
  The Fighters warm up and it looks like round one is going to be a dozy.

  Brandon Pearson

- All material copyright of

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