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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 198 - Big Trouble, Little Trunks

Hello, my name is Denny and this is my 3rd Episode Summary for DBZ.


Episode #198
"Big Trouble, Little Trunks"

The episode starts out with Chibi Trunks and Mr. Satan(Hercule) on the ring getting ready to fight. Mr. Satan is trying to think of a plan to not fight. The battle is about to start when Mr. Satan runs up to Trunks and says that for good sport, each of them will tap each other on the cheek. His plan is to pretend that Trunks' tap does hurt and he won't have to fight. Little does he know that the tap really does hurt and makes him smash into a wall. Everyone is shocked, but Satan gets up and the crowd cheers. Later while in a changing room Mr. Satan is tending his wound and almost starts to cry because it hurt so bad. Meanwhile, the Z team(Goku, Gohan(Great Saiyaman), Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, #18, and Videl) are walking over to the food place to eat. As usually, Goku is being a pig, Vegeta and Gohan are eating some foo! d, and the rest are sitting and watching the show. Everyone finally leaves to go get ready, and then bump into East Kaioshin and Kibito. They have a little talk and Piccolo is suspicious of them. That's basically what happens in this episode. NEXT EPISODE: Trunks and Goten disguise themselves as Mighty Mask and everyone learns who they will fight!

Thank You 

--- Dennis Kelly


Episode #198: Big Trouble, Little Trunks

By: kAtHy LaO  

First of all it started off with Trunks being the new Junior Champion so he gets to fight Hercule.  Hercule is scared but doesn’t show it.  He went to the fighting ring.  Trunks can’t wait to fight Hercule because he wonders if Hercule is strong as people say he is.  Goku, Krillin, Number 18, Vegeta, and Piccolo took off to get a bite to eat because they already knew who was going to win between the match of Trunks and Hercule.  Hercule tries to scare Trunks with some of his moves but it didn’t work.  So Trunks got ready to fight.  Hercule then tries to trick Trunks by saying the match was just an exhibition match meaning a pretend match.  Hercule pretend he got a knee injury.  He told the man who was talking into the microphone that he still has a knee injury from fighting Cell.  Because of that, the man suggested his knee should be looked at.  Then Hercule said that he was ok because he popped his knee back into place.  Anyways, the tournament continues and Hercule can’t trick Trunks so he decided he is going to outsmart the lil guy. He told Trunks that they have to start out with the champion’s greeting which is to hit the opponent on the face softly as he can.  Hercule allows Trunks to give him a free shot.  And that’s what Trunks did.  He gave him a not so hard of a punch but it knocked Hercule out of the ring and Hercule bumped into a wall.  People thought Hercule was out cold but suddenly Hercule start to move and got up.  He said, “Wow, what a punch.” And said more stuff.  People thought he just let Trunks win.  Trunks couldn’t understand whether Hercule is super strong and let him win or is he just a weakling.  Goku, Krillin, Number 18, Vegeta, and Piccolo went to the waiting room for the athletes.  Meanwhile people were interviewing Trunks.  He hated it so he tricked them and ran away with Goten.  Trunks and Goten are thinking that it’ll be cool to get to be in the world tournament.  In the waiting room, Goku and Vegeta stuff themselves with food.  Later Gohan and Videl arrived.  Gohan joined Goku and Vegeta to eat.  They ate a lot.  Krillin: Good grief, you saiyans are like bottomless pit.  After Krillin said that Videl asked what was a saiyan.  Gohan told Krillin to clamp it.  The Z warriors finish eating and are heading back to the arena to see who will fight who.  As they are on their way, they come across two people.  The Z warriors have a strange feeling about those two.  One of the people come up to Goku and said if he was Goku by any chance.  Goku said, “Yes.” Then the person said he is looking forward to competing against Goku.  After that, he said, “You can say I am one of your biggest fan.”  The person asked Goku if he could shake his hand.  Goku said, “Of course.”  When they shook hand, the person was smiling.  They shook hands for quite a while.  After a while of shaking their hand, the person said that Goku is as brave as people say he is.  As the two strangers are leaving, Piccolo said he doesn’t like the feeling of them and that the strangers are strong.  Goku agrees with him and said that they are REAL strong. 



series: DBZ
 English: subbed
Samir Bashir
Episode 198: Big Trouble, Little Trunks

The episode begins with a scared Mr. Satan entering
the stadium to face the confident Trunks. Everyone
cheered when he entered, and Mr. Satan couldn’t resist
the public and he entered the ring. He tried to
intimidate Trunks, but Trunks just ignored him.
         Meanwhile, the Z fighters left for the snack bar
while Gohan and Videl stayed in the stadium.
Mr. Satan knew he’d be fish food. Then he had an idea.
He told Trunks, how to perform a champion’s greeting,
at the beginning of the match. It was basically a very
weak punch. Then the fight began.
Mr. Satan then showed the audience he was giving
Trunks the first punch. Trunks used the champion’s
greeting, but it still sent Mr. Satan right into the
wall. Mr. Satan was able to get up and patronizingly
said that Trunks had won. The audience then caught on
that he meant that he had thrown in the match.
Mr. Satan then left for his dressing room, and when
inside he started to cry out in pain from Trunks’ weak
The Z fighters then entered the competitors’ area.
Goku and Vegeta then stuffed themselves in the dining
room. When Gohan and Videl arrived, Gohan also joined
After that, the Z fighters were heading for the draw
when Goku met up with two strange-looking people. The
smaller one was Shin and larger one was Kibito. Shin
then asked Goku if he was Goku. Goku said yes and
asked how he knew his (Goku’s) name. Shin said that he
come here to fight Goku, as wanted the best challenge
he could get. He then shook Goku’s hand and left.
Piccolo was extremely tensed up about Shin, as he was
sensing some very strange vibes from those two. Who
are these mysterious people? Find out on the next
Dragonball Z.


Hello am writing a short (not a very big) review
because i know other people write this kind of stuff o
here it is

Series:Dragonball Z
Episode name:Big Trouble,Little Trunks
Number of episode:#198

this time on dragonballz,Trunks punched Herclue into
the wall wining the match beating the champ than
hercule tells everybody he let trunks win and as you
probly know everybody thought he really did,than goku
and the gang are walking into the area where only
people that where part of the 15 winners in the
punching thing and they are talking than trunks has a
bunch of reporters around him asking the new jr. champ
somethings and than he says hercule is comeing to make
them look so he tells goten to run an they run off
over a wall than trunks wants to go in the big
people's fight so than we are taken to goku and the
gang again and the only people that are eating are
goku and guess who VEGETA! and it most be something in
the saiyan gene because i hate to say it but vegeta is
a big exactly like goku stuffing everything into there
mouths than piccolo makes a little joke and so does
krillin than gohan comes and becomes his dad than goku
says (wow we if i have to fight you guys please dont
punch me in the gut) than 18 says (we should go check
the draw)than vegeta says (well if i have to fight
kakkrot in the first round the first thing i'll do is
punch him in the gut) than you see goku and the gang
run into a 2 people (if you call them that) named shin
and kibito and shin shakes gokus hand and than it gets
alittle weird and goku pulls his hand away than shin
lands and walks off with kibito than piccolo says he
fells funny about them,than they go so than everybody
is talking about them and than they watch them walk
away.stay tuned to find out what is going on in the

A.J. Behfar

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