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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 197 - The Best of the Boys

Hi. I recently got the DBZ video: World Tournament-Junior Division. I just want to say I like your site and its features.

This is my review of The Best of Boys: The episode starts as Trunks and Goten start the final round of the junior division. Mr. Satan( Hercule) stairs at the to. He keeps saying that the boys are like the ones in the Cell Game 7 years ago, back to the fight. The two start to float in the air. As this happens Great Saiyaman(Gohan) and Videl come up the steps. Krillin makes fun of Gohan because he thinks Videl is Gohan’s girlfriend. Trunks and Goten land on the stadium floor. Trunks blasts a controlled ki blast at Goten. He misses  and the blast is controlled up. Goten uses a kamehameha blast at Trunks that blasts a hole in the roof. Trunks is impressed. They start fighting again but Trunks says”Goten, no more energy blasts, ok?” Goten agrees.

The two get each other in a strangle hold but Trunk’s is stronger. He wants Goten to give up. No dice instead Goten goes Super Saiyan and breaks the hold. Goku is amazed that his second son can go SSJ. Vegita tells Goku that wasn’t fair. The people don’t know what they saw. Hercule is stunned that the kid can do what Goku, Future Trunks, Vegita, and 11 year old Gohan can do. Trunks is enraged. Trunks says that he can beat Goten without his left arm. The battle rages on. The two fight till Trunks shoots another beam at Goten. It misses. The 2 still fight till Goten does a headbut at Trunks he dodges and goes SSJ. Goten is thrown into the stand and loses the fight. Trunks wins the 1 million dollars and Goten wins 5,000. Trunks now faces Hercurle(that is to afraid to come out but does after his fans cheer for him.) After he comes out, Vegita makes a joke. Vegita makes a joke! He said that house plants are stronger than Hercule. The next episode of DBZ: Big Trouble, Little Trunks.         - Matthew J. Wenzel  


The Best of the Boys

      The battle continues and neither of them show any weakness yet. Trunks decides to use an energy attack and after Goten dodges it he quickly shoots in into the air. Goten wants to show his talents and uses his dad and brothers special attack the Kamehameha! which blows the roof off of part of the building. They decide not to use energy attacks anymore because somebody might get hurt. Then Trunks gets Goten in a dangerous ‘Strangle Hold.’ Almost about to lose Goten breaks the Z warriors rules and goes SuperSayian to avoid losing the match. Goku goes nuts finding out his other son is a SuperSayian and Vegeta yells at Goku saying he broke the rules Goku basically says who cares. Hercule says that these two ‘have the same powers as the people at the
cell games. Like the one who beat cell’! Trunks chastises Goten for becoming a SS and Goten responds by stating woops and maybe I did it on purpose. 

Trunks then proposes that he’ll beat Goten with no left arm. Well, that quickly changes when Trunks breaks two rules by Blasting at Goten with his left arm. Goten then charges Trunks head on and Trunks jumps changes into a SS and blasts Goten out of the ring just to become the Winner! Vegeta is happy and him and Goku finally get along and Trunks lets Goten have 3 of his toys. Then Hercule comes out cowardly to Face the New champion Trunks!
      ~Brandon Pearson  

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