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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 196 - Trunks vs. Goten

     While The great saiyaman and Videl are in line waiting for the new
punching machine the be fixed, a new challenger enters the ring 7 year old
Goten. Almost as an amazing as trunks he quickly knocks the 14 year old kid
out cold. Trunks and Goten easily battle their way to finals and sure enough
we are going to have a half Saiyan champion of the junior division. As the
championship begins between Goten and Trunks the punching machine finally is
fixed but now they have to wait in line. The crowd chooses sides and you find
out Hercule will have a “exhibition” match with the winner of the Junior
champ. (What a great battle huh) Trunks and Goten bow and put in their two
senses and the battle begins. Hercule recognizes the resemblance between
Goten and Goku. The crowd is speech less as the two finalists seem stronger
then most people in the Adult division. Gohan and Videl make it in time to
miss no less then ten seconds. As the battle heats up the Z warriors are the
only ones not able to speak. Trunks quickly shows an upper hand but any
relative of Goku won’t give up.

      ~Brandon Pearson  


Series: DBZ

Language: English

Title: Trunks Vs. Goten

By: Goten's hottie

K, well the episode starts out when videl and gohan (great saiyaman) are waiting 4 the puching machine 2 b fixed. and then goten get's ready to fight idasa's brother ikosa, then they start. goku remarks how goten looks just like him and how handsome he is (agreed!) then goten does the japanese bowing thing and it starts! but before that the judge or emcee realizes that goten is goku's son. and he thinks bout when goku was young and fought agains jackie chun. he's not the only one that sees the alikeness in goten and goku. hercule reconizes the face, but doesn't no where he's seen him. n e how, back to goten and ikosa... ikosa does his little warm up, same with his mouth... "u look nervous. don't worry, it'll only hurt a bit." and then he punches goten, but goten stops him with a finger. then he tries 2 kick him, but goten also stops him. he says "so u no a little martial arts after all.well try this." and then he starts punching him with all his mite, but gohan just blocks them with his hands effortlessley and he says "this is it? this isn't much fun." and then he punches him, knocking him out cold. btw, ikosa's mom is talkin bout how ikosa will beat him, when bulma says "hey wasn't that the brother of whom my little boy knocked him out with just one kick?" and then the mom gets mad and says "so that was ur son hey? well he just got lucky. one miracles enuf for one day!" and then wen goten is blockin all ikosa's punches she says "look! that boy is 2 afraid 2 throw a puch @ my boy!" and bulma says "i'll give him 5 minutes at the most." and when goten beat him up, bulma stuck out her tongue at the mom, and the mom got mad and stood up, but then chi chi punched her and she got knocked out. chi chi said "come on. who do u think taught goten?" trunks and goten advance 2 the finals. goten threw one punch at a big muscly guy named big boomer and knocked him out, trunks kicked a really tall black guy. and spun around and around with some other guys. (that's his specialty, he uses that 2 beat cell in the future)the black guy was saying something like "get ready 2 die" or something like that, he walks over trunks, (he's so tall that he can walk right over trunks) and then when trunks doesn't do anything, he says "ello?" and then trunks, head is cocked and he opens one eye and then goes in a headstand and uses both legs to kick him. and pritty soon, its goten and trunks in the final! who will win?


Episode #196
Trunks Vs. Goten

This episode starts of in the stadium in which the world tournament is taking place.
Everyone is cheering as the Jr. division is taking place. Two small kids are fighting in the tournament in which one of them (a brat) is crying , the other one being kind goes to him but the beat in anger punches him on the face the brat is the winner by knockout.
Then it is time for another match as the commentator says " seven year old Goten Vs. fifteen year Ecossa." Goten is frightened seeing the crowd.
Ecossa makes fun of Goten while Goku and the others cheer for Goten. Then Krillin says that he looks like a miniature of Goku.

Meanwhile Ecossa's mother (a big fatty dork) says Ecoossa to smash him up and show NO mercy then Chi-Chi says to Goten to relax. Then Ecossa's mother says 'that preschool brat doesn't have a chance against Ecossa.'

In the fight Goten is still frightened (not about Eccosa but about the croud) , Eccosssa makes more fun of Goten.

The commentator realizes that Goten is Goku's son.The match finnaly begins.

While in the entrance Gohan and Vedel are still waiting to pucnh the punch bag or whatever it is While the staff fix it. They hear that its Goten's match and Gohan says "What a bummer , I wish Vegita woudnt have knocked the you know what out of the machine."

In the resting place someone comes and tells trunks that Goten is fighting don't u wish to see it , trunks says that he knows who will win so it is no use seeing it.

In the match Ecoosa says many things with his BIG mouth while Goten just stares. Then Eccosa punches with all his power on Goten , Goten stops it with his finger! Then Goten says to stop fooling around and be serious Ecossa is scared.

Ecossa's mother then says that Goten is too scared to throw a punch on Ecossa.

Ecossa fires many many punches on Goten , while Goten stops it all with a finger, then suddenly Goten fires a really ordinary and weak punch at Ecoosa and he falls to the ground and Goten wins the silly match.

Then there r several other matches and Goten and Trunks defeat all and in the final the match is between Goten and Trunks.

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