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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 195 - The World Tournament

Samir Bashir

Eps 195
The World Tournament

The episode begins with Vegeta walking away from the punching machine he just destroyed. Everyone of the fighters were scared out of their wits. Goku then suggested that they head to the junior tournament.  Vegeta agreed. On the way, they meet up with Gohan and Videl. Krillin couldn’t help but crack jokes about those two. When they left Gohan told Videl who has dad was and how he got to the tournament. After hearing that, Videl said that she needed to lie down.

At the tournament the announcer was revving up the audience. He showed what the winner and runner-up would get as their prizes and he gave the winner an extra bonus, as they get to face Mr. Satan in an exhibition match. Mr. Satan then entered the stadium with a grand over-exaggerated entrance. In his grand finale he slipped and fell on the ring and he seemed in considerable pain. After rolling in pain for awhile, he regained composure to announce that he was just joking.

After that, a TV blimp entered the stadium, the announcer stated that this video had the coverage of the Cell Games that no one has seen before. The video was really a cheap imitation of what happened since they had really bad VAs and cheap figures instead of actual people. Also, the ending was all wrong as they showed Mr. Satan defeating Cell. Vegeta and Piccolo were quite upset at how goofy they looked like on TV.  After the video, Mr. Satan was nowhere to be seen, as he was embarrassed after he saw how bad his figure looked.

Meanwhile, in the junior tournament waiting room, Goten and Trunks were trying to decide what they’d do with the money if they won. Then a few teenagers surrounded Goten and Trunks. Their leader was to be fighting Trunks in the first round and he wanted to scare him so he punched Trunks and stopped an inch from Trunks’ hair. Trunks then gave the leader, Idasa an insult.

Next, the fighting began and it was pretty amateur (considering that in one battle, one fighter hid behind the announcer). Finally, it’s was Trunks’ turn.  He was facing off against Idasa. After exchanging a few words, Trunks attacked with a slide kick and then he kicked him in the air. Idasa landed in ring but he was out cold. With the first round underway, who will win the junior tournament championships? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.



Before the beginning of the Junior Division ZTV shows what they claim to be a reenactment of the cell games which is completely in accurate but funny nonetheless.  The Junior Division starts and it seems like it is going to be a very boring tournament. That is until 8 year old trunks knocks out a 15 year old kid with one punch!  Other battles that are pretty stupid happen also. - Brandon Pearson


  Series: DBZ

Language: English

Title: The World Tournament

By: Trunk's future girl

K the episode starts with ahead of vegeta, all the z fighters punch with little effort, tryin 2 conceal their power. but vegeta, told every1 2 move out of the way (what a thoughtful guy!) and punched the machine into oblivion. goku groans. then while they r waiting, goku tell vegeta that trunks and goten r fighting in the main arena and asks if he want 2 go, vegeta says "better than this lame sideshow" and goes with him, meanwhile, they meet videl and gohan and krillin teases gohan bout videl. Meanwhile, trunks and goten are talkin bout what there going 2 buy with the $$ they win. trunks says " what r u going 2 buy with the $$?" goten says " i dono, probably toysi guess." then he laughs. trunks says " ur such a kid" or something like that. (my trunks all grown up) then goten asks " what bout u?" trunks thinks and then says " i dono. i might buy u a better haircut." (i LIKE his hair!) then theirs this guy with 2 other guys b-side him. and the guy in the middle (Idasa) says that he's going 2 beat all these shrimps. one of the guyz asks who he's fighting first. he says that he's going 2 fight trunks first. he goes up 2 trunks and says. "hey kid, i'm going 2 fight u." and makes fun of him. trunks says "u had best walk away." then idasa throws a fake punch and stops a cm from his face. idasa said "don't u flinch?" and trunks says "not from weaklings" (BURN!!!!!) and idasa gets mad. the tournament's underway...its rilly lame. then idasa and trunks r starting 2 fight. idasa say a bunch of crap and trunks says "u'll feel it soon enuf, big mouth" then he does a slide kick, and then kicks him up in the air, knocking him uncouncious. o, and btw idasa's fat mom is in shock when trunks beats him, as she said that "i wish they would pair my idasa up with some1 bigger. that boy isn't going 2 even warm my boy up." and she happened 2 b sitting rite bside bulma! so bulma said a few hot words and gloated when trunks pulverised idasa. when trunks is walking out of the ring, he says "oops, mayb i shouldn't have hit him so hard. o well, at least he'll stay quiet." and then goten goes and congratualates him and that's the end of that.


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