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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 194 - Camera Shy

Samir Bashir
Eps 194
Camera Shy

The episode begins with many fighters showing off their skills. Videl then met up with Sharpner and she ignored him when she saw Gohan.
         Meanwhile, Goku saw Android 18 for the first time and he was terrified. Krillin then explained that they were married now. Goku was now surprised by two things; 1: that Krillin is living in the same house as her and 2: that Androids have babies. Videl then
caught up with Gohan and she showed him how fast she can fly.
         They land and Sharpner comes on the scene. Gohan then begins to leave but Sharpner held onto his cape. Videl them took that opportunity to make Sharpner jealous by going to the stadium with her hand on Gohan’s. Sharpner was now furious and decided to find out who was behind the sunglasses of the Great Saiyaman
(Gohan) he then asks a couple of boys to help him and he gave them a water gun.
         Meanwhile, Goku was having some trouble with a reporter when she asked where he was from. He explained that he came from the dead. Piccolo knew Goku should keep his mouth and he destroyed the camera with his eye beam.
         In the locker room, Trunks was still angry about being placed in the junior tournament. Krillin, however was excited to see Mr. Satan lose a match and
his pride.
         Meanwhile, Mr. Satan arrived at the preliminary area to use the punching machine. Since, Mr. Satan won the last tournament he would have a direct-bye to the
tournament. At the same time, one of the boys Sharpner sent out asked Gohan to help him see. When Gohan held him up, the boy took off Gohan’s sunglasses. Sharpner
then flicked a few pics, but he couldn’t see him with the shutter but he knew he had the pics. At the same time, Piccolo was getting tired of Mr. Satan’s publicity and eye-beamed all the cameras, including Sharpner’s.
         Mr. Satan punched and got a score of 137. The other competitors then began their punches and they scored in and around the 80-110 area. One of Sharpner’s boys
sprayed water in Gohan’s face. He then went to wipe it off when Sharpner snapped a few pics. Unfortunately, for Sharpner a large man got up and blocked the view.
Sharpner was enraged! 

Meanwhile, Android 18’s turn had come. She just tapped the punching machine and received a point total of 775! The other Z fighters were able to control their

power as they received almost normal of 200. Next it was Vegeta’s turn. He had enough with the punching machine, so he gave a normal punch. The punching machine broke and smashed into the nearest building. Obviously, Vegeta had advanced, but who will be winner of this fighting event? Find out on the next  Dragonball Z.


     Goku, Piccolo, 18, Krillion, and Vegeta walk into the arena while Gohan and Videl wait to enter the tournament. We find out that the Junior Division fights first. Goku and the others meet up with and old friend. The announcer guy from the Cell Games! He knows Hercule didn’t beat cell and thinks Goku did it. Krillion tells Goku about him and 18 getting married and having a kid. Goku asks how an android can have a kid with a human. Krillion tells us that she was once a real human but was converted by Dr. Gero
      ~Brandon Pearson

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