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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 192 - Take Flight Videl


  Gohan is now going to teach Goten and Videl how to fly. Gohan explains to Videl about using energy from your body. Of course, Videl doesn't know what is this energy. Goten showed her by shooting a ki blast and blow up some rocks. Videl was shocked. Gohan asked Videl what do u call it. Videl said, "It was a trick." (her father also said that during the cell games) Gohan showed her how to create it first. Then, Videl tried, she was all tense up and Gohan said she can't do it like that. Then, Videl starts to cry.
Then Goten, Gohan, Videl, And Chi-Chi had a little lunch. Videl eat some of the food and said that she could give this food to her cook. Now this when Chi-Chi was suprised and start to ask questions. She ask if she is in the resturant business. Videl said, that she have a cook at home. Chi-Chi asked how many rooms does videl have in her house. Videl said, "About 50." "50!?", Chi-Chi said. Then Chi-Chi asked Gohan that is he going to marry her. And then Gohan spits out rice at Goten cause, u know why. Goten asked Chi-Chi, "So this mean Videl will be my new sister?" "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT U GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT!?,Gohan said

After their lunch, Videl has a 2nd try to create an energy. Then she did it. Back at other world Goku was training. South Ki talk to King Ki about his own fighter and saids that he is better than Goku. King Ki said that Goku is going to Earth to go to the world tournment. South Ki said his fighter will be there. South Ki said that Goku he is not strong. King Ki said to put on 8 more tons. Goku said that is impossible. South Ki laughed and said King Ki is showing off is STUIPD, CORNY joke. King Ki said to turn into a super sayian. Goku said that will be a lot easier. Then south ki gave goku 8 tons and then Goku was losing it. Until he turn into a super sayian. And he put a out some hot moves and skills. South Ki was amazed. King Ki said that the tournment is going be hold in 28 earth days and can't wait for south ki's fighter to be there. South Ki said that his fighter will not be their cause it will waste his time and said that it will be boring. South Ki walks way with is fighter. King Ki was laughing and did the victory sign.

Back on Earth Goten and Videl now tries to fly. Goten tried flying by jumpin up and down and hopping. Videl tries to use her energy and all tense up. Gohan told them to use their energy. Goten started to float he is now flying. Videl was shocked. Goten flied around and was happy. Gohan was happy 2 to see his brother flyin. Videl was angry and sad cause Gohan forgot about her. Goten started to fall and Videl yelled at Gohan. Gohan told her the same thing that he told Goten. She also started to float. Gohan was happy and Videl said that she is still focusing on her energy. Then she landed. And said that she wants to learn more about flying. Gohan said to Videl to cut her hair short. Videl began to blush and thinks that Gohan likes short haired girls. Gohan said that it will be easier in flying and fighting. Videl gets REALLY PISSED OFF and flies away. Goten ask why she angry. Gohan said that HE DOESN'T KNOW.

At Capsule Corp. Vegita is training with trunks. Trunks said that Goten called him and said that he is going to be in the tournament. Trunks also he wants to be there too. Vegita said "what are u going to do" The answer was turin into a super sayian. Trunks turn into a super sayian and got Vegita amazed. Vegita said "Trunks, if u can punch me in the face we will go to the park". Trunks was excited. Trunks was on the attack and punches Vegita. Then, Vegita punches Trunks in the face. And starts to cry. Vegita is going to bring Trunks to the park and he aske his son who's stronger Trunks or Goten. Trunks said he is cause he is born earlier and Goten dosen't know how to fly.

Back at Gohan's place, the two boys are running to train for the tournment. Until an aircraft flew down on them and landed. A girl came out. Goten wonder who she is. It was Videl but, her hair was cut short.
"It is time to continue my lesson"~end

Summitted By Joshua Cayabyab



It starts off with ChiChi and Videl finally finishing yelling. Then Gohan, Goten and Videl go off to start flying lessons. Gohan tells Goten to go play for a while , while he teaches

Videl about energy. When he gets done he starts the lessons. At first Goten is hovering and then he finally gets it down. Then Videl starts off, it takes her a while,but she finally gets it down and flies. 

- Corey Maddox


this is a episode summery of videl takes flight. which is an english dub
episode in dragonball z. - Miraitrunks1387

   the episode starts with gohan trying to explain to videl what energy is.
he can't find the words so goten says "it's like this" and shoots a ki blast
to a small bunch of boulders and lows thme up easily and gohan says" yup....
it's like that" videl doesn't hav eany words in her mouth because of the
suprise of goten's power. so gohan wants to know what videl calls it if it
isn't called energy where she is from. so she says it's a trick but gohan
says that can't be right since we're not trying to trick anyone it's all
real! so he tells goten to go play somewhere else while he teaches videl how
to use her energy. he puts his hands in the shape of a ball with some space
in between so she could see. he says that you have to listen to center of
your body and you should keep doing that until you feel a pull in your energy
then you just bring it out by forming it into a shape. like a ball. 

videl tries but fails and get's really mad. so then you see videl goten chi chi and
gohan eating lunch. then videl starts talking about her house and how big it
is and how rich she is because chic chi wanted to know about how many rooms
she had in her house. so videl says 50 and chi chi get 's happy and asks
gohan if he is going to marry her?  then goten asks gohan if videl is going
to be his new sister? then gohan get's mad because he's embarressed and videl
is in wonder. then you see videl trying to use her energy and then succeeds!
then gohan tells her she now needs to learn to how to control it. so she
get's mad  because gohan didn't tell her that earlier. then gohan wants goten
and videl to see if they fly and goten succeeds and starts to do very well.
then videl get's very mad and jealous.  then gohan helps her float a little
bit. and she get's very tired since she barely knows how to use energy so she
get's very weak after usong it a lot. so she says she gonna come back later
to find out more about flying and gohan suggests she should cut her hair
since it might get in her way. while videl thinks he saying that just to make
her look prettier but then she gets mad.then you see vegeta and trunks
training in their gravity room. vegeta is in super saiyan form and trunks can
barley stand up. so vegeta says"150 times gravity is a man's training you
clearly are still a boy." and trunks says" goten called me yesterday and said
he was going to enter the tournament. so i want to enter too" vegeta says"so
what are you going to do about it? trunks says"I guess i'll go
and vegeta looks at trunks then trunks yells otu yeah!!! and transforms! and
vegeta is in wonder. and asks a bunch of questions. like can the youngest son
of kakarot turn into a ssj too? and trunks says yup. so vegeta asks trunks to
try to hit him in the face. but trunks knows he can't so vegeta says "if you
can land a puch in my face then i'll take you to the park for an hour!"
so trunks says alright! and powers up and is so close to hitting him then
hits him and vegeta get's amd and hits him back hard then vegeta realizes
that he just hit his son! and trunks says in a teary eyed voice"
you...didn't.. say you were going to hit back!"
vegeta says" well i didn't say i wasn't did i trunks?" trunks says"no but!"
vegeta says dry your tears we're going to the park NOW! and then says but
before we leave he asks" out  of you and kakarot's kid who is the strongest?
trunks says i am a bit stronger since i'm older and he doesn't know how to
fly yet.
so then vegeta thins in his head"only a bit ehh? well we'll see about that"
then gohan  and goten are aboutto train for real but then videl comes back
with her hair cut! then they continue their flying lessons. videl can now fly
above trees but can't fly fast. so gohan keeps training her and then the
announcer says 10 days later videl's lessons have payed off . gohan then
thinks that videl is something really special since she's master flying in
only 10 days! so then she goes home flying. then u see goku training in the
other world. with 2 tons on each weight, one weight on each wrist and one on
each ankle. then south kai tells north kia
(king kai) that he has a new fighter and he starts to brag about him so king
kai says that goku should put on heavier weights.
goku says"how many more tons?"  lets say ten tons each on each weight king
kai says and south kai is going crazy that there is no way goku can handle
that, goku says"king kai i won' be able to move! so south kai makes fun of
king kai since it was just a little bluff so king kai tells goku to just turn
into a super saiyan .
goku then says"well that just maked it TOO easy! and south kai is going
crazy!!! and king kai tells south to change his weights and then goku goess
super saiyan and trains very hard. then you see goten and gohan fighting.
goten then turns super saiyan and starts to fight harder at gohan who isn't
transformed yet. after a while he transforms and beats up goten and tells him
that he is stronger since he has been fighting since his dad had been alive.
then goten asks questions about goku. then the episode is over.


From: Samir Bashir 

The episode begins with Gohan introducing Goten and
Videl to flying school. He then tried to explain how
to fly and what energy was to Videl but she didn’t
understand what he was saying. Then Goten gave her a
visual demonstration by launching a blast.
         Gohan then told Goten to play for awhile until he
taught Videl how to use energy. Goten thought it was a
waste of time, but he agreed to leave. Gohan then
showed how her to bring out energy, by using deep
concentration. Videl then tried it but her muscles
were too stressed and she was unable to pull it off.
         Next it was time for a lunch break, in which Chi-Chi
found out that Videl had her own chef and her house
had 50 rooms. Chi-Chi was pleased though, as she
thought that Gohan was planning to marry Videl. Gohan
then spit out his food in terrified shock and
         After lunch Gohan told Videl to try to use her
energy. This time she was able to pull through and use
energy. After that, Videl wanted to fly but Gohan
explained to her that she needed to learn how to
control energy first.
         Meanwhile in another dimension, Goku was training for
the upcoming tournament, under King Kai’s supervision.
South Kai then arrived and showed off his new pupil,
whose name was Papoy. King Kai then told the two about
the upcoming tournament and asked if they wanted to
come. Papoy agreed. King Kai then told Goku to go at
8x times the weights he had at the present moment.
Goku said he wouldn’t be able to move, but King Kai
told him to become a Super Saiyan and he agreed. South
Kai did the honours and Goku wasn’t able to move so he
turned SSJ and went back to his training. South Kai
then told King Kai that Papoy had dinner plans and
will not be able to make it for the tournament.
         Meanwhile, Gohan gave Goten and Videl their first
flying lessons. Goten thought hopping and flying were
the same thing, but Gohan told him to use his energy.
He did and he was able to fly, but he soon fell. It
was Videl’s turn next and she was able to float in the
air. Gohan said he was impressed by how quickly she
learned. Videl then pointed to Goten who was flying at
hyper speed. Videl then said she would be back
tomorrow. Gohan then told her that she should cut her
hair since it will prove to be a disadvantage for her.
For some reason, Videl got mad and left in a puff.
         In Capsule Corp, Vegeta and Trunks were training for
the tournament. Trunks was having difficulty at 150x
normal gravity so Vegeta suggested he rest for awhile.
But Trunks went Super Saiyan instead. Vegeta was
shocked and confused! Then Vegeta made a deal with
Trunks. If Trunks is able to punch him then he will
take him to the park. Trunks then tried to punch over
and over but missed. Then he got him, but Vegeta
punched him back. Trunks started to cry but Vegeta
told him to stop since they were going to the park.
         Back at the training grounds, Gohan and Goten were
training until Videl arrived (now with her hair cut).
The tournament is only 27 days away and all the Z
fighters are training to their all, but who will win?
Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


Hello I am Kamikaze12 and this is my episode summary for Episode 192 English Dubbed Version, Take Flight Videl.
      This episode starts off with Gohan telling Videl about energy in her body, and she gets mad and says "who are you to talk about my body?"  Gohan keeps trying to explain, saying there's never going to be an easy way to say it, "it's like this" said goten and blew up a bunch of rocks.  "um yeah it's like that, now what do you call it if it's not energy?"  Videl thought for a moment, "it's a trick." (Hercule said the same thing in the Cell games) Gohan says it will take a while and for goten to go and play.  Then gohan shows how to bring it out"feel the enrgy in the center of your body until you feel a pull, then just bring it out." Gohan brings out a yellow ball of energy.  gohan tells videl to try, she can't do it, and begins to cry.  then chichi, gohan, goten and videl are eating lunch videl says it's good and has to give the recipe to her cook.  chichi asks her how many rooms are in her house Videl thinks and says about 50.  "50
      Meanwhile South kai brings his newest student, Papoy, fresh from the world of the living.  Goku is training and S. Kai asks how much wait he puts on.  King Kai tells him two tons each and tells goku to put on 8 tons more fore each limb.  Goku says that he can't but king kai tells him to turn into a super saiyan and goku says that would make it to easy. south kai changes his weights, 40 tons in all.  Goku soes S.S. and starts doing really cool moves.
      Goten is trying to catch a lizard and can't and says, "come back you little villain!"  Meanwhile Videl tries again to bring out her energy and does it.  So Goten is hopping and Gohan tells him flying and hopping are different.  So then Goten starts to fly "look at me gohan I'm a little birdie!"  he keeps going and videl looks angry.  Gohan tells him to come down but he doesn't want to, but then he falls on his head.  Gohan asks him if he's okay, but Videl calls him back over.   She finally gets it gohan tells her she's doing good.  she loses concentration and falls.  she looks mad and gohan says nobody gets it their first day and then she looks over at goten, who is flying around in circles chanting,"birdie,birdie, goten is a birdie!"  THen Videl is leaving and gohan tells her she  should cut her hair.  Then Videl blushes and says "why like short hair on girls?"  gohan tells her it's so it w
      Vegeta and Trunks are training in the gravity room.  Vegeta tells Trunks to rest saying 150g is a man's level and Trunks is clearly only a child.  "Goten called me last night.  He's competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament, I want to compete,too."  "So what are you going to do about it?" he asks.  "Well I suppose I could go, super."  Vegeta thinks it's nonsense and then Trunks goes S.S.  Vegeta asks when the legendary form of the Saiyan was  reduced to a childs play thing.  Vegeta says if Trunks can land a hit on his face he'll take him to the park for an hour.  Trunks hits him, and stops but then Vegeta hits him back, leaves a huge red mark on his face, and he flys across the room, and Vegeta realizes he just did something terrible.  Trunks is about to cry, but Vegeta says" dry your tears we're going to the park now!"  Trunks is happy.  "But who is stronger, you or Kakkarot's youngest son?"  "
Only a bit huh?  Not for long.
      Gohan and Goten are running along and Videl nearly lands on them.  Goten, unaware people can cut their hair, asks who the new girl is.  The now short- haired Videl says it's time to continue her lessons.  


It starts off with Gohan telling Videl and Goten that to fly, they must put their energy underneath them.  "A toddler could do it," says Gohan (evil glance from Videl).  Videl doesn't even know what power/energy is.  "It's like a power you can feel in your body," says Gohan.  "Who are you to talk about my body," says Videl.  Goten starts giggling.  Goten tells her that this is energy (issues a blast into a nearby rock).  Videl stares at where the rock used to be.  She thinks this whole energy thing is a trick.  Gohan says it's not, and she gets mad and says she's never seen it before.  Gohan tells her that she just has to find her energy.  He asks Goten to go away for a while.  He shows Videl how to gather her energy in her hands.  She tries, but is too tense and it doesn't work.  Next scene, they're eating lunch.  Chichi is like "I'm glad you're making some lady friends.  You know, it's never too late to settle down,"  Gohan is like "Mom!"  Videl loves the food and says she should give the recipe to their cook.  Chichi thinks she means the cook at a restaurant.  Videl says it's their house cook.  Chichi is like "how many rooms do you have in your house?"  Videl says about 50.  "50?! that's like a small village!" says Chichi.  (all this time, Goten is pigging out).  Chichi then says to Gohan "And you're planning to marry this girl?!"  Gohan spits rice across the table on his little brother.  Goten's like "Is Videl gonna be my new sister?"  Gohan yells "I have no idea what you guys are talking about!" ^_~  Later: Videl is trying again to make the energy ball like Gohan.  This time, it works!  She's like "so I can fly now?"  Gohan tells her she has to learn to control the energy first.  She yells at him to start teaching it to her.  Next scene is Goku training with King Kai with big weights on his wrists and ankles.  South Kai comes up, and starts bragging that he has an entrant in the World tournament.  S. Kai asks K. Kai how much weight is in each weight.  "Oh nothing, just two tons each," replies K. Kai.  "Two tons?" says S. Kai.  K. Kai says there's another tournament on earth.  S Kai says his guy will be in it.  K. Kai asks Goku if he'll put some more weight on it.  "How much?" says Goku.  "How about 8 more tons each," says Kai.  S. Kai says that 10 tons apiece will be too much.  Goku agrees.  "Just turn Super Saiyan," says Kai.  "That'll almost make it too easy," says Goku.  S. Kai is just like what?!  K. Kai asks S. Kai if he'll change Goku's weights.  "You realize that'll be 40 tons in all," says S. Kai.  "Mm-hmm," says Goku.  S. Kai changes them.  At first they're really heavy on Goku, but then he turns Super Saiyan, and swings them around like they weighed 2 tons. x_x  S. Kai "just remembered" that his guy had a dinner date, and walks away.  WE come back to Gohan explaining to Videl and Goten to try to fly.  Goten is hopping around trying to fly.  " Goten, there's a difference between flying and hopping," says Gohan.  Goten stops jumping around.  "Use your energy," says Gohan.  Goten gathers energy fast and is able to actually cover some ground while flying.  Gohan warns him not to go too high.  Goten doesn't listen, and falls to the ground when his concentration breaks.  Gohan runs over to him.  Videl yells at Gohan for ignoring her.  Gohan runs back over, and says it's getting a little late and maybe she should call her dad so he knows where she is.  She won't move an inch unless it's through the air.  Gohan begins to explain to her how to fly.  She begins to hover a few feet off the ground!  Gohan accidentally breaks her concentration, and she comes back down.  He says that no one learns to fly on their first day.  She looks at Goten flying around easily.  "Is that true?" she says. Gohan explains that Goten has been around martial arts a lot, and uses his energy all the time. -_-  She says she'll be back tomorrow.  Gohan asks her if maybe she should get her hair cut short.  Videl asks if he likes girls with short hair better.  Gohan says no, he thinks I might get in her face when she's fighting.  She gets really mad and gets in her plane and leaves.  Next scene: Vegeta and Trunks are training at Capsule Corp. at 150x gravity. Vegeta asks Trunks if he should leave, if the gravity is too much for him.  Trunks says "No, I'll just go Super."  He turns Super Saiyan, and Vegeta is shocked.  Trunks starts running around like the gravity was normal.  Vegeta asks Trunks if Goten can also become a Super Saiyan.  Trunks says yes.  Vegeta tells Trunks that if he can punch him in the face he'll take him to the park for 1 hour.  Trunks gets excited and starts trying to punch his dad.  Vegeta ends up punching Trunks instead.  Vegeta says he'll take him to the park anyway.  Vegeta has one more question.  He asks if Trunks or Goten is stronger.  Trunks says he is because he's older, but only a little bit.  Next scene: Gohan and Goten are training when Videl comes back.  She gets out of the plane to reveal she got a pixie cut (really short) @_@.  (episode ends).



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