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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 190 - I'll fight too!

DBZ(English/dubbed) Episode #190(English)

    The episode starts off with a plane crashing to the ground and everyone is freaking out, when all of a sudden the Great Saiyaman shows up and holds up the plane. Afterwards, the tv people are interviewing the Great Saiyaman and ask him to tell them a little about himself.  So he jumps up on a plane and does his little rap theme and everyone thinks he is weird. He then nmakes his way over to Capsule Corp. where he tells Bulma about how Videl found out his secret and that if he doesn’t enter the World tournament, then Videl will tell everyone his secret. So Bulma decides to give a du rag type thing to put over his head along with some sunglasses. Gohan asks Trunks what he thinks and Trunks says it looks great(not to make to Gohan upset)

Meanwhile Vegeta walks in and tells gohan he will beat him in the tournament when suddenly a voice appears out of nowhere. IT’S GOKU!!!! Goku tells Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan and Trunks that he will be competing in the tournament as well. Vegeta says that he will beat him and Goku says that miracles happen. While flying over to Roshi’s he comes across a movie set where he sees a bunch of people shooting at a girl in a car. He stops the people and is yelled at for interrupting the scene.

So gohan is invited to the next scene, but flies off after realizing what time it is. So he heads for Roshi’s and tells Krillin and #18 about  the prize money. Next, he heads over to Kami’s place or Dende’s place, and tells Piccolo and Popo about it. Piccolo makes a snide comment about Gohan’s outift and Gohan comes to a conclusion that he is jealous. Gohan and Goten go to bed that night and get up bright and early the next morning to train. If i missed anything I’m very sorry.

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