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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 188 - Rescue Videl

Dragonball Z english dubbed episode # 188 Rescue Videl. 
BY Jordi____________________

Something very bad happens to the mayor of Hercule city. The Red Shark Gang    kidnaps him and say that they want to fight the legendary Hercule. But the Gang doesn’t get what they want. They don’t get to fight Hercule , they have to fight his daughter Videl instead! Gohan knows that Videl can’t win against the gang but if he tries to leave the school everyone will know that he is the great superhero the “Great Saiyaman”. Will Gohan be able to help Videl or is her death in the near future? See this amazing episode to find the answer.

P.S. I just didn’t want this to be a spoiler i just want people to know what the episode is about - bye thanks


  This is a review of the U.S version of the Dragon Ball Z episode 188.Rescue Videl ,on the Funimation video by Trovtwo.                       

                   Ok so it starts out with Gohan flying to school as the Great Saiyaman and runs into Videl on the way.She starts to chase him in her helicopter determined to find out who she really is.They chase for a while and then stop when on ground,she asks Saiyaman who he really is,and gets another "I am the Great Saiyaman" declarations.By relocating Videl's helicopter to a roof Gohan escapes her,leaving Videl grounded while he takes of.   

When she arrives to school she is pardoned for bieng a crime-fighter when arriving late.School is normal until The Red Shark gang arrives.They kidnapped the Mayor and want Mr. Satan to come fight them knowing he's a phoney.While this is happining he is hiding like the coward he is,refusing to fight.So while Videl is exused from shool to fight the Red Shark gang,Gohan has to wait until an earthquake hits to sneak out and fight.He transforms into Saiyaman and takes out the Red Shark gang,while Videl takes care of thier leader.The day is saved and Videl thanks Saiyaman for his help,though she vows to unmask him someday.-Trovtwo

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