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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 187 - Gohan's First Date

Todays episode is no.187 Gohan's First Date an new English episode I just bought it on video and my website is - here is the story:
Gohan is flying with his costume to high school. then when he lands he takes of his saiyaman clothes and then he see a red hair girl on the roof and thinks she saw him transform back to gohan.  He goes back to class and the teacher is telling gohan to answer some thing and gohan is day dreaming. He is saying to him self "I was so stupid to to turn back to gohan!" Then the teacher sent him out for day dreaming to hold  2 water buckets. Now when the teacher was telling the red head to answer the same question, she drew a love picture of gohan 

the teacher sent her out for paying attention. then the girl told gohan that she knows gohan's secret. she said "if you don't go on a date with me, I will tell everyone the secret. gohan agreed. later, when gohan went home, and asked chi chi if he could go on a date and she let him and told gohan when she forced goku to a date. Chi Chi starts dreaming of the past, when Goku started fighting with chi chi, 

Later, on the date, Gohan & the red hed went to  a movie. gohan was getting bored and fell asleep. the girl became mad  and started to go but gohan said sorry to her so then the date continued and next they went to a coffee shop

While walking, they saw a building on fire.  Videl came to stop the fire.  She saw a water tank on the roof. she wanted to open it, to released the water to stop the fire. Then gohan went and turned to the great saiyaman, and saved Videl from being crushed.  Then he opened the water tank, and the fire was gone while videl was talking to the reporters she saw gohan going  somewhere 

then she stopped gohan and was telling gohan something. Then gohan's date sees gohan with videl thinkking gohan is trying to get a date with videl then she tells the secret to videl that 2 days ago she say gohan in the locker room and saw his teddy bear underwear and thats the secret then gohan said what about when we were on the roof she said she didn't have he lenses on  then she domped gohan the next day she was telling everyone gohans secret the end of story I liked that one thanks if you read it


This is my review for the dubbed version of Dragonball Z, episode number 187., entitled "Gohan's first date". This is my first review, so please be nice. Here it goes.
Well, it is Gohan's 1st week, of school. He is in the new suit that Bulma made him. He lands on the roof of the school and changes. It is AFTER he changes the he spots one of his class mates on the roof. later in the hall, while they are in trouble and standing in the hall, she tells him that she knows his secret and will tell everyone if he doesn't go on a date with her. In the middle of their date, his date notices that a building is on fire. They go to check it out and he says that he needs to help. She says "be careful, I don't want you to get hurt." he says "i'll be careful." He runs off to hide from the spectators and change. Meanwhile, Videl is on the roof and says that there is enough water in the water tower to put out the flames. While she is trying to turn the stuck valve to let loose the water, the water tower falls and is about to land on her. Gohan catches it and she tells him that there is enough water in the tower to put out the fire. He punches a hole in it and leaves. We go back to the
Thanx, that was it.
Steven Essex


the episode starts out with gohan in his saiyaman (I'm not sure if that's spelled right.)costume,and going to school. he lands on the roof(I don't know since I only saw the last four fifths of the episode.)and changes back to gohan. when he gets to class he starts muttering to himself about how stupid he was to change.then the teacher asks him a question but he doesn't hear it.then the teacher tells him to go in to the hall and makes him hold two buckets full of water.

then he asks the red-head named angela the same question but she's drawing a love picture of gohan so she doesn't hear she gets sent into the hall too and she's all happy so she asks gohan if he's got a girlfriend and he says no so she asks him to go on a date with her.and he says ,"I don't know about that.". then she threatens to tell everybody his secret if he doesn't he says okay and then school's out and he goes home.then he eats and asks his mom if he can go on a date.then she starts talking about her first date with goku and how they fought all day.the next day gohan goes on the date and angela wants to go to a movie so they go to a movie and angela is crying but gohan is sleeping and then they start fighting and gohan tells her that movies like that make him sleepy and angela says okay so they go to a coffee shop and angela has ten cups of sugar in her coffee.

after they leave they see a building that caught on fire and gohan runs off.videl is in her flying vehicle and she jumps out and tries to release the big water tank on top of the building but the floor breaks and the great saiyaman saves her.then he punches a hole through the tank and lets all the water out.the water puts the fire out. after the fire is out videl is talking to the reporters and stops gohan from getting away.angela comes and finds gohan with videl and thinks he was trying to get videl to go on a date with him so she asks videl if she wants to know a secret about gohan.

videl says sure and gohan tries to interrupt but she tells videl that gohan wears teddy bear underwear and she says that she saw him in the locker room when his pants were down. and thengohan asks her about when he was on the roof. she says that she didn't have her contacts in and asks him if his pants were down videl says ,"okay. and gohan...don't drop your pants." after that angela dumps him and starts telling his secret to everybody.

that was my episode review so e-mail me at


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