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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 185 - Gohan Goes to High School

Gohan Goes To High School- Episode 185
Samir Bashir

The episode starts off with some crooks robbing a bank. After getting all their money they escape.  Meanwhile, Gohan is late for school so he decides to go turbo-speed. On the way, Gohan passes the bank.  Seeing what was going on, he thought he’d help. So that no one would recognize him, he turned SS2 and began knocking out some crooks. After finishing the job, Gohan slipped away from the scene but not without bumping into a curious girl named Videl, who wanted to know what had gone as it did not look like police work. Gohan said he must have missed and left, while an old man who witnessed Gohan in SS2, told Videl of the gold fighter (SS2 Gohan) who had stopped the robbers.

At the Orange Star High School, Gohan was introduced to the class. Videl was in the class as him and began thinking of how he looked familiar. Erasa then told Gohan that Videl was Hercule Satan’s son. Gohan was quite surprised. Videl then pointed out that Gohan wore the same clothing as the gold fighter. Gohan chuckled and said it was funny that they dressed alike.

Next it was gym class and time for baseball. Gohan did not want to show his powers, but did so without knowing as he jumped 25 feet in the air to catch a ball and threw it to third base so hard that the ball sizzled in the third baseman’s glove. When it was time for Gohan to bat, the pitcher threw the baseball at Gohan’s face. Gohan was unaffected and then jogged to first base as he had a walk. Everyone was bewildered!

School was now over and Gohan was heading home but not without Videl following him down the streets of Satan City. Gohan easily escaped her viewing rage and headed home. Now Gohan had to find a way to use his powers and not be seen by his classmates. He then headed straight to Bulma’s, as he knew she could help.  What will happen next? Find out on the Dragonball Z.


DBZ English Dub- Episode 185: "Gohan Goes to High School"
My Rating: 8 out of 10 (which is good for a dub!)
This episode starts out with 18 (16 on Earth) year old Gohan going to
school. We then see an aging Chi-Chi who gives Gohan his lunch. He flies
to Hercule City (?) on Nimbus Cloud and sees a bunch of robbers shooting
at cops. Seeing that no one would recognize him as a Super Sayian
(ouch), he transforms and beats them swiftly. However, Videl notices
this and sees the Orange High School Star on his vest.
When Gohan arrives at school, he is already made fun of because of his
perfect test scores. All the girls think he is cute, though. (Here's the
part I hate) All the teachers have GAY ACCENTS. They talk like they are
from Germany or Something. Next is Baseball in Gym Class. When a fly
ball goes over to Gohan, he flies up accidently and catches it.
"Beginners Luck"! Then, a jock throws a 90 mph pitch at Gohan's head,
which didn't even faze him. Meanwhile, Videl still thinks that he is the
"Golden Haired Warrior." After school, Gohan flies over to Bulma's,
because she has an answer.
This was okay, but the dubbing could have been better.


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