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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 184 - Goku vs. Pikkon

Episode : Goku vs. Pikkon

Everyone is stunned by Goku's Super Saiyan power, especially Pikkon. The
three Kais are confused, so King Kai explains it to them. Goku suddenly fires
a Kamehameha, but Pikkon dodges it. Goku senses Pikkon and fires a series of
blasts at him, but none of them hit Pikkon. Goku looks for him, but Pikkon
tells Goku to look above him. Pikkon tells Goku he's disappointed and uses
his Hyper Tornado Attack. Goku is caught in the winds and gets cut numerous

Pikkon tells Goku to give up, but Goku powers up and breaks up the tornado.
Goku uses the Super Kaio Ken (Kaio Ken while Super Saiyan) and hits Pikkon
hard, sending him crashing into a meteor. He tries to fire a Kamehameha, but
Pikkon crashes into him. Pikkon charges towards Goku. Goku fires a blast at
him, and there's a struggle. Pikkon stops charging and lands on the ground.
Everyone is stunned by these powerful fighters.

Pikkon can't believe Goku's strength. Goku tells Pikkon that it's because
he's powerful; a tough opponent brings out the best in him. Pikkon suddenly
powers up and uses the Thunder Flash Attack. Goku is completely defenseless
against Pikkon's assault. He barely manages to get up, when Pikkon suddenly
uses the Thunder Flash Attack again! This time, Goku blocks some of it, but
he's still hurt by the attack. Pikkon flies into the air and fires an energy
blast at Goku, but Goku suddenly teleports into the air, and the two start
fighting. All of the Kais are stunned.

Goku and Pikkon blast each other, and both start spiraling out of control.
The crowd can't see the two of them, but the Grand Kai is watching them. Goku
and Pikkon land on the ceiling and regain their balance. They start fighting
again. Goku fires a Kamehameha, but Pikkon deflects it. Goku realizes he must
catch Pikkon off-guard. Suddenly, Pikkon hits Goku and sends him crashing
into the ground. Pikkon lands and starts to use the Thunder Flash Attack
again. Goku looks for a weak point in the attack. As Pikkon is about to
attack, Goku finds it. Pikkon fires, but Goku teleports behind Pikkon and
fires a Kamehameha at close range. Pikkon is caught off-guard by the attack
and is knocked out of the ring. Goku wins the tournament!

Goku helps Pikkon up and tells him it was a mistake to use the Thunder Flash
Attack a third time. By then, he'd seen the attack enough times to see a weak
point. Pikkon congratulates Goku and walks off. Suddenly, the Grand Kai
announces that Goku and Pikkon are both disqualified. Since both fighters
landed on the ceiling, which is technically the floor, they landed outside
the ring. Goku agrees. The Grand Kai says that he'll give Goku and Pikkon his
private lessons in 200 years. Goku is pleased that he'll get to train with
the Grand Kai and runs off.

Several years later, on Earth, a teenage Gohan gets ready to leave. Chi-Chi
runs out and tells Gohan he forgot his lunch. Gohan tells Chi-Chi goodbye and
flies on Nimbus to high school.. - Mwfillman



Goku vs. Pikkon- Episode 184
Samir Bashir

The episode begins with SS Goku and Pikkon squaring off. Everyone was surprised by Goku’s transformation.  King Kai explained to everyone that Goku had turned into a Super Saiyan and now his strength, speed, and ability have increased sensationally.

Goku launches his Kamehemeha but Pikkon dodged it.  After a few blasts, Pikkon vanished only to appear on a floating meteor. Pikkon then decided to finish the match with his Hyper Tornado Attack. It swallowed up Goku and slashed him several times over. Goku, however, was not about to give up and used his remaining power to calm the blast.

Goku then used Super Kaioken and bashed Pikkon into a meteor. Goku then used Kamehemeha, but Pikkon was able to charge Goku with a punch before he could fire.

Goku launched another blast, but Pikkon charged right through it and he kicked Goku. East Kai then reminded Grand Kai that he would give lessons to whoever won.  Grand Kai was worried now as he was not as strong as the two warriors were.

Pikkon then used his most powerful attack, the Thunder Flash Attack. His power skyrocketed when he used the attack. Goku was able to stay in the ring.  Pikkon then used the attack again, but Goku remained in the ring.

Pikkon then jumped up and fired blasts down towards Goku. Goku dodged the attacks and the two combatants began to duke it out in the air. Goku and Pikkon went up so high that they reached the ceiling of the stadium. Goku used Kamehemeha but Pikkon blocked it.  Pikkon then launched Goku back down into the stadium.  To finish Goku, Pikkon decided to the Thunder Flash Attack again. By now, Goku was able to find a weakness in his attack. Goku used instant transmission to get behind Pikkon and then used Kamehemeha to knock Pikkon out of the ring. Goku was the winner.

Goku then helped Pikkon. The two fighters said their good-byes and Pikkon left. Grand Kai then told everyone that Goku and Pikkon did not win as they both touched the ceiling of the stadium during the battle, which was not allowed. Everyone was awestruck.

Grand Kai offered some consolation by offering a lesson for Goku and Pikkon in 200 years time.

Many years have passed on the planet earth and now Gohan is facing another challenge his first day of high school. What will happen on his first day? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


dragonballz english us dubbed episode 184 goku vs. pikkon

it starts goku as a super saiyan. all of the kais ecept king kai are confused of the powerful transformation.goku starts with the kamehameha, pikkon escapes.goku and pikkon battle in the celing of the tournament.olebu and a wolf man say they lost track where goku and pikkon are. then, goku falls and hits the arena.pikkon does his finisher, thunder flash attack.goku gets hit badly.west kai says that pikkon shouldnt use the thunder flash attack unless it is important.goku and pikkon continue to battle they both touch the celing. back down, pikkon does his finisher attack again.goku finds a weakness in pikkon, he does the kamehameha on the wek point, sanding pikkon out of the arena.goku is declaired the winner[king kai gets west kais planet because of a little bet] but,the grand kai says they are dq'd because of touching the see,if you turn the celing around,it'll be like touching the floor.but, grand kai gives goku and pikkon 200 years to be traned by the grand kai[allowing grand kai enough time - Lisa


                      Goku Vs Pikkon


Last time on Dragonball Z, Pikkon and Goku started their awesome fight. It looked like Goku had the match won when he was pushing Pikkon near the ring’s edge, but Pikkon took control when he kicked Goku off. After a nanosecond break, Pikkon took off his outer robes to reveal that he trained with weighted clothing. Goku decided that if things were going to get rough with Pikkon, he’d better use his special weapon: Super Saiyan.

The three other Kais and the announcer thought something was wrong with Goku, but King Kai of the North explained (with great satisfaction at King Kai of the West’s fear) that Goku merely went Super Saiyan and now has even more strength and speed than before.

Goku and Pikkon, meanwhile, had a bit of a warm-up, which was disappointing for Pikkon because Goku wasn’t being strong enough for him. He decided to finish Goku with his Hyper Tornado attack. Goku was caught in the wind and kept getting horrible cuts. He managed to escape, however, with his trump card against Cell. Super Saiyan Goku became Ultra Super Saiyan and cancelled out the tornado. He used a Super Kaioken and hit Pikkon into the air. Pikkon came down and everything got intense.

Goku clarified that his stronger opponents make him stronger and Pikkon said that he’s going to get stronger. He started making arm movements like Trunks and his Burning Attack and yelled “Thunder”, bashed his fists together, “Flash”, rotated 360 degrees on the spot, “Aaaa-”, and releases a wave of fire. “Tack!” Equalling a Thunder Flash attack, (where there’s no thunder involved, just fire.) Goku couldn’t stand up to the brutal force of the attack, so Pikkon used it again. King Kai of the West started scolding Pikkon for using Thunder Flash because he had told him not to use it unless he was far away. Goku and Pikkon blasted each other and caused each other to swirl around in the spacey arena.

The Grand Kai was watching the two as they hit the ceiling and regained balance. They started fighting in space and Pikkon smacked Goku into the floor after deflecting a Kamehameha and used his Thunder Flash attack. Goku watched Pikkon for a weak moment and saw that when Pikkon turned round, he wasn’t paying attention and couldn’t see him, so he used Instant Translocation and used Kamehameha when Pikkon fired the Thunder Flash. Pikkon flew out of the ring.

Goku tells Pikkon that he shouldn’t have used his move the third time because, by then, he knew when to attack himself. Pikkon wished Goku a happy lesson with Grand Kai who said that’s a problem. He declared that Pikkon and Goku were disqualified within the match for touching the ceiling. But then he said that Goku and Pikkon could have a lesson with him in 200 years or so.

Meanwhile on Earth, Gohan has grown up and is going to high school.

 - Hyper Merlin





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