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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 182 - Water Fight

Episode #182: Water Fight
Matt Trovato

The Other World Tournament adavances to the quarter-finals and the battles
are getting extreme.  Gokou comes up against Arqua, a little blue guy from
the East Quadrent.  He looks like a wimp but soon uses his powers to turn the
ring into water, and starts to destroy Gokou, when he uses a Taiyoken (Solar
Flare) Attack, and blinds him, he then shoots out of the water and fires out
a Kamehameha Wave.  That knocks Aqura out of the ring and Gokkou wins.  Next
is Pikkon vs. Olibu.  WOW!  What a fight this is.  It starts out even.  They
moved fast and canceled out each-others attacks but then Pikkon starts to get
the advantage, and finally knocks Olibu out of the ring.  The episode ends
with Gokou getting excited cause he has to fight Pikkon soon.  End Episode



From: "res04ia5" 

English DBZ Episode #182 Water Fight

Goku starts out pitted against a caterpillar (I forgot his name), but it turns out to be a total fluke! The caterpillar is afraid that Goku will hit him. In fright, the caterpillar turns into a cocoon to protect itself from Goku's attacks. But, it will take 1200 years before it becomes a butterfly, so the Grand Kai disqualifies it. Our hero's next match is against East Kai's Arqua. Arqua looks like a weak little fish. Goku blasts it into space with a Kamehameha. The East Kai sees the fight turn against Arqua, and she yells out "Arqua, use your special power!" Arqua uses his special power, which turns the ring into a whirlpooling pool of water. When Arqua touches the water, it becomes a mean little fishy, constantly attacking Goku, while he struggles to hold his breath. Goku realizes that he'll die if he doesn't get out of the water, so he uses Solar Flare to make the water evaporate. When Arqua is out of the water, he isn't much of anything, so Goku easily knocks him out of the ring. Goku starts to get jumpy about the final round, which will be against Pikkon!


Hi I'm Supersaiyan06 and I'm doing a review on Episode182 Water Fight 

We began with the announcer announce the contenders for the quarterfinals 

South Torme Frog 
East Arqua 
West Mericano, Tapkor, and Pikkon 
North Goku and Olibu, 

First match Torme vs Tapkor Torme is red and white with minature cell 
wings(looks neat) Tapkor is this small catlike man. Tapkor demostrates his 
speed running circles around torme impreesing everyone. Torme fly's toward 
tapkor throwing a punch but tapkor is to fast when tapkor was going for the 
final he stops and gives up cause he's tired. Everybody fall's anime style. 
West make's a excuse about the ring saying it's made for big people. North 
reply's by saying he's a sore loser (he is). 

Next Frog versus Mericano Mericano is a huge dinosaur with big muscles while 
Frog is wearing Greek clothing. Frog goes in for a kick but Mericano just 
punches him away Frog then grow's huge with the announcer making a comment 
that he's giving new thrase this ring isn't big enough for the both of us. 
Just when Frog had the match won Mericano Pick him up with extradanion 
strength and hurl's him to a small planet! Frog land's outside the ring with 
mericano the winner 

Next match Goku versus Arqua. 

Goku prepare's for his match when Arqua a small fish who's always sad come's 
in the ring. Goku runs up to him and kicks hard sending arqua flying. East 
kai turns arqua to use his special ability. Arqua then changes the ring to 
water for his advantage. Arqua starts beating up goku when goku uses a solar 
flare (Taiyoken for your japanese fans) which blinds arqua. Goku jumps out of 
the water and prepares a KameHamaHain and blasts arqua who didn't see it 
coming. The ring returns to normal with everybody including pikkon impreesed. 
Arqua land's out of the ring and goku wins the match. East kai yells at arqua 
saying that he's ruined her reptuation and he will run 1000 laps around Grand 
Kai's place (what a crab). Goku comes up and say's that he's imprees with 
arqua abilities also they could rematch, arqua looks happy for the first time 
until east yells at him again. 

Final match Olibu versus Pikkon. 
Before the match the announcer talks's about how both of them are qualified 
to win the tournament with the grand kai caring for both and telling them to 
give them a good fight. 
This is a good match between to even contenders Olibu sends a homing ki blast 
which pikkon wards off. There a lot of punching and kicking that so strong 
the moons around them explode. Olibu gets a hit and kicks pikkon down to the 
ring. Goku commits about that they ate true martial artist. The crowd and the 
kai's are amased by there power. Suddenly one of the fighters lands out of 
the ring and it olibu. He flys to the wing and admits defeat and shakes his 
hand. Now were all set for the semi finals. I give this episode a 9 out of 10 
cause their was good action and it was funny.   -  Supersaiyin06

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