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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 181 - Tournament Begins

Episode #181: Tournament Begins

On the Grand Kai's Planet, Goku tells King Kai about Pikkon's strength. King
Kai tells him there are warriors that can match Pikkon's strength. As they
finish walking, all of King Kai's students come out to greet King Kai and
Goku. King Kai introduces Goku to a few of them, including Olibu, who is from
Earth like Goku. King Kai tells Goku that everyone must train for 10,000
years to earn a lesson from the Grand Kai!

Suddenly, the other three Kais walk over to King Kai, making fun of him for
being dead. Goku wonders how many Kais there are, so Olibu explains it to
him. After East Kai taunts King Kai some more, West Kai suggests they hold a
tournament to see who has taught their students the best. The Grand Kai likes
the idea of a tournament. Then, Grand Kai walks off, and everyone follows.
Grand Kai shows them the arena, which is actually an area in space.

Goku gets excited about fighting in the tournament, but East Kai questions
Goku's right to participate. She tells Goku she'll approve his participation
if he beats her in a race. King Kai tells Goku to beat her. The race begins.
East Kai is winning at first, but Goku bounces off some meteors and catches
up with her. Suddenly, East Kai goes into hyper speed! Goku starts flying
faster and eventually catches up with her again. They both finish at the same
time. Grand Kai is there waiting for them. He holds up a gold medal for the
winner, but puts it on himself since he got there first.

As the tournament is about to begin, each of the Kais are encouraging their
students. Goku is excited that Pikkon will be fighting in the tournament. The
announcer explains the rules of the tournament to everyone. The crowd starts
to cheer as the first round begins, which has Olibu fighting a short fighter
from East Kai's quadrant. Olibu tries to hit him, but can't touch the little
fighter. When he makes clones of himself, Olibu flies into the air and dodges
all of them, making them crash into each other, knocking them out. Olibu wins
the match!

After some more fighting takes place, it's Goku's turn to battle. His oponent
is Catapee, a fighter from South Kai's quadrant. Catapee tries to hypnotize
Goku, but Goku flies into the air, but Catapee extends two of his arms and
drags Goku into his grip. Catapee starts to tickle Goku. Everyone is stunned
by this method of fighting. Goku is laughing uncontrollably. Suddenly, he
powers up and sends Catapee flying. Goku tells Catapee that he's not very
strong. Angry by Goku's remark, Catapee walks towards him and turns into a
pupa. The announcer says Catapee's going through a stage of metamorphosis. He
asks South Kai how long it will take for Catapee to evolve. The South Kai
estimates...1200 years! No one wants to wait that long for the fight to end,
so Grand Kai announces that Goku wins by default. Goku is happy that he won
his first fight in the tournament.

- Mwfillman

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