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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 180 - Warriors of the Dead

This is a review of episode 180 i saw it on a Funimation video and i decided 
to write a summary.I will use the japanese names because i like them better 
so here it is.this episode starts out that Goku,Bubbles,Gregory,and King kai 
decide to go beyond the place they were in.King kai tells them that they need 
to board a plane so Goku teleports them to king yemma to get permission to 
board the plane.In king yemma's judging place Goku,and King kai get 
permission to board the plane and they leave Bubbles,and Gregory with King 
yemma.Goku,and King kai board the plane and while the plane is bringing them 
to planet of the kaios the duo see a lot of heaven...the sites.

They soon arrive to planet kaio they see 3 kaios and some warriors waiting for the 
master kaio dai kaio for some message.King kai is a kaio and the others are 
east kaio,west kaio,and south kaio they have their warriors and kaios planet 
is declared heaven.after the kaios make fun of king kai for being dead and 
all the goofiness has ended dai kaio comes he starts to dance with the music 
coming from his boombox and then he prepared to tell his order or message. 
Everyone had bowed down at his presence but goku was forced to and now they 
stood up dai kaio explains off trouble in hell(home for infinite losers)(he 
explains but you see a flashback)king yemma had cell in his judging place and 
yemma opened a trap door and cell fell into it arriving in hell(flashback 
ends)in hell cell,and frieza had teamed up and were causing terror.dai kaio 
assigns a green alien called paikuhan to go to hell and face the evil duo but 
goku agrees to join him knowing he cant fight them by himself.Goku,and 
Paikuhan go to hell and see cell,and frieza beating on the ogres(2 goofy 
ogres from episode 8)king cold and the ginyu force are also there then cell 
flings an ogre to the mountain of needles but goku saves the ogre and frieza 
is surprised to see goku so frieza sends burter,jeice,recoome,and guldo out 
to fight goku.Goku fights them and one hit each and they fall into the bloody 
pond but cell attacks at goku and goku is frightened but paikuhan knocks cell 
into the bloody pond now frieza is frightened.

Paikuhan easily beats up frieza,king cold then paikuhan does a spinning attack and cell,the ginyu force get impacted out of the bloody pond and he throws them to the mountain 
of needles.Next frieza,cell,the ginyu force,king cold were beat up in jail 
cell goku,paikuhan return to the kaios and goku explains to king kai of 
paikuhans immense energy he even wants to fight him and king kai just wants 
goku to be wise and then the episode ends. 


Hi, this is my first ep. review and it's for a new ep!!  (YIPPIE!!)  well
anyways, the first 6 episodes of this saga came out on VHS on Tuesday (Jan.
23rd.)  this was the one right after the last aired cell saga episode:

Which series (DB, DBZ, GT, Movie)?  DBZ
English or Japanese subbed/dubbed version? English
Episode Title & Episode # = Warriors of the Dead, #180

Snake Way
Goku and Co. are walking down Snake Way.  King Kai and Goku then start
talking about the Grand Kai.  After a whole bunch of running by Goku, Goku
and Co.  Instant Transmission to King Yama's place.  There a lot of spirits
are trying to qualify to go to the Grand Kai's Planet.  Goku and Co. then get
on the plane and land on the Grand Kai's planet.

Grand Kai's Planet
Goku and King Kai are wlaking over to the Grand Kai's house.  On the way they
meet up with some other warriors who were allowed to keep their bodies just
like Goku was able to.

Grand Kai's House
King Kai and Goku Talk EVEN more.  then King Kai starts "drooling" over Grand
Kai's car.  then West Kai comes out of nowhere with a green dude (later said
as Pikkon/spelled Pikehon in Jap. )  North/King Kai and West Kai begin
arguing and quarreling because of North/King Kai's death.  West begins
cracking up then the arguing REALLY begins.  just as the two kai's where
gonna send their warriors to fight for them, the Grand Kai comes out and
STARTS DANCING!!!  then after the dancing, G. Kai asks Pikkon to go check out
what's happening in HFIL (Home For Infinte Losers) with Cell and Frieza.  
Goku follows just like he normally does.

There, Goz and Mez come out of the bushes.  then (sc) to cell choking some
dude.  just as he was gonna throw him into the spikes, goku gets him.  
everyone is stunned.  the ginyu force, frieza, king cold are all stunned.  
then the ginyu force flies up to attack goku, but goku takes each one of them
out with one hit.  then cell comes right for goku, but out of nowhere pikkon
comes with astounding speed and kicks cell into the water.  he then goes down
and takes out frieza and King cold.  pikkon then flies over the water and
starts a tornado.  the ginyu force and cell all come out and hit the spikes.  
then they all end up and jail.

that's basically it!

Your name, and your website if you have one.

KGBUCU (nothing else will be revealed!)


(Notes: Pikkon)


it's a new dbz saga call the great saiyaman saga in english after cell saga episode 180 and pojo if you don't beleve me check out they have the first to videos there  I bought the both so put this up in the english section of the great saiyaman saga
and my name is sasha my website is

here the episode begins it's called Warriors of the dead

now in  snake way goku,king kai,bubbles and gregory are thing of going to the grand kais planet goku asks king kai how to get there he said they had to ride a plane which is beside king yammas house goku satarts going he come back and uses his teleportation move and teleports king kai gregory and bubbles to king yamma place  and goes to the plane and leave bubbles and gregory  and they finally reach the grand kai's planet  and and when they land a guy say good to see you again king kai and goku say how popilar he is and king said just the people from the north who trained with him then they make it to the grand kai's house for training then king kai see's this blue car he has he goes crazy over it then this guy come and say it's you it's you again and king kai said it's the west kai with his student pikkon  now they go in a fight and then the grand kai come's out off his house with a radio and tells pikkon to go to hell because to defeat cell in the since cell came to hell he has teamed up with freeza and are taking over hell and then  goku and pikkon go to hell and then they see cell beating up the people there then goku comes and freeza sends the ginyu force to kill goku he easily beat the ginyu force and then cell come and then pikkon cames and kicks cell and punches freeza and king cold and throughs them into a moutain of needles and then they through them in jail and then goku is glad that there still there is some one as strong as him and the episode end next time other world tournament.


US dubbed Dragon Ball Z
180. Warriors of the Dead

Bubbles and Gregory are standing on Snake Way. Behind them Goku is pushing King Kai along telling him to hurry up. Goku says that they're making bad time but King Kai says in the Othe World you can't make bad time because time is not a matter. Goku says he just wants to see the guy who is ruler of Other World. King Kai starts shouting at Goku saying that he must address the ruler of Other World by his proper name. The name of the ruler of Other World is Grand Kai. King Kai starts explaining about it. 

The Universe is divided into four quadrants. North, south, east and west, each with it's own Kai. King Kai is actually North Kai and is ruler of the North Quadrant. The Grand Kai is the ruler of all the Kai's. The Grand Kai's planet is a training ground for great fighters whom have been allowed to keep their bodie. Goku gets very excited saying that if there's more fighters than they shouldn't waste any time. Goku starts running off and King Kai starts falling off the edge of Snake Way. Goku runs past Gregory and Bubbles saying bye. King Kai is falling but suddenly remembers that he can fly so he flys back onto Snake Way. Suddenly Goku runs back asking King Kai how to get to the Grand Kai's planet. King Kai said that Goku had to use a plane. So Goku runs off saying bye. Goku then comes back asking where the plane is. King Kai says that it's at King Yama's Castle. It's called the Higher Plane. 

So Goku runs off along snake Way. Goku runs back to King Kai and grabs Bubbles and Gregory. Goku puts his hand on King Kai's head and says that it would be quicker this way. Goku uses the Instant Transmission and gets to King Yama's Castle. King Yama is surprised to see Goku and King Kai. King Yama says that Goku is dead again already. King Yama asks King Kai how he died. King Kai says that it's a long story. Goku says that he needs to use the Higher Plane. King Yama asks Goku if he'd like a cup of tea but Goku just runs toward the doorway to the Higher Plane. suddenly an ogre stops Goku saying that he must wait in line like everyone else. Suddenly the ogre is shocked. He starts touching Goku and looking at Goku. The ogre says that Goku is the first person he's seen who has kept their body. The ogre says that Goku's an inspiration and lets Goku in. King Kai says so long to King Yama and King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory walk throught the doorway. Outside many souls are boarding planes. There is a one-eyed ogre helping souls onto a Higher Plane. Another red ogre shouts at a soul for not being in single file. 

There are many Higher Planes. A female ogre helps some souls onto another Higher Plane. King Kai and Goku get onto a Higher Plane and head for Grand Kai's planet. Gregory and Bubbles wave goodbye to King Kai and Goku.Goku is amazed at all of the Other World. Goku asks where Grand Kai's planet is. King Kai says up ahead. Soon they land on Grand Kai's planet. They gets off and Goku is amazed at seeing all the fighters. A small blue creature and a small red creature spar with each other. A Kanasan practices some fighting moves and a little blue alien is up to doing 4 million one-handed push ups. A person is wiping there face from sweat when he sees King Kai. He says hello to King Kai and another person comes and says hello to King Kai. Goku says tha King Kai must be famous here. King Kai says only with the fighters from the North Quadrent. King Kai tells Goku that that guy is from the North Quadrent and died 2000 years ago. Goku is amazed. 

King Kai and Goku walk and come to Grand Kai's house. It's a huge mansion. Suddenly King Kai sees a blue car and starts running to it. He says that this is the car he wanted and says that he should've known that Grand Kai would have it. Suddenly a voice shout "it's you!!!" to King Kai. King Kai looks around and sees a Kai. It's West Kai. King Kai and West Kai stare angrily at each other. West Kai asks King Kai what he's doing there. West Kai says that King Kai's not going to see Grand Kai because West Kai and Pikkon have been requested by Grand Kai. Pikkon is West Kai's most powerful fighter. Pikkon is a green alien. West Kai looks at King Kai strangly suddenly he falls down laughing saying that King Kai's dead. King Kai says that he was doing something important. Goku says that King Kai helped save Earth from destruction. West Kai asks who Goku is. King Kai says that Goku is a great fighter who has saved his planet many times. west Kai says that surely King Kai isn't suggesting that Goku is stronger than Pikkon. King Kai says that Goku is stronger than Pikkon. West Kai then says that they'll fight. So King Kai tells Goku to fight Pikkon and West Kai tells Pikkon to fight Goku. Suddenly a voice comes. 

West Kai, King Kai and Pikkon bow saying that it's Grand Kai. Goku wonder's where Grand Kai is. King Kai jumps on Goku telling him to bow. Suddenly a blast of energy hits the ground. when the smoke clears and old man with long white hair, a beard and mustache stands. He is wearing jeans and is carrying a stereo. It's the Grand Kai. Grand Kai walks funky style towards West Kai, King Kai, Pikkon and Goku. Grand Kai tells Pikkon that there's some trouble in the HFIL. Goku asks what the HFIL is and King Kai says that it's the Home For Infinite Losers. GRand Kai says that the other day King Yama sent a person named Cell down to the HFIL. Then Cell and another guy called Frieza started causing havok in the HFIL. Pikkon then flys off towards the HFIL. Goku flys with Pikkon. King Kai shouts no but Grand Kai says it's fine to King Kai. Pikkon says that he doesn't need Goku's assistance. Goku says that he's battled Cell and Frieza before. when Goku and Pikkon arrive at the HFIL they find it in a complete wreck. Suddenly out jump two ogres. Goku tells Pikkon that it's okay because it's only Mez and Goz. Goku tells Mez and Goz that he and Pikkon are going to defeat Cell. Meanwhile near the blood lake stands Cell, Frieza, King Cold, Recoome, Gouldo, Jeice and Burter. 

Cell and stomping on an ogre asking him where the exit of the HFIL is. The ogre says that he wont tell so Cell picks up the ogre and throws him into a big hill of giant needles. Suddenly Goku catches the ogre and throws him to Pikkon. Cell is pleased to see Goku. Frieza is surprised to see Goku. Goku tells them that the never change. Frieza tells the Ginyu Force to get Goku. So Recoome, Jeice, Gouldo and Burter fly up towards Goku. Goku punches Jeice, Burter, Recoome and Gouldo all once and they all fall into the blood lake. Cell then flys up to Goku but suddenly Pikkon punches Cell in the face. Then Pikkonh hit's Cell into the blood lake. Goku is amazed at Pikkon. Pikkon flys down to Frieza and ing Cold. Pikkon elbows King Cold in the stomache and punches Frieza in the face. Frieza fall on the ground unconcious and King Cold starts walking forward in pain. Then King Cold fall to the ground. Pikkon flys up and starts spinning. Cell, Burter, Gouldo, Recoome and Jeice fly out of the blood pool and all fall into the hill with giant needles. Later King Cold, Frieza, Cell, Burter, Jeice, Gouldo and Recoome are locked in a dungeon. Cell says that this stinks. King Cold says that they could at least let them have showers. Goz and Mez guard outside. Goz asks if anyone wants to arm wrestle. Cell, King Cold, Frieza, Gouldo, Jeice, Recoome and Burter tell Goz to shut up. Goku tells Pikkon that Pikkon didn't need help. Pikkon says that that's okay. Goku and Pikkong stand triumphantly.

This Summary was by Tony Tasam


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