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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 179 - Free the Future

Episode 179 is called “Free the Future”. It is about Trunks and his return to the future. The first thing Trunks does is that he meets his mother at Capsule Corp. Trunks tells Future Bulma about Cell and the Cell Games and Goku’s sacrifice. Bulma was stunned when Trunks told the part of when Vegeta went berserk over him. Trunks said by and went to see the androids. In another part of town, Androids 17 and 18 (Dr. Gero still had Android 16 in his pod) were wreaking havoc. Android 18 was mad at Android 17 for the guy she thought was cute aka Krillin. She complains that he kills everything beautiful. While the Androids were playing a little bit of “Blast the earthlings”, Trunks arrived. Androids 17 and 18 were smirking at Trunks, remembering that Trunks tried to destroy the Androids in SS earlier, but he couldn’t. Trunks fought Android 18 and was weakining her by the second. Android 18 fired lots of blasts, but Trunks dodged them all and said, “This is for Gohan!” and fires a blast at her. Android 18 is destroyed and Trunks kills Android 17 with one blast. When Trunks returns to Capsule Corp. and was about to go into the past, Cell (in his first form) was sneaking behind him. Trunks tells Bulma to go inside and tells Cell all about him.Cell tells Trunks that he cannot destroy him, because he can’t destroy the androids. But Trunks told Cell he destroyed the androids, and Cell freaked out. They fought on a meadow and Cell was getting his butt kicked. When Cell powered up for a Kamehahmeha, Trunks fired a blast and killed Cell. In heaven, King Kai was building a house inside a tree. When Goku, Bubbles, and Gregory were finished playing a game, Goku accidentally knocked over the house. Goku said they should hit the road, and Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory set off to the other world.


In today’s episode, Trunks went back to his time (the future) and killed android 17&18 and Cell. But before doing so, he had some tea with his mom (Bulma) and told her how Vegeta went all out on Cell when Cell killed him. Bulma was surprised at this news because it was nothing like the Vegeta she knew. Then after Trunks beat Cell, it went to Gokou, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory. King Kai was building a house wile Bubbles (the monkey) and Gregory (the grasshopper) were trying to catch Gokou. But they just ran in to each other in the end. Gokou accidentally broke the house went he patted it. Gokou said sorry and suggested the go to the other world to meet new people. The episode ended with Gokou pushing King Kai forward, with Bubbles and Gregory following, down Snake Way to the Check in Station.


US DBZ episode 179
Free the future

      Trunks goes back to the future and finds the Androids.  He easily
defeats 18 and then an angered 18.  He then finds Cell and as Cell is about
to finish Trunks with the Kamehameha wave, Trunks counters with an energy
wave and finally finishes Cell off for good!  His training in the hyperbolic
time chamber gave him the advantage to kill the androids.  Both the present
and the future have been saved.  
      On the next episode of DBZ, Goku catches a plane to the otherworld!


DragonBall Z Episode 179: Free The Future (English Dubbed)
Original Air Date in America: 12/29/00
Reviewed By: Midnight Ranger

Web Site Address:

Rating: 9 out of 10

This wasn’t as intense of an episode as some of the ones I’ve seen recently, but it was pretty good. Plus, it focused of Trunks, one of my favorite DBZ characters.

Anyway, here’s what happened: Trunks goes back to his own time and tells his mother, Bulma, about his adventure in the past. Then, an announcement comes over the radio saying that Androids 17 & 18 had destroyed an interstate. Trunks powers up into Super Sayin mode and flies off to fight them. With his improved powers, Trunks was able to block and dodge all of the androids attacks easily. He kicks them around for awhile, then blows them up.

Afterwards, Trunks dons the Sayin suit that Bulma made for him in the past and prepares to go back in time once more to tell the Z Fighters about his victory over the androids, but he knows that there’s one loose end he needs to tie up and that’s Cell. He knows that the monster is waiting to kill him and take his time machine, and this time he’s ready for him. In his imperfect form, Cell is no match for Trunks, even when he uses the Kamehameha wave. Trunks blows him up like he did the androids. Now, the future world is safe.

The episode ends with King Kai building a house in heaven while Goku plays around with Gregory and Bubbles. After Kai finishes the house, Goku tells him that it looks strong, but when he puts his hand on it, the house collapses. Goku then suggests that they all go visit the other world. King Kai agrees and the four of them pack up and head out. That’s basically all that happened.


P.S. Feel free to check out my web stie and, please, ive me some feedback.


This episode starts off by showing the chaotic future in which Trunks still lives. People are fleeing from the Androids, 17 and 18. The scene cuts and show Trunks finally returning home, and Bulma is  overjoyed to see him. Trunks tells his mother all that happened while he was in the past. Bulma is shocked at how Vegeta went all out when Trunks was killed. As the two settle down to some tea, a radio announcement says the two androids are attacking the city Trunks and Bulma are in.He arrives to the scene just in time to save an old man from the merciless android 17, who looked up when Trunks landed.Trunks goes SSJ2 and 18 goes for the attack. Trunks easily dodges the android’s blows, then punches her through a few buildings. 17 now joins the batlle, but Trunks easily dodges ths both of them.Trunks was enraged, he yelled out”THIS IS FOR YOU GOHAN!!” and destroyed 18 with a single hand! 17 was shocked at how Trunks beat 18, but he ws also clearly afraid. Trunks yelled,” YOU THINK  THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU?!? WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE PEOPLE YOU KILLED!” and destroyed 17! Trunks was not yet ready to celebrate, because there was one last person to beat.................Cell.

As he was about to leave to tell everyone in the past about the androids, Trunks suddenly told Bulma to go inside. Bulma went inside, and Cell stepped out.Trunks blasted Cell away, and flew after him. Trunks went SSJ2, and proved the imperfect Cell to be no match for him.Cell attempted to absorb Trunks, butTrunks grabbed his tail, swung Cell around, and threw him inot the sky. Cell said it was time he destroyed Trunks and he said  “KA..ME..HA..ME..HA!” But Trunks had launched his own attack, and made Cell go boom, bam, bye-bye. As he looked up at the sky, he said “ Thank you father, Gohan, and especially you, Goku”

Matt B.-


Hiya! This review is for:

Dragonball Z English Dubbed Episode 179-Free the Future

The episode begins with our heroes preparing for Trunks' departure in his
time machine. When Trunks says goodbye everyone is dressed up in "Sunday
Duds" kind of clothing. Then Trunks vanishes. Everyone is a little sad. We
see Trunks flying through the space-time continuum. When he arrives in his
timeline, we see Androids 17 and 18 attacking a city. They seem to be
pretending to be playing a little game. A huge crowd of innocent people is
running away. "It's a stampede! Looks like it's time for bonus points!", 17
exclaims. They both fire ki blasts at the crowd. The big crowd of people
runs away. Then 17 says, "Hey, check out the buildings! Whoever blows the
most wins!" He fires at the buildings repeatedly. "No fair! You have a head
start!", whines 18 as she starts firing, too. Then we see Trunks running
into his home. He tells his mother (Bulma) about some things that were
accomplished in the past. When she hears about how Vegeta tried to avenge
Trunks' brief state of death, she gets that dumb-founded,
"mouth-hanging-wide-open" look on her face. Then she snaps out of it when
they hear a news report about the Androids attacking. Trunks goes Super
Saiyan and blasts away.

     It cuts back to the Androids. They hear an old man's voice. 17 turns
around to see the father of a young man that he had killed. The old man had
a gun. 17 drew his own gun and was about to fire, saying, "Well, well! You
want a gun-fight, huh? (In a cowboy voice) Well then partner! Draw!" He is
about to shoot the man when Trunks comes along and stops 17. 18 says, "I've
had just about enough of you!" She attacks. Trunks comes in real close to
her and fires a huge ki blast in her face, screaming, "THIS IS FOR
GOHAN!!!!" 18 is dead. 17 gets pissed off and attacks Trunks, but Trunks
disposes of him in the same way. Then he saves the old man. The next day,
Trunks is about to leave for the Past when Cell appears. He is hiding in an
alley close by. Trunks knows Cell is there and Cell comes out. There is some
idle chit-chat and fly off to begin to fight. Trunks blocks every attack and
then disintegrates Cell with a simple ki-blast. Meanwhile, in the Past, up
in Heaven, King Kai finishes the house, only for Goku to accidentally knock
it over. Then they all decide to go on a road trip. This ends the episode.

Kevin (


hi My name Is Marshall David Bruno, i just love dbz, and am reviewing free
the future. it has, Gohan, and others, it also has trunks fighting the
andriods. he easily slices them dead, he then tells bulma to go run around
nude, just kidding, he tells her to go inside. he finds cell slices him
easily. he then well i kinda forget some of this episode, i saw this episode
on the season finale here in pa, i would love to see it again and update
this, i also want to say in the new season Krillan grows hair marries the
woman andriod. it is soooo funny, they have a kid and name it goku i think,
but i'm not sure


DBZ Freak
Free the Future
It all happens when trunks goes back to the future.  He has a cup of tea with bulma  and talk about how vegeta was trying to save trunks.  Then trunks senses a energy source and heads off where he finds android #18 destroying the place because she was mad at #17 for destroying the items she likes (cloths).  Then a old man from underneath the car says that he killed his young son. And points a gun toward them saying "Monster!" #17 gets his own gun but before they could shoot trunks comes and helps the man out. Then, #17 and #18 says that trunks is useless but trunks powers up,says "THIS IS FOR GOHAN", and kills #18 with one blow. #17 gets mad and attacks but dies from trunks. 
     Trunks return to bulma until he senses another energy source and tells bulma to go back in.  It's cell ! Trunks talks about what his plan is and they fly off to a open field and fight of course
trunks wins and then he says,  
                             "Now it is over"
Then it goes back to snake way where  jeremy and bubbles try to catch goku.  Then goku touches the house with one finger and it collaspes.  Goku talks to King Kai about taking a road while walking down snake way.  Goku cries out yelling, " BUBBLES  JEREMY ROAD TRIP"
                          And that's the end 


Trunks comes back to the future he lives in . When he comes inside capsule
corp. he sees his mom again . Then they sit down for a cup of tea . Trunks
tells his mom about everything that happened . Then the news guy says that
harmony city is under attack by android 17 & 18 . Then trunks goes to kill
the androids . First , he kills android 18 , then android 17 . Then trunks is
about to go tell everybody that he killed the androids , but then cell shows
up . Then he fights cell and kills him . Meanwhile , in heaven King kai
finishes building his house to live in with goku , bubbles , and the cricket
, but Goku accidently deystroys it . Then goku says that this is a sign to go
on an adventure . Then Goku says that they should take a trip to the other
world , so they do . And that's all that happens in this episode of
Dragonball Z . 

written by : Davidyskater


Summary: Free the Future   Episode 179

    After SSJ2 Gohan defeats Cell Trunks goes back to his own time. After a few short greetings with Bulma, Trunks puts on his game-face and prepares for battle against the Androids. Trunks was able to defeat the Androids with ease, thanks to his futuristic training. He then prepares to go back in time to tell the "present day" Z-Fighters about his victory. Before he could leave, Trunks felt the presence Cell. Trunks then leapt into battle against the monster. After a few attacks Cell was easily defeated. Finally, Trunks's time is safe


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