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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 178 - One More Wish

On todays episode the last wish was made...

The Earth's Special Forces (E.S.F.) had one more wish to make from the
Dragonballs. The problem was....they didn't know what to wish for! They
had already tried wishing Gokou back but, so much for that! Yamach made
a "joke" about wishing for money. Everybody was like....are you
okay?.....But anyway! Krillin asked the dragon if he could turn android
17&18 into real people. No can do. So instead Krillin wishes for their
bombs that are planted inside them to be removed. Okey Dokey! So he got
his wish. Android 18 gave a hint that she cared about Krillin. Everbody
then went on their ways. Gohan had to brake the news about Gokou to
Chi-chi. Then it showed baby Trunks learning how to walk, and future
Trunks leaving. Gohan cought a big fish....and that's about it!!!

By: Saiyan Chick


English dubbed DBZ episode 178 one more wish

After goku didn't want to be wished back, Krillin thought of a wish that the 
Earth Dragon to turn the Androids in to humans but the Dragon denied it. So 
Krillin wish for the time bombs in the androids to be shut down and that wish 
was granted. Then Krillin told them about how he liked 17 then Yamcha asked 
why did he wanted 18 to be human too? Krillin said that 17 and 18 made a good 
couple. Then 17 appears and says that she didn't need his help but thanked 
him and said 18 isn't my boyfriend, he's my twin bro. Yamcha laughs his head 
off at Krillin because he thought 18 was her boyfriend then Krillin asked 17 
if she would like to join them in their celebration. 17 says no and flies off 
then they start to remember Goku . Trunks says he has to get some rest so 
Krillin, Gohan, and Yamcha escorted Trunks home. then Yamcha went home and 
Gohan and Krillin went home when they got home Gohan told Chichi about his 
fathers death and how he didn't want to come back Chichi cried her eyes out 
that she lost her husband and Gohans Grandfather (I don't know his name) 
tried to cheer her up then it goes to the ZZTV station when they had Hercule 
as a special guest he was going to break 20 blocks in one blow but he only 
got 19. Master Roshi and that pig said how he is a fake then it goes but to 
Gohans house when Chichi was bringing Gohan a snack but him and his grandpa 
snoock out (wonder how his grandpa did)to the forest then Gohan showed him 
the waterfall that Goku took him to and he caught a humongus fish then a bird 
came and try to take it from him. then trunks leaves for the future. Then it 
goes to King Kai's place and he is talk to Goku (the monkey's pickin his nose 
in the back ground) and King Kai ask Goku who could help Goku in the job of 
build the house. Goku guessed the monkey and King Kai got mad then he geussed 
the ant then King Kai got P.O. ed said and said "NO ME!" so they started 
building house. Then it goes back to earth and Bulma is trying to teach baby 
Trunks to walk then turn in to S.S.. Well thats it next episode is Englished 
Dubbed DBZ episode 179 Free the future


I missed the first 5 minutes, so tell me if im wrong. 
the z fighters wish back android 17 and everybody
starts ridiculing kuririn about why he did it. he
explains that he wanted juuhachigo to be happy, at
which point she jumps out from a pillar and tells
everybody that 17 is her twin brother. although, she
does thank kuririn for wishing back 17. then yamucha
starts razzing kuririn about how he knows everything
about love and gives him a few pointers on how to
attract girls.

piccolo stays at the kames lookout( i guess its dendes
tower now) and tienshinhan leaves. the remaining four
fighters fly away. gohan goes home to break the news
to chichi, while trunks prepares to go back to the
future. chichi breaks out in tears, but is comforted
by ox king and gohan.

while studying, gohan sneaks out a window to get a
fish. a pterodactyl tries to take the fish away, but
gohan punches it in the stomach. trunks leaves, and
then the episode ends.

jonno again


On the last episode Everyone was deciding on a wish to make, they made one but had one more to make, they couldn’t wish Goku back, that stink, not really, he’ll be back, Krillan wants the andriods to be humans but that can’t happen either. So they agree to get the time bombs out of them, BING DING! No more Bomb. Krillan really likes 18, but he makes a fool of himself and she flies off. ok Goku is gone, 18 flew off, and Tunks has to go back home, ChiChi starts bawling her eyes out cause she finds out that Goku is dead.  Huerkulye is on tv and is gonna break 20 lead cylnderblocks i think, i forget. he breaks 19, the pig. Ok anyway, after ChiChi asks Gohan if he wants a snack, NOT THERE CHICHI!!! he and his Grandfather had snuck out and Gohan cuaght a huge fish, a bird comes and trys to eat it, hahaha, Gohan smacks him. Trunks goes back home to his time. bye bye trunks.>DragonBallZ Wars

P.S here r some things to happen next season. Krillan & 18 marry have a child named Marrin. I think Goku comes back does ChiChi and they have a kid named Goten, he and Trunks r best friends, that is all

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