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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 177 - Goku's Noble Decision

Gohan has just defeated cell, and he is all tired out. Being unable to
fly, yamucha carries gohan to dendes sanctuary in the sky. tienshinhan
carries trunks, and kuririn carries juuhachigo. When they arrive, dende
heals gohan and juuhachigo. juuhachigo is all in a rage, but kuririn
justs stands there and talks to her. Gohan exclaims that kuririn has a
crush on juuhachigo, and kuririn pops a punch on gohans head. juuhachigo
flies away really ticked off for some reason.

The dragon is summoned, and dende wishes trunks to life. but when dende
wishes back goku, the dragon refuses and says that goku has already been
revived and cant be revived again. remember, this is shenron, not
porunga. goku decides to just stay dead. Juuhachigo gets interested
because she wants programmed with knowledge of the dragon balls.

everybody remembers their favorite memories of goku, and the episode
ends. real sappy.

This was written by jonno...again


US Episode 177 
Goku's Noble Decision 

On today's episode, everyone flies to Kame's (Dende's) lookout except Vegeta. 
18 finally becomes conscious. Gohan (the bigmouth that he is) tells 18 that 
Krillin has a crush on her. 18 says she was wrong about Krillin and flies 
off. They call the Dragon and wish back all of the dead people killed by 
cell. Goku tells them not to wish him back because all of the enemies were 
after him. So they have 1 wish left. what will it be?! 

~Super Saiyan Gregg 

English Dubbed
177. Goku Chooses Death

Yamcha picks up Gohan. Tien gets Trunks
Krillin gets 18. Vegeta tells Piccolo to go.
In awhile Vegeta goes too. Hercule lies
he beat Cell. Some of the equipment is still
working so the announcer uses it to announce
that Hercule beat Cell. Goku is so hungry he
starts to eat the clouds. Dende heals Gohan.
After he heals 18 she wakes up. Gohan shouts
that Krillin has a crush on 18. In a while Shenron
is summoned. He grants the first wish but he would
not revive Goku because he already revived him(in the
older episodes). A parade is going on for Hercule.
Dende says that they could ask Porunga (the Namekian
Dragon) to revive Goku. When Goku starts to talk
telepathically he says he wants to stay in the afterlife.
Yamcha, Tien, and Piccolo remember how Goku always
had a smile. Gohan wants to remember when Goku was
about to fight Frieza and how he walked forward. He says
that it will make him strong.


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