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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 176 - Save The World

English Dubbed
176. Save the World

Gohan and Cell throw their Kamehamehas. Hercule, Kirone, Piroshki, Kirone's and Piroshki's manager, and the ZTV news cast are clinging onto a flying rock. When it finally lands Hercule swears it's a trick. Kirone says he can't believe that Hercule is still saying that. Cell starts to overpower Gohan. Goku convinces Gohan to give it all he's got. Then
Gohan starts to overpower Cell. Then Cell starts to overpower Gohan again. Almost everybody flys in to help. When Cell hits them Gohan gets mad and starts to overpower Cell. They won't give up. Then Cell starts to overpower Gohan again. ChiChi's house already started to break. Vegeta already started to fight Cell. Goku tells Gohan to use all the bad things Cell did and all the people Cell hurt make him angry. Gohan starts to overpower Cell then kills him. Gohan transforms back into a normal Saiyan and falls to the ground. If there were any more important events I'm sorry I had to stop watching right there. 
URL: http://pavilion/dragonball 


On todays episode Cell died!!!

It started of with Gohan doing the Kamehameha and Cell doing some other
type of energy blast. At first no one was gaining the upper hand. But
Cell got the upper hand. Then Gohan, with help from Goku urging him on.
Then Cell got it. Then Gohan. Finaly Piccolo gets fed up and goes over
there and shots Cell. Cell knocks him away with his energy. Then
everybody else comes to help. But Cell keeps knocking them away. This
keeps going on tell everybody is about to kiel over but then Vegeta
comes and shoots at Cell and it was a big one. Gohan took the advantige
of Cell not paying attention and over through him with his
extra-extra-extra-EXTRA power full blast the desinagrated Cell into
nothing! Then everybody was happy!

By: Saiyan Chick


So, Gohan's arm is all cut up, and Goku is dead. Cell shoots an enormous
energy beam at gohan. Goku telepathically tells gohan to use the
kamehameha instead of giving up. The two energy beams clash together and
get incredibly big. Both fighters seem evenly matched.

Cell gets a rush of energy and pummels gohan with a huge beam. 
Gohan is losing, but goku cheers gohan on and gohan somehow finds some
inner strength to blast back at cell. it isnt much, and soon cell is
overpowering gohan. Piccolo flies in and shoots a masenko to try and
distract cell. Cell blasts away piccolo with his tail and continues his
attack on gohan.

Tien, yamcha, and krillin follow piccolos example and all shoot
at cell. cell powers up and the remaining z fighters are blown away by
the energy waves. It all looks like its over, when suddenly a beam comes
flying out of the sky. The beam comes from- Vegeta! it distracts cell,
giving gohan time to power up. Gohan finds more inner strength(how many
sleeping powers does he have?) and shoots cell into oblivion.

This was written by Jonno


Episode 176 is where Gohan is giving up but Goku encourages him to
fight.Then Piccolo trys to help but it isn't enough.Then all the Z
fighters except trunks try to help but still isn't enough.Goku
encourages Gohan to put all his thoughts about the earth away and he
hits Cell with a big blast and he is gone for good.Then Gohan goes back
to his normal stage.



episode#176 Save the World
english/dubbed version

The episode begins with Cell's and Gohan's beams colliding.The other Z fighters see the huge beams and fly away.Hurcule still thinks this is all a trick.At the lookout Dende says he hasn't ben a good gaurdian.Goku keeps encouraging Gohan to win.Gohan's beam becomes a little bigger than Cell's.Cell starts powering up and shrinks up Gohan's beam.Piccilo goes to help Gohan but was blown back by Cell.Tien,Yamcha and Krillin go to help.Cell just blowes them back. 
Tien and Yamcha attack but Cell blowes them back again.Vegeta comes from nowhere and shoots an energy ball at Cell.With this distraction Gohan makes his beam bigger overpowering Cell's destroying all his Cells and of course killing him.Gohan goes back to normal saiyen and falls to the ground.-end of episode


so gohan and cell keep on goin', 'til vegeta distracts him with his beam. meanwhile, he's still mad at goku because he thinks it's goku's fault that trunks was shot.gohan powers up. vegeta didn't know that he did anything good, he was just so mad about the shot that barely killed his future son.
somehow, goku encourages gohan enough to make him kill cell.BOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!!! IT'S ALL OVER!!! and all that time hercule thought that it was a big trick.when i saw that, i was HAPPY.


Series: DBZ
Type: English Dubbed
Name: Episode 176: Save The World
Well, this is mainly what happened. Below there will be a script of the main part of this episode starting
(Though Speak) Goku: Release it Gohan, release everything! Remember all the pain he's caused, the people he's hurt. Now make that your power!
* The blasts are at equal power so far, Cell laughs. Then suddenly someone blasts Cell, it's Vegeta. Vegeta struggles to breathe while Cell is stunned by the attack.
Cell: Vegeta!
(Though speak) Goku: Now's your chance!
* Gohan forces more power into his blast and it starts taking over Cell's making the blast go closer and closer to Cell.
Cell: !?!?!
* Cell looks at the blast and sees Gohan with more power than he noticed before. Gohan walks towards Cell making the blast start to hit him. Cell's neck starts to break to pieces, then his body starts to break. The blast fully hits Cell and his face gets all streched and moveable.
Cell: (Painful looking) I don't wanna diiiiieeeee.
* Cell yells in pain a machine kind of way. Cell's body breaks apart and Cell gets disinigrated (Sorry if I butchered the spelling) All of his Cells disappear. The blast which encompassed Cell flew away from Earth and after a while fades away. Gohan, on the other hand used all of his power in that blast and falls down and stopped Super Saiyan form.
Piccolo: He did it, Cell's energy is comepletely vanished.
I hope you liked that script.
Name: Joseph


DBZ, English, Save the World #176 

The episode starts out with the 2 huge Kamehameha's being launched from the 
two combatants(Cell and Gohan). Krillin then says two everybody we better get 
out of here because the blast of it will swallow us up. So they head out with 
Tien and Yamcha carrying dead trunks and Krillin holding the passed out 
Android #18. Vegeta whos laying behind Gohan decides he should leave also. 
Then we see the star of the whole thing Hercule and all of his little 
goonies. The announcer guy thinks its the end of the world so he says 
good-bye two all of his "loyal" fans. Then as you guessed it Hercule thinks 
its a trick and says he'll bring it all 2 light someday. Them the Lady's Man 
says "How can you say that." Then it focuses back 2 Gohan and Cell and Cell 
puts some more energy into his Kamehameha and soon Gohan is at one knee 
thinking its all over but his dad won't hear of it. So after a little pep 
talk Gohan and Cell's Kamehamaha's are about equal, but Gohan's is a little 
more powerful. Then, Cell comments on how good he is doing then says good-bye 
and soon the 11 year old Saiyin is helpless. Then, we see Piccolo and he says 
something like I won't see another one of you guys leave. So he flies off to 
try to help Gohan and fires a Masenko, with no effect Cell just uses his 
energy and blows him away. Then, we see Tien just sitting thereand Yamcha and 
Krillin are commenting on how stupid of a move that was on tha part of 
Piccolo. Then, Tien says "He didn't do just because he thoguth he could, but 
just to try." Then we see Tien starting to power up and Krillin yells " Don't 
tell me ur gonna pull a Piccolo on me." Then Yamcha says something like "I 
knew you would because your a man of honor and a little pig-headed too." Tien 
comments on that saying " I like the honor excuse better though." Yamcha 
yells, " Watch over Trunks for us." Then Krillin goes crazy and looks at #18 
and is lie it was nice seeing you again and good-bye, so he flies off to. 
Then Vegeta sees them all and says that maddening they know that they can't 
beat Cell. Then we see Piccolo firing a Special Beam Cannon(with no effect of 
course), then everybody lands and they are all doing a yellow type move 
that's doin nothing. He blows them all away. Gohan gets pissed and overpowers 
Cell's Kamehameha but then he outs more energy into it and Gohan's is about 
done for. Then, Goku starts talking about him and Gohan starts to think that 
he can't do it so Goku would probably be hitting him if he was alive. Anyways 
he talks some sence into him and all that so there about even. Tien and 
Yamcha stand up and try again and Tien says to himself "It's been my lifelong 
dream to surpass Goku and he watched him just die and he won't do the same 
with his son." Yamcha says like, " You've got one heck of a kid Goku. Now I'm 
gonna try to be like you." Cell pushes them away with some energy. Then, you 
see Piccolo says " i won't watch you die cause kid you were the one who 
showed me what it means to be a friend. Then Krillin says "You know back in 
the day I would've never gotten back up but thanks to Goku and Gohan I do 
this and someday I'll get them for that." So they stand up and fire some 
energy blasts then Tien and Yamcha get back up and help but Cell pushes them 
away for good and says to Gohan" SAY GOOD-BYE!!!!!" and soon the whole world 
is breakning apart and Chi-CHi is like you can't take my baby. Then her 
father says that's right hes Goku's son. Then Cell os like well kid you put a 
good fight put like all good things must come to an end. The some groovy 
music comes on and you see a big energy blast coming down from the sky. Who's 
is it you ask? No not Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, or Yamcha, it's Master 
Roshi!!!! NNNNOOOOOTTTT!!!!!! Its Vegeta!!!!! It was his handy Big Bang 
Attack. Then Cell turns around and says "VEGETA". That just gave enough time 
for Goku to yell to Gohan "NOWS YOUR CHANCE!!!!!!!" Then we see Gohan burst 
out and scream "UUUUUUUUUUAAAWWWWWWWW" Cell turns around only to see Gohan 
Walking forward. Then the Chou(Super) Kamehameha distinigrate him within an 
instant. His last words were " I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!" Then we see the 
Kamehameha flyng off into space. Chi-Chi and OX King are celebrating(they 
dont know Goku's gone) We see Gohan revert back to his normal self and fall 
like a feather down to the ground breathing real hard. Then the narrator 
thanks Goku and say we'll miss him. 

Nick H.


Hi! My name is Bobby and this is my first review.The episode is SAVE THE
The episode starts out with Gohan and Cell firing their kamehameha's and
Cell admits he is impressed and will soon win and puts more force behind
the blast. Up in heaven Goku tells Gohan not to give up and Gohan puts
more power in it and is able to push Cell's blast back a little. So Cell
puts even more into it and Goku tells Gohan to remember all the pain
he's caused and to make it his power and Gohan pushes hard and Cellis
starting to lose it but that quickly changes. Cell is just about to kill
Gohan but Vegeta blasts Cell in the back. While Cell is distracted Goku
tells Gohan to blast him with everything he's got and Cell starts to
desintegrate and the blast is sent into space and Gohan falls to the
ground.                      THE


The episode starts with goku and gohan doing the kamehameha wave then cell
fires his while saying “now you die!” Then gohan fires his kame ha me ha
wave(note gohan cannot use one of his arms)Then krillin says thats way too
big lets get out of here!And of coarse piccilo just says “gohan”Then the two
blasts hit and its a mega ball

                Then we go to the cell game announcer who says “ the monster
beam is now shedding the ground benith us this is it good bye everyone! Then
Mr.Satan just says its a trick fancy trick someday i’ll bring it to life.
Then the blond guy(i think his name is varoshki or something like that)Says i
can’t believe your still saying that!!!then we go to the city that is
shattering due to cell’s and gohan’s power, we then go to cell who powers up
more and takes the advantage then gohan says i cant do this i’m just a kid i
haven’t changed then the dead goku says  will you stop attacking yourself you
saved my life and our friend’s lives so many time and your going to do it
again right now, then gohan powers up and evens the ball up,then cell does
the same and starts laughing in a insane manner saying i can fell you
slipping,then we go to what’s left of the z- gang with the piccilo theme
music on,Then he says i’m coming gohan and takes off to help and krillin
shouts wait piccilo, !!!! Then he does the Masenko ha!!!! and cell just
laughs and blasts power beams from his back and blows away piccilo and goku
and gohan are left saying piccilo!!!!, then we go back to piccilo who is
powering up to hit cell again, thn krillin says where did piccilo’s brain go
to thonk he can take cell all by himself, then tien says he knew he couldnt
but he tried any way, then tien starts to power up and krillin says tien
don’t tell me your gonna go and pull a piccilo on me!? then he says sorry
krillin but it’s just not m,y style to wait for death without a desent fight

Then yamcha says something stupid   Beacuse your a man of honor and a lil’
thick headed then he says yeah but i always like that honor excuse, then
yamcha says krillin i’ll leave trunks with you, and he says now your going
and they take off and krillin says well i guess playing it safe is something
we’ll never learn then he turn to #18 who is still uncontious) and says well
18 it was nice seeing you again even if it was for a moment then he takes off
, and vegeta on a cliff says foolish really is like they’ll  make a
differancethen piccilo fires his beam canon and the others exept vegeta land
tien does his tribeam yamcha and krillin do the kame ha me ha wave, then
gohan syas guys not too close then goku says gohan they can take care of them
selves now consentrate then they show vegeta who powers up to ssj and then
cell blows away every one and the king kai say OH NO THE WHOLE EARTH IS GONNA
BLOW!!! then they show cell laughing then vegeta’s theme music( the one they
put when he went ssj1 for the second time) then a blast hit cell and cell
looks up and says vegeta1 then goku says NOW”S YOUR CHANCE!!!! and with all
his power gohan fire blasting cell to nothing, then gohan fall to the ground
due to exahustion and piccilo says he did it! and then they gather around
gohan and some happy joy joy music comes in and the show ever one and then
they show a picture of gohan goku and the earth and thats it

by Hugo D. Cortes


DBZ Episode 176:Save the world.English
The episode starts off with cell and gohan's kamehameha's coliding into each other and the earth starts to shake a bit.Krillin tells everyone to move back so they do.Hercule(fagot) still thinks its a trick.Cell has gained the upper hand,but Goku keeps incorguing his son to beat Cell.Then Gohan gets the upper hand then again Cell.Piccolo gets pissed off and flies over to Cell and Gohans position blasting Cell trying to make Cell distracted but Piccolo just gets blown away from Cells energy.Krillin talks to Yamcha and Tein saying what a stupid move Piccolo made.Tein starts to power up and Krillin then says dont pull a piccolo on me but both tein and yamcha fly over with piccolo and start blasting Cell so Krillin decides to go to.Cell blows away all the remaining z fighters.Then yamcha says that he wont let gohan die as well and tein says the same thing.Piccolo says that Gohan was his first and best friend and he wont let him die.Then we see vegeta lying on the ground saying no,not like this.Everyone is worried that the earth will be distroyed until a blast comes from the sky it's vegeta breathing hard
Goku:"Now's your chance"
cell is distracted looking back at Gohan.Gohan is walking towards cell pushing the kamehameha to cell.(dramatic music)cell neck starts to split and his eyes start to bulge out.Soon Cell whole body breaks into little pieces and all his cells are distroyed.
Cells last words:I'll be back.
(and for anyone that doesn't believe me get the clip when cell dies in english from
and the kamehameha goes into space.Gohan floats back down onto the ground in normal saiyan form all tired.Piccolo then says Gohan has done it.Cells lifeforce has completly vanished.
Then the narritor thanks goku for the times he has saved the world.
End of Episode.


DBZ (English)

Episode #176: Save The World

The episode begins with Gohan revving up his energy to launch the Kamehameha. Cell is finished charging his and launches it yelling "NOW YOU DIE!" The blasts collide, and Krillin, realizing the danger of all of that energy, quickly flies away to a safer spot with him carrying 18 and Yamcha carrying the dead Trunks.

Everyone is trying to fly away but get blown about. Vegeta manages to weakly fly away, separate from everyone else. Switching to Hercule and co., Hercule tries to insist it's a trick but the ZTV reporter shoves him away to steal the moment, but they get blown back into a rock and Piroshki squashes them all.

Both Kamehameha waves are immersed in a HUGE ball, and there's an energy line representing who was dominant. Meanwhile, Gohan is receiving constant coaching from Goku, who is trying to get him to give it everything he's got. The energy line is forced back towards Cell, who easily blasts some more energy into his Kamehameha. Goku is frantic for a moment, then tells Gohan not to hold anything back. He does, but Cell throws even more energy into his end and Gohan's confidence soon snaps, and Goku strictly orders him to stop attacking himself to overcome Cell's energy.

Piccolo is watching from the sidelines, and finally blasts off to Gohan's rescue with Krillin trying to stop him. Piccolo throws out a powerful Masenko, but it only annoyed Cell, whom blasted the Namek back with surging electric energy. Gohan gets mad, but Piccolo gets right back up, encouraging Gohan to keep it up. Away from everyone else, Vegeta mentally encourages Piccolo for doing the right thing. Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon, which just bounced off Cell. Tien and Yamcha decide to help out, and finally Krillin follows.

Vegeta watches them fly towards Cell and calls them foolish and says they won't make a difference. The four of them fire their most powerful attacks at Cell trying to distract him. Gohan shouts for them not to get too close, but Goku tells him to focus on Cell. Cell blasts them all away without difficulty, but they keep getting right back up over and over, explaining why they refused to stay down. Meanwhile, Vegeta debates with himself frustratingly why he isn't helping. Finally Cell just sends a blast that nobody gets up from. This enrages Gohan and he slams more energy into his Kamehameha. You see Vegeta turning Super Saiyan again.

Cutting away, you see Chi Chi screaming that Cell couldn't take Gohan away from her because he was her baby, and Ox King agrees, saying Goku's son can't be beaten. Goku tells Gohan to release everything and remember all the pain Cell had caused and the people he'd hurt, and ordered Gohan to make that his power. Cell was ready to finish Gohan off in a confident comment and burst of laughter, when suddenly out of no where a large golden blast of energy hits Cell painfully hard and disorients him.

You see Vegeta in post-firing position in the air, completely exhausted and gasping for breath. Cell looks at him shouts his name in shock. Goku screams at Gohan that this was his chance. He hesitated momentarily, but then brought out everything he had in a loud scream. His Kamehameha was visibly overpowering Cell's, and the android slowly began to come apart in painful screams. The last thing he saw was a determined and enraged Gohan walkly slowly forward, still holding his one-armed Kamehameha. Cell screams that he's perfect, and is finally killed completely. Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 form quickly fades to normal and he falls to the ground, breathing hard but smiling. Everyone is rejoicing the fact that years of danger was over, and the narrator gives tribute to Goku's help.




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