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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 175 - The Horror Won't End


English Dubbed
175. The Horror Won't End
Cell's still charging his Kamehameha. He's making the wind blow hard. Vegeta says sorry. Cell realizes what Dr. Gero ment by ultimate perfection. Chi-Chi hits Ox-King on the head. Baba comes and shows Chi-Chi the fight between Gohan and Cell. Gohan hears Goku. Goku tells Gohan to make his own Kamehameha. Gohan charges his own Kamehameha.
They both throw their Kamehamehas. Goku is shown in the background of Gohan.


English dubbed
#175 The Horror Won't episode #176 Saving The World
This is a organized version of the episode named The Horror wont end
-Vegeta says sorry to Gohan for being stupid and making a mockery to 
saiyans........gohan thought he wouldnt hear that from Vegeta.....this is the 
first time Vegeta actually apologizes to someone.
-It shows how Dr.Gero really died in Cell's timeline...Also how the androids 
killed almost everybody and Cell still was going for perfection...and says he 
took Trunks' time machine went back in the normal Z timeline...and then shows 
how he absorbed #17 and #18 and got perfection...but again was shattered(self 
destructed) and was still alive and sayian what the cells he took can do
-From Piccolo's cells he can regenerate
-From a saiyan's cells after a tough battle then healed.. he would be stronger than ever 
-From Freeza's cells he can breathe or live anywhere even in outer space
-He said this because Cell was just in outer space
-the TV crew camera guy has lost his mic and is now using a bark of wood I 
-Gohan says"So this is how its going to end",so basically this means Gohan is 
giving up
-Cell says he wanted a better ending and is making his blast stronger
-Goku talks to Gohan telepathically and Goku says oh your not going to give 
up....Son I want you to make the biggest Kamehamea ever...well he said 
something like that
-Goku also says the only one to lame is Cell..Gohan says yeah
-So Gohan is powering up and saying KA.......ME.........HA.....ME.....HA!!!
-His blast looks cool because while hes doing this energy wave it shows Goku 
behind him and it sort of looks like Goku is helping him but really Goku is 
just motivating him.
>From Royce S. (Creator of SSJGohanExtreme) 


The episode starts when Gohan is standing in front of Cell. Gohan can't use 
his left arm. Cell powers up and prepares a Kamahameha to launch at Gohan. 
Gohan said this was all his fault. If he destroyed Cell when he injured him 
with his Kamehameha, none of this would of happened, Trunks wouldn't be 
almost dead, and Goku would still be with him. Vegeta tries to get up. He 
can't believe he's in this place on the battlefield. Vegeta says he's sorry 
to Gohan. Gohan was surprised that that came from Vegeta. Cell brings back 
memories of when he was made in the future in Dr. Gero's lab. Androids 17 and 
18 laughed at when Android 20 (aka Dr. Gero), showed them the plans for the 
perfect android. Just like in the Android Saga, tha androids snatch the 
device used to turn them off and kill Dr. Gero. They destroyed the lab and 
couldn't believe such a measly android could eat them both. Cell's tube 
survived and once Cell got out into the world in his first form, he sees the 
world in shatters from the two androids. He decided to have ultimate power 
since everybody was dead, so he looked for the two other androids. They were 
killed by Trunks earlier, so Cell went into Trunks's time machine and came 
out in his larvae form. A time where the androids existed, where he would 
achieve ultimate perfection. He brought back memories of absorbing the two 
androids, then he felt ultimate power. He quit talking. uddenly, Gohan heard 
,"Give up? Is that the Gohan I know?" It was Goku, communicating throught 
King Kai. He told Goahn that he should let his power go, and that Cell didn't 
drain his power. When Gohan tells Goku it was all his fault that this 
happened, Goku said that things happen. Goku launches his own Kamehameha from 
his remaining arm.

-Michael Bloom

Episode# TheHorror Won't End
The episode starts with Cell powering up for a attack to destroy Earth
and Gohan.The scene changes to Dende's Lookout.Dende mentions how Cell's power is so frightning.Mr.Popo replies,"That's because Cell is Evil."Cell tells his life story about emerging from his embryo and why
he traved back in time. It also shows when he absorbed 17 and 18.
He then describes his transformation to perfect Cell.He then commets
on how he  survived.Cell then tells how he  will conqure the universe.
The scene then changes to Chi Chi throwing a fit about Gohan.Fortune Teller Baba arrives and showes Chi Chi Gohan.When she sees Gohan's lifles arm she faints.The scene changes to Gohan.He almost gives up but with encouregment from Goku's spirit Gohan prepares his most powerful kame ha ha.Cell then fires his beam.At the moment Gohan sees it he fires his kame ha ha
-end of episode


Subject: Episode Summary of #175

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: English Dubbed (Toonami)
Episode Title / Number: The Horror Won't End / #175

Gohan stands in front of Cell, blaming himself for not killing Cell
off when he had the chance; and for his fathers death. Cell stands with
his arms back and a powerful blast aimed at Gohan in his arms. Vegeta,
lying on the ground, feels very useless at this point, and actually
apologizes to Gohan. (That's a first.) Piccollo also adds to the
melancholy, wishing he had the power to stop this vicious creation of
Dr. Gero now wreaking havoc on Earth.

Cell explains to Gohan that he now knows what Dr. Gero meant when
he was talking of Cell being “ultimate perfection”. Flashing back to Dr.
Geroís lab, we see #17 and #18, as Dr. Gero holds up the blueprints of
the creation now called Cell. Getting angry at the two androids, Dr.
Gero orders the two androids to go back to their capsules, yet #18
pushes a row of capsules and breaks then, while #17 punches Dr. Gero.
The they both bid farewell to the tiny Cell, still growing in his
capsule, and then they both make their getaway from the lab. #18 and #17
fire at the lab and destroy it with Dr. Gero for good. Cell and his
capsule, however, remained perfectly intact. Cell was still healthily
growing, and with the help of the pre-recorded instructions Dr. Gero
left in the capsule, Cell emerged. Cell had found that the escaped
android pair had destroyed most all living beings, and in turn Trunks
had destroyed the two androids that Cell needed to evolve into his
complete form. His solution: to travel back in time before Trunks had
killed them. Cell used Trunks time machine, only he had to regress into
a larva, and also had to wait quite a while before turning into a full
Cell again. But once Cell had grown, he had quickly snatched up Android
17, and it his first step to becoming complete. Soon, Android 18 had
also been followed up, and Cell’s dream had come true; he was perfect.

Cell explains that he now has the power to gain strength from near
death experiences like a Saiyan; he may regenerate from a single cell
like Piccolo; and like Frieza, Cell may survive at any place. Cell now
plans to use his great power to destroy the entire solar system, rather
than just Earth. Gohan seems to be giving up; saying there's nothing he
can do, now. But the voice of Goku enters Gohan's mind, and encourages
Gohan to keep fighting; and to destroy Cell with a “Kamekameha”. Goku
explains that Cell has never drained Gohan's strength; it’s Gohan's own
doubts that are. Gohan aims a “Kamekameha” at Cell. The two both fire a
“Kamekameha” at the same time... but does one overpower the other?
-Ethan “Eman” Horger.


Summary: Cell stands poised to release a devastating Kamehameha. Gohan is distraught and does n't believe he can win now. Vegeta comes to and realizes what he has done and apologizes to Gohan, which surprises Gohan. Cell has a long flashback segment. It starts with his creation in Dr. Gero's lab and show how the Androids from Trunks timeline killed Dr. Gero. It goes on to when he was born and goes all the way through him being reformed into what he now calls his Ultimate Perfection. I'm not quite sure is Cell is talking to himself in his mind or if he's addressing Gohan. Cell asks Gohan if he is going to fight back. Gohan says "What's the point" he can't win. The earth is shaking from Cell's energy and people are running everywhere. Even the Nameks on New Namek can feel Cell's power. Chi Chi is upset that she can't see what's going on. The old witch, can't remember her name, comes over with her crystal ball and shows Chi Chi what is happening. Of course, Chi Chi Passes out. Goku then speaks to Gohan using King Kai. He tells him that he does have the power, that it's his own doubts that are holding him back. Gohan regains his confidence and charges a one-handed Kamehameha. Their energy fields clash causing the earth to shake even more. At last, both Cell and Gohan release their blasts and it leaves you hanging at that.

Review: Top notch as usual. The flashback is there for obvious reasons: to fill time. But that doesn't bother me. 9 out of 10. The next episode is called "Save the World"

Chris Mason 


series DBZ episode #175 title The horrer won't end.
in this episode: cell is still charging his kamehameha. vegeta shouts to gohan I'M SORRY.... gohan (says to himself) that vegeta is saying sorry for not being able to fight. cell start to realize what dr gero ment by total perfection a flash back: andriod 17+18 come down to dr gero typeing they say you will type your self to death he replies that my choice 17 grabs the blue prints for cell and says look 18 18 says if you so bent on destroying goku we can do dr gero replies fools then 17+18 destroy him as his head lies on the floor he tell 17+18 about how cell be absorb them both then (still in the falsh back) it show cell surviveing the exploion then it show cell absprbing 17 then 18 cell exploding (fat cell.)
then it was cell saying all his best parts (cells)
piccolo to rejenerate
sayains to become stronger after near death
freezer to surviver anywhere
then it gohan say so this is how it going to end cell then complanes that he wanted the end to better than this but ow well no piont in carrying it on
then telipathicly goku convinces gohan to manke the biggest kamehameha ever
and so KA........ME......HA.....ME........HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! they both throw there kamehameha at each other
next episode SAVEING THE WORLD..
                by Matty.B.



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