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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 174 - Cell Returns

Episode 174 
by gary norbraten 
Mr. PoPo and Dende chill at Dendes lookout. They seem kinda worried, and i 
dont blame them. Gokou is dead and on Snake Way with King Kai, Bubbles, and 
that Bee. Gohan ( and his one good arm ) and Cell facing each other, and 
Cells spews his two cents on his perfection and how he will take over the 
universe after he messes the earth up. Gohan just watches him and seems kind 
of dead set on giving up. Gohan hears his Dads voice through King Kai's 
Telepathy, telling him that he can beat cell, to give it everythigns hes got, 
and to shove a big kamehameha wave us cells backside. so cell fires his 
kamehameha wave, then Gohan fires his using his one good arm.. the hit, and 
its noticed that cells is reasonably larger. The End.. 



THE Z fighters are all happy that Cell is gone, but sad that Goku is gone too. Up in heaven King Kai and Goku are flying above snake way and Goku asks why he can't sense Cell's power. King Kai says that Cell somehow survived the explosion and Goku looks surprised. Down in the battlefield the Z fighters see a giant dust cloud with tons of power in it. Suddenly a little ball of ki comes flying past the Z fighters and pierces Trunks in the heart! It's Cell!!!!! Everyone gapses and act surprised. Cell starts laughing and walks out of the dust cloud. He starts telling them how he survived. Then they all look back and notice that Trunks isn't getting up. Yamcha sees Trunks move a little and says maybe he's still alive. In the uncut version after Yamcha says maybe Trunks is still alive, Trunks spits out a puddle of blood. Then everyone knows he's dead. Vegeta loses it and goe! s crazy that his son has died and starts pelting Cell with energy blasts. He stops, thinking that Cell is damaged badly or dead. Then Cell starts laughing again and hits Vegeta badly in the face and goes flying into the ground. Cell starts saying how foolish Vegeta is and fires a blast at him. Gohan jumps in and saves Vegeta, but his arm is damaged badly. Cell starts saying that Gohan is stupid like his father and starts a kamamamama wave and the episode ends.

I'm denny and this is my first dbz summary.


Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: English Dubbed (Toonami)
Episode Number / Title: #174 / Cell Returns!

The episode picks up with the Z fighters in astonishment of Cell’s
return to life, and that Trunks had been blasted so unexpectedly by
Cell. Goku, on Snake Way, asks King Kai how Cell can be alive; yet even
King Kai doesn't know how Cell survived his own “self detonation”. Cell,
enjoying all of the fear he's caused in all of the Z fighters, explains
that he survived the explosion because each Cell is independent. Cell
exploded, yet one of his cells were still alive... one cell, which is
all that's needed to transform back into his former self. Not only did
the living Cell grow into a full body for Cell, but it “remembered”
Cell’s perfect form, and therefore transformed him into it rather than
his normal form.

Gohan seems fearless, still. He rises to the challenge of defeating
Cell once again, and this time for his father, Goku, who had died in the
blast that Cell had caused. Vegeta now starts thinking about what had
just happened to Goku; to Trunks. Vegeta finally realizes that Trunks
had been protecting him through all of this, and had always been there
for him; yet he ignored Trunks. This causes Vegeta to charge up to Cell,
and in a blur of anger, Vegeta unleashes a TON of Rapid Fire at Cell,
creating a huge cloud of smoke. Vegeta waits back to see if the demon is
still alive, and then continues his Rapid Fire rage! Once Vegeta stands
back, to see the smoke clear, a healthy Cell emerges and quickly attacks
Cell stating, “It's not over until I say it's over... and it's over
now!” Cell slaps Vegeta to the ground, then releases a powerful blast
right at Vegeta,
yet Gohan dodges right in front of Vegeta, and takes the heat of the
blast. Cell stands back to admire his job... with Gohan lying on top of
Vegeta to protect him. Suddenly, Gohan starts to stand and faces Cell.
Gohan is obviously extremely weak and tired, yet refuses to give up,
even though there are no Senzu Beans remaining. With the abled Z
fighters now down, Gohan has to fight Cell by himself no matter what...
now Cell aims his arms at Gohan as if to perform a “Kamekameha” at

My name: Ethan “Eman” Horger


English dubbed
#174 Cell returns
this was sent at 4:30 mountain time...i watch DBZ at 3:00 p.m,i have satelite 
for Eastern time so it appears 3 hour before it does on my regular cable
Its a organized version of the ep. Cell Returns the next ep. is #175 The 
Horror wont end
-Gohan is pissed that Cell is still alive but Goku,his father isnt
-The tv crew says oh no why is the monster Cell back but the gold haired 
warrior is not here and forgets his mic is still broken and nobody can here 
-Gohan says he wont give up
-Cell says how he survived his own self destruct, he sed sumthing like 
this........................."A cell of his main core was left and he 
regenerated into his COMPLETE form even stronger..................and guess 
what while he was there he absorbed a little of Goku's cells of knowledge and 
now has tha knowledge to do INSTANT TRANSMISSION!
-Vegeta is mad for once that Trunks is probably dead but atleast Trunks was 
-Vegeta is mad at himself for all those times he ignored Trunks
-Vegeta thinks it is all Kakarott(Goku's) fault that Trunks is maybe dead.
-It goes to King kai and Kai says the only thing you destroyed was my 
-Vegeta charges at Cell and turns Super Saiyan.............FIRES!
Commercial Break
-Back to Vegeta...his fire reaches Cell a big smoke of dust comes
-Vegeta gives everything he has and starts rapid-fire at Cell......then he 
thinks its over
-Cell comes out of nowwhere and right in front of Vegeta and kicks him or i 
think he punched him and Vegeta is hit to the ground and his eyes are all 
white and is hurt realy bad.
-Cell says " now its over" and shoots a powerful beam at the beat up SS Vegeta
-Gohan runs and takes the hit for Vegeta.
-Cell says"why did Gohan sacrifice himself for Vegeta,I think I'll never 
understand saiyans."
-Gohan was still alive on top of Vegeta 
-Gohan says he wont ever give up
END OF episode is #175 The Horror wont end
Royce (Creator of SSJGohanExtreme)


English Dubbed
174. Cell Returns!

Everyone is surprised. Mr. Popo finds
out Cell's still alive. Cell says he regenerated
from his last cell. Then he says that he
managed to absorb some of Goku's cells
and now he can use Instant Transmission.
Gohan powers up. Everybody notices
Trunks move. Gohan powers up again.
Vegeta gets mad because Cell killed Trunks
and transforms. He throws tons of energy
blasts at Cell. Then he does it again. Cell
comes out of the smoke and hits him. Cell
shoots an energy beam. Gohan protects
Vegeta. After the smoke clears Gohan's
alive. Cell charges up a Kamehameha.

url: http://pavilion/dragonball


This Episode is called "Cell Remains". As we recall, Cell was about to 
explode when Goku sacrificed himself and brought Cell the King Kai's planet, 
where Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, ans Gregory float down Snake Way. But at the 
battle field, Cell is actually alive. He blasts Trunks in the stomach. The 
episode begins when all of the Z fighters are shocked when Cell returns. Cell 
explained that on King Kai's planet after the explosion, he somehow 
regenerated himself in his prefect form from one cell. He leaned that each 
cell had the memory of his perfect form, and using the Instant Transmission, 
he transported himself to the Cell Game. While Yamcha and Tien try to help 
Trunks salvage from the brink of death, Gohan powers up. Vegeta stares at the 
hurt Trunks. Everytime Trunks wanted to help, Vegeta just ignored him. He 
should of done something to prevent himself from his son's death. Vegeta 
powers up t in rage to SS and attacks Cell with a surprise blast and then 
lots of small blasts. Krillin is saying that it was fooloish for Vegeta to 
power up, he needed to save his energy. Vegeta flies up and blasts Cell 
again. Vegeta claims that it is over. Suddenly, Cell flies up and knocks 
Vegeta to the ground.Vegeta is now like Trunks, badly damaged. Cell fired a 
blast at Vegeta to finish him off, but gohan jumped in. When the dust 
cleared. Gohan's left arm was bloody and out of use. Cell decided to fight 
Gohan now. Yamcha says that Gohan is our only hope, with Trunks and Vegeta on 
the brink of death. Can Gohan defeat Cell with only one arm? Will the Earth 
be claimed for Cell? Is Yamcha right, is Gohan our last hope?Are Vegeta and 
Trunks dead? And what about Goku and King Kai on Snake Way? I hope the 
answers to these questions will be on the next episode.

-Michael Bloom


As the episode continues, Cell gets fustrated and tries to attack Gohen but Gohen dodges Cell's attacks and punchs Cell's stomach and it looks like he get's sick but, he actually throws up and spits out Android #18 and then the Z fighters notice it especially Krillin. 
But,any way Cell changes into his half-perfect form, then Cell tries to power up and then he grows and gets fat.Then, Cell says that this is my maximum and tries to self-destruct.
Then,everybody has a shocking look on their face and Cell says if you hit me I explode with you and your little friends.Then,Gohen drops on his knees and feels ashamed of hisself and says that his father tells him to destroy him but,Gohen refuses and lets Cell take advantage then at the Z fighters corner, Goku turns around and tells everybody that he has a plan,then Trunks founds out what he is about to say and tells him no.Then Goku says "this is the only way I can think of,this is for the Earth,Good bye my friends." And Goku uses his Instant Transmission and disappears and reappear in front of Cell and Gohen tells his dad no,then Goku says "takes care of your mother for me." Then Cell and Goku disappear to King Kai's place and his planet explodes and Goku,Gregory the grasshopper,Bubbles the monkey,and King Kai die.But Cell doesn't and back on Earth everyone is about to leave and Piccolo senses some energy still living and a cloud of smoke rises and Cell is back and better than ever and shoots two ki blasts.One hits nobody and the second one hits Trunks in his chest and out of his back then everybody looks back at a unconious Trunks and his dad Vegeta gets mad and attacks Cell with many blasts giving everything he has to avenge his son.Then out of the smoke Cell rushes and punches Vegeta in his face and now Vegeta is now unconious and Cell says "it ain't over till I say it's over."and shoots out a big blast and tries to take out Vegeta permently and then Gohen saves Vegeta by risking his own life.


Summary: As the title implies, Cell has returned. He was able to regenreate because one single cell remained after the explosion. And somehow he has regained his perfect form and even more powerful than before. Goku blames himself, saying that Cell tricked him. Cell asks if any else will challenge him now. Gohan powers up, saying he's not afraid. Trunks starts to move. He's not quite dead. Vegeta goes balisitic. He blames himself for not treating Trunks fairly and blames Goku for Trunks being hurt. Just before Gohan and Cell can go at it, Vegeta blows his top and flies head on at Cell. He fires a big blast and when that's done, he fires several flurries into the cloud of smoke. When he stops he thinks it's over, but Cell comes out of the cloud of dust and smoke and smacks Vegeta down to the ground, knocking him silly. He says now it's over and fired a fatal blast at Vegeta. Gohan flies in and take the blast, saving Vegeta. When the dust clears, Goah nis laying over Vegeta, neither of them moving. Soon Gohan gets up though. His left arm, which took the blast, is badly injured and bloody. He won't give up tho. Cell comes down and gets in the Kamehameha power up position and says he's going to end it now.

Review: Well, it's not as top notch as the others but pretty good. I'm slightly disappointed that they reused footage alot in this episode. I hadn't seen that in DBZ yet, atleast not this obvious anyway. But other than that, pretty good.


wasup lugia728 here
episode #174 CELL'S RETURN dbz,english dubbed(i think)
it starts off showing trunks with a hole in his belly(ouch)and seems
dead.cell explains  that when he exploded he killed goku,king kai,his
monkey and grasshopper thingy.he says when he blew up there was one(1)
cell left in the debri of king kai's planet. the he started to
regenerate and became cell(third form)again.but came back to earth when
he used"instant transmition"(goku's move)he said"when i blew up i must
have absorbed some of goku's cells".then trunks moves a little and
yamcha tells everyone he's alive but hurt really bad.then vegeta thinks
to himself oh no my son trunks is almost dead i wish i would have payed
more atention or something like that.he flies toward cell and on the way
poers up to a super sayan.he shoots cell about a million times a
yells"you will pay cell"then lets the dust clear and yells again"come
out and show yourself or i'll shoot you again" cell dosent show up
so,yup you guessed it shot him again,and again,and again sorta like an
energizer battery =). then cell flies up and whacks vegeta down to the
groung REAL HARD.then he uses some attack like a kameha-heha.but gohan
gets mad and blocks it with his arm.dust clears and gohan's arm is
paralized and bleeding bad.tein says to throw him a sensu bean.krillin
says their out of sensu beans.yamcha says"gohan's our only hope.goku is
dead,vegeta and trunks are out and if gohan dosent make it the earth is
doomed.cell powers up greatly and gets ready for an attack and says"I
WILL LIVE FOREVER"(yeah right)
and then awwwwwwww it ends  the preveiws show cell powering up and gohan
is firing a huge kamea-heha then the credits roll.

visit my site lugia's world


This episode was bad because every body got beat.At first Goku was 
surprised that cell did not die!He really only had one cell left that made 
him hole again.(he also got goku's instant transmission) Back with the z 
team,Gohon then powered up again and said he would never give up,he said he 
learned that from his father.But then Vegeta attacked Cell in a huge rage!He 
felt so bad that cell had killed trunks.He sent lodes of his most powerful ki 
beams at him and he thought he had killed him.Then cell jumped up and said 
it's my turn and he hit Vegeta in the head real hard.He fell and hit the 
floor.Then Gohon fought him and got beat up to (goku's power gave him a real 
booste).Then the episode ended.


Name: Mystic Goku
Series: DBZ American dub
Episode #:174
Title: Cell Returns!
Cell comes back to life, after thought by the Z team to have been dead, and shoots Trunks through the heart. Everyone thinks Trunks is dead, but he's still hanging onto life, as Krillin finds out. Cell explains that he was able to regenerate back into his complete form from a single nerve cell that survived the explosion on King Kai's planet, and that Goku was killed in the explosion. Vegeta sees his son dying and realizes that he has ignored Trunks and been rude to him and is able to change that, so he attacks Cell in a fit of rage with a series of energy attacks. Cell jumps out of the smoke and smashes Vegeta as hard as he can to the ground. Then, he says that this fight is over and shoots the same blast he used on Trunks at Vegeta, but SSJ2 Gohan jumps in the way and the blast severely messes up his left arm and cripples it. Gohan gets back up and stares angrily at Cell. On Snake Way, King Kai is still yelling at Goku for bringing Cell to his planet and having it destroyed. Back on Earth, Cell starts to power up a Kamehameha. The episode ends.


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