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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 173 - A Hero's' Farewell

English, Dubbed
A Hero's Farewell #173

As the episode begins you see, 18 lying in front of Cell on the ground. After 
a few minutes Cell goes back to his second form. He battles Gohan for several 
more minutes until he's almost dead. Then Cell gets huge and everyone wonders 
what's going on. Cell explains that he is about to blow up and take the world 
with him. Everyone is amazed. They have only a minute until Cell blows up so 
they attempt to come up with a plan. With 10 seconds left Goku decides what 
to do. He tells Vegeta, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Trunks, and Piccolo good-bye 
and flies out to the battle field. He then tells Cell and Gohan his plan. 
Cell is extremely angry and Gohan is amazed. Some of his last words are "Take 
care of your mother for me" then he and Cell are gone. They appear at King 
Kai's place and again Goku explains. The king is angry but he knows what must 
happen. He nods and the Kai's planet is gone. After many flashes the scene 
goes back to Gohan. He is very upset, Krillin is too. After they calm down 
the scene again changes, this time to Goku. It is just then when Goku 
realizes that Cell should be with them. Goku is amazed and then yells. Back 
on Earth the Z fighters turn their backs and begin to leave. Right before 
they do, Piccolo senses something. Just then a huge blast of wind hits the Z 
fighters. You see a cloud of smoke with electricity running through it. 
Everyone says "No..." about a second before something terrible happens. From 
the smoke, two ki blasts come shooting out. Everyone dodges the first, but 
the second is a direct hit to my personal favorite character. The victim of 
the second blast is Trunks. He goes flying several feet before dropping dead 
on the battle field with a large hole through his chest. Vegeta gets 
extremely angry and then you see who is behind the cloud of smoke. Cell is 
standing there laughing. And he is in his perfect form. 

Michael A.

A hero's farewell 

The epiaode starts with Cell deforming into his second stage because he coughed up 18.Cell stats to run from Gohan and nearly falls down a huge crack in the ground .Gohan then steps on his hand making Cell fall.Needless to say Cell fly's back.Gohan then kicks Cell threw a large rock or small hill.Cell then powers up and starts to grow in size.Now we find out why he basicly says i'm not losing to you i'm going to blow up and kill everyone.Gohan then thinks of killing him before he can blow-up then Cell tells him to watch or he will make him exsplode.Cell says 1 min. that's all the time left.Then Gohan thinks and finally realizes he should have killed Cell when he had a chance.Gokuo then gets a plan but can't explain because there wasn't enough time everyone wondered what it was until Trunks figured it out.Cell then informs them they have 10 secs. left.Gokuo transports to Cell turns to Gohan and says"Hey you put up a good fight Gohan I'm proud of you" Gohan replies"what daddy!"Gokuo says "take care of your mom tell her I had to do this" then he transports too king ask him not to but Gokuo says there was nowhere else and he did it for the earth.Kia saya"you could have called first".then Cell exsplodes.Roshi says i don't know what happend but i can't fill Cell's or Gokou's life force.Bulma asks if he could tell if thier even alive,he just jerks his head then she screams.then it shows Gokuo,Kia,Gregory,and Bubbles floating down snake way Gokuo says hey I did it to save the earth.then bvack on earth out of nowhere a blast comes flying threw the air threw Trunks's chest.then you hear Cell say my aim is still as good as before as Vegeta watches his son die. 


Hey, I'm DarkKitty (not Emmazing) and I'd like to post a summary for
DBZ's episode #173, "A Hero's Farewell":

The episode starts out with Cell gasping in disbelief about how much
power Gohan possessed. Now in his second stage, without Android 18, Cell
is continuing to struggle. Gohan has yet another chance to destroy the
monsterous creature, but fails to do so, trying to make Cell suffer more
and more for his evil deeds. Nothing the Z warriors said could make
Gohan stop in his tracks as he continued to beat Cell. Finally, Cell
stopped and began to expand himself, telling everyone that he would self
destruct, that way neither of them could win, and it would be the end of
the earth. Gohan now realizes what he had done by leaving Cell allive
for so long, and his father's words begin to haunt him. Why hadn't he
destroyed Cell when he had the chance? It was too late now, because the
slightest hit towards Cell would cause him to blow up, causing Gohan and
the Z Warriors to loose all hope, but Goku had a plan. Bidding a quick
farewell to Krillin and the others, he uses his instant transmission
technique to teleport where Cell and Gohan are standing and says a quick
goodbye to his son, telling him how proud he was of him and to take
care of ChiChi, then leaves Gohan and teleports the destructive Cell and
himself to the only place possible: King Kai's planet. King Kai was none
too pleased with this, especally when Cell blew up, causing the
destruction of his planet, and the deaths of them all. Later, in
"heaven" (don't know the real name. sorry!) , Goku and King Kai are
still arguing about bringing Cell to his planet. Gou continues to
apologize, when he realizes one thing: Cell wasn't with them. Which
meant he was still alive.

Meanwhile, back on earth, Vegeta and Krillin are arguing about
whether or not to destroy Android 18 while she was still unconscious.
Gohan is devestaded about Goku's sacrifice and wishes it were himself
that had died, and not Goku.The Z Warriors try to cheer him up, when
suddenly, out of nowhere, a blast is thrown from the sky, hurtling past
the Z Warriors, and hitting Trunks square on the chest. The others,
especially Vegeta, are shocked at this, and when all the dust clears,
Cell, now back to his final form, appears stating to be stronger than

Summary: Cell reverts to his second form after throwing up Android 18. He tries to attack Gohan but it's not use. Finally he starts to bloat up like a balloon. He says that he's going to blow up and take the Earth and Gohan with him. Gohan can't attack because it would cause him to blow up faster. Gohan falls to the ground and says that he has failed, that he let his power get to his head and should have destroyed Cell when he had the chance. With 10 seconds left Goku says there's only one thing to do to save the Earth now. Krillin and Trunks pick up on the plan right away and plead with him not to do it. Goku says "Goodbye my friends" and teleports to where Cell and Gohan are. He tells Gohan that he put up a good fight and that he is proud of him and to take care of his mother and tell her that he had no choice. He says goodbye and teleports himself and Cell to King Kai's planet. He apologizes to King Kai saying this was the first place he could think of to bring Cell. Cell blows up and Goku and the others are enveloped in the blast.

Back on Earth, Gohan cries and calls out for his dad. He blames himself for his dad sacrificing himself. 
All the Z Fighters are visibly shaken, except for Vegeta. Krillin falls down to his knees. Hercule and Co. stand looking with blank faces, wondering what has happened. The announcer talks into his non-functioning mic saying that the Cell games must be over since Cell and "the other guy" is gone. Krillin goes to Gohan and tells him it's ok to cry and that it wasn't his fault, that if it weren't for him they'd all be dead now. He then remembers about Android 18 and goes and picks hers up. Vegeta says that she should be destroyed but Krillin says she's not that bad and that she needs some help.

Back on Snake Way, Goku, Kai, Bubbles and Jeremy are floating around with halos. Goku again apologizes for blowing up Kai's planet. Then Kai and Goku notice that Cell isn't there. That he should be there with them. That means he's still alive.

Back on Earth, Cell reappears with a big dust storm hiding him for sight. But the Z Fighters can tell it's him by his energy. A blasts is fired from Cells fingers and goes right through Trunk's chest, which I assume has killed him. The dust clears revealing Cell back in his Perfect form laughing.

Review: Another top notch episode! My one gripe, Goku had ample time to collect Kai and the others and use the Instant Transmission to get to safety, but instead he just stood there waiting for Cell to blow. 9 out of 10.

Chris Mason 


173. A Hero's Farewel

I am the Webmaster of <A HREF=""> - Dragonball Tech</A>

This episode is very exciting, it starts of with 18 lying on the ground after 
cell "threw her up." Gohan is kicking cell around here and there, and Goku, 
Picolo and the others are yelling at him to kill cell, since he threw up 18 
and is now in his second form. Then suddenly after Gohan is punching and 
kicking stage 2 cell around, cell goes insane and initiates his self 
destruct. There is no way to stop this since the slightest movement will set 
him off. Gohan is crying for his stupidity, and then Goku says Goodbye to 
everyone. Piccolo know what he is about to do, and Krillen is trying to stop 
him. But Goku says "it is the only way." He then Instant Transmission him 
self to Cell and telleports him and cell to King Kai's Planet, where cell 
explodes. Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory are now dead, with little 
Halos, and King Kai is sooooo angry at Goku for blowing up his Planet, and 
calling him a pest. They notice cell is not with them and they fear he is 
still alive. Meanwhile,.. on earth a massive explosion takes place, and now 
a beam of light just shot through Trunks, and he is lying there dead. Out of 
the dust comes Perfect Cell to get his revenge.......

A HEROS FAREWELL on by cameron arrigoni 
english version episode173 cell saga DBZ

cell pukes out android 18 and shrinks to his third form .Then he tries to 
beat gohan
and fails.then cell falls in a pit but he survives.then cell turns really fat 
and tries to blow up earth but gohan cant stop him this time So goku says 
farewell to his friends and goes to were gohan is he says goodbye to him and 
brings cell to king kais planet an cell destroys king kais planet.Back on 
earth the ztv people say its the end of the cell games .then in the snat wave 
king kai gets mad at goku for envolving him in the cell games .then goku 
realizes that cell is not with them in snat wave.He is actually on earth . 
then cell returns to earth in his final form.

#173 A Hero's Farewell Dubbed in English
Dragonball Z
Hi, my name is Eddie Swanson and I am doing a review on A Hero's 
Farewell dubbed in English. The Episode number is 173.

So, this episode begins with Perfect Cell in his big fat form. He is 
breaking down from the kick that SSJ2 Gohan planted in his stomach. He then 
breaks down. He starts to try and hurt Gohan. He is about to fall off a cliff 
and is hanging on with one hand (don't know why he just doesn't pull himself 
up and run away) and Gohan is slowly walking towards him. Gohan steps on Semi 
Perfect Cell's hand and Cell falls.
He uses a boost of ki and shoots back up. He trys to hurt Gohan some more and 
then starts getting all fat again. Every Z fighter is very suprised. Cell 
keeps getting fatter and fatter. He claims he is going to blow up the earth. 
Piccolo says Cell isn't bluffing this time. Goku uses instant transmission 
and goes right in front of Cell. He tells Gohan he is proud of him and to 
take care of his mother and teleports Cell away to King Kai's planet. Cell 
blows up with Goku, King Kai, Gregory, and Bubbles next to him. Gohan is 
mourning down on earth and Krillin says that it is ok and stuff. The scene 
switches to Goku, King Kai, Gregory, and Bubbles floating on Snake Way. King 
Kai is complaining. Goku asks him how many times he has to say sorry. Down on 
earth Gohan is still mourning and is now only in SSJ mode. Suddenly a cloud 
of smoke appears. Cell is back and not dead! He shoots a beam and it hits 
Trunks. Everyone is suprised, but mostly Vegeta. And that is the end of that 
episode of Dragonball Z!

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