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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 172 - Cell's Mighty Breakdown

The episode starts off with Cell looking pretty ticked off. He tells 
Gohan that he should have had more respect for him. Cell flies into the air, 
powers up two destructo disks, and hurls them at Gohan. Gohan catches them 
and blows them up. Cell then powers up a huge Special Beam Cannon and shoots 
it at Gohan. Gohan knocks it into the air. 

Hercule says that Gohan has talent and should take him on as one of his 
students. His other students whine. The camera man is working on trying to 
fix the camera. The reporter asks him to fix the mike because he wants his 
fans to know what's going on. He turns to Hercule and says that Gohan is 
stronger than him. Hercule says that the kid has talent but is not stronger.
Cell says that Gohan is just a boy and can't believe his power. Gohan 
tells Cell that he shouldn't have pushed him. Gohan is sorry that he has to 
destroy Cell. Cell flies a bit away and powers up a huge Kamehameha and says 
he's going to destroy the earth. He fires at Gohan. The beam gets closer 
and closer to the ground. Vegeta says that this is some way to go. Just as 
the beam is about to hit the ground, Gohan counters with his own yet more 
powerful Kamehameha. Gohan's beam knocks Cell's back at him, and Cell loses 
his left arm, legs, and those two things coming out of his head. 

Goku flashes back to one day where Gohan and Goku were training in the 
hyperbolic time chamber. Gohan had got Goku off guard, but the move had 
taken a lot out of Gohan. Goku says that they have been training twenty 
hours and should take a brake. Goku starts to head back to the living 
quarters, but Gohan tells him that he still wants to train. Goku turns 
around and sees yellow and purple energy around Gohan as he tries to get up. 
Gohan screams to get back into Super Saiyan mode but faints from exhaustion. 
Goku syas that from that day on, Goku knew that Gohan would defeat Cell.
Goku and the others tell Gohan to finish Cell while he's weak. Gohan 
says that he wants Cell to suffer. Cell regenerates and powers up so that 
almost his whole body is muscular. He is making the same mistake Trunks did. 
He flies at Gohan, but Gohan kicks Cell in the face. Cell says that Gohan 
isn't a boy but a monster. Cell starts to look sick because he's used up so 
much energy. He puts his hand over his mouth trying to hold in whatever he's 
throwing up. Cell finally barfs up something, and it's Android 18! Piccolo 
says that Cell is finished for sure now. Cell's body begins to shrink back 
to the way it was before he swallowed 18.

Episode 173: A Hero's Farewell- Cell puffs up like a balloon as if he has 
some hideous plan to win the battle. I won't tell you what happens but will 
tell you that someone you least expects dies.


The episode starts with Gohan Wipping Cell.Cell gets mad and powers
up,and shoots a huge kameahamea while everyone freaks Gohan is
calm.Right as it's about to hit earth Gohan shoots his own
kameahamea.This sends cells flying right back at him.When the smoke
clears everyone is buried in sand.Everyone ecsept Piccolo and Gokuo
think Cell is dead.but when he comes down he had lost his whole left leg
and arm and half of his right leg.evryone chears until Picollo reminds
them that Cell can regenerate because he has some of Piccolo's
cells.Gokuo tells Gohan with he then replises "Iwant to let him suffer a
little bit"Cell regenerates and then the episode ends. - Danny Dycus


Title: Cell's Bresk-Down
It stats off with Cell P.O at Gohan and tries some blasts, a few seconds 
later it shows the dream on team all say that Gohan is better than Hercruel 
but he says he needs his training but he is really in for it for the 
popularity. Back at the battle Cell tries a huge blast but gohan repels it 
and Cell uses Friezers 2end form and gets really big. After running around 
him a while he hurks ups 18 and goes back to his imperfect form but he is 
still is really big - Tom

English Dubbed
172. Cell's Mighty Breakdown

Gohan walks over to Cell. Cell's mad. He keeps trying to kick Gohan. Gohan blocks them all. Gohan hits him. Cell throws two Destructo Disks. Gohan blocks both of them. Cell fires a Special Beam Cannon. Gohan blocks it. Hercule says Gohan is an amatuer. Cell's afraid. Cell flys up. Cell fires a really huge Kamehameha. Gohan says, "Kaaa-meee-haaa-meee-haaa!" It overpowers Cell's Kamehameha. Vegeta comes out of the sand. Then everybody else comes out. Piccolo and Goku sense Cell. Cell is missing the top of his head, a hand, part of his wings, and half of both of his legs. Gohan wants to make Cell suffer a little more. Cell regenerates and powers up. He's too big to catch Gohan. Gohan makes Cell sick. He spits out Android 18. The next episode: A Hero's Farewell.


Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: US Dubbed (Toonami)
Episode Title / Number: "Cellís Mighty Breakdown" / #172

If you recall, SS2 Gohan had punched Cell right in the gut, putting
Cell right down on his knees and giving Gohan a advantage. Now, Gohan
stands in front of the hurt Cell; while Krillin questions why Gohan
can't just kill Cell now. (Even Mr. Satan, aka Hercule comments that he
can't believe Gohan). Cell charges Gohan with a kick that Gohan blocks.
Cell keeps on kickin' while Gohan keeps blocking; and Cell demands that
Gohan fight back. Gohan then kicks Cell into the ground. Cell recovers
from the SuperSaiyijn 2's mighty blow, and tries to counter by using his
"Destructo-Discs" attack. But Gohan does the impossible and catches the
discs and destroys them. Cell next uses his all-powerful "Special Beam
Cannon", yet the amazing Gohan deflects the beam, out of harm's way.
Then Cell uses his "Rapid Fire" and the fire passes right through Gohan.

Here comes the best part of the episode! Hercule states that Gohan
has a real talent and that he should take him "under his wing" and train
him; yet the announcer states that the boy is far more powerful than
Hercule is. (With all the great conflict between Gohan and Cell, you may
not think of this part as so good, but I have been waiting for those
stupid people to realize how stupid and weak they, and Hercule, really

Any way, Gohan and Cell are facing each other, and Cell looks
terrified. Gohan explains to Cell that he had warned him from the
beginning; that if Cell unleashed Gohan's powers, it would mean the end
of Cell. Cell then immediately turns around and flies away, but not to
retreat. He flies up and explains that he's going to destroy the world
with a powerful "Kamekameha", and it's aimed right at Gohan!! But, amid
the blast, Gohan releases his own "Kamekameha" at Cell, and stops Cellís
attack by sending it to space, and leaving Cell arm less in the process.
Gohan lets Cell regenerate an arm, wanting Cell to suffer. Cell is
p*ssed off that Gohan won't just destroy him; that he's toying with him.
Then, Gohan kicks Cell in the stomach, and stands back to watch Cell
squirm. Cell now shockingly spits out Android 18, seemingly still
alive!! On a personal note, these episodes are totally awesome! I am
totally loving Gohan kicking the crap out of Cell!
Next Episode's Title: "Farewell to a Hero"
My name: Ethan "Eman" Horger


Hi! This review is for Dragon Ball Z English Toonami Episode 172:


As the episode begins, we see Cell still slightly reeling from those power punches our little hero gave him last time. Cell starts carrying on about how powerful he is. Then Gohan tells Cell: "What's the matter Cell? Isn't this what you wanted? You're afraid because I'm more powerful than you. I tried to tell you what would happen if you pushed me too far. Now you are scared because you know that I'll destroy you!!!" (Gohan flares his energy a little) Cell, who is now panic-stricken, blasts into the sky, far from Gohan. Cell proclaims: "Let's see you handle THIS! Destructo Discs!" Cell forms two huge Destruto Discs in his hands and launches them at Gohan. Amazingly, the boy catches them in his hands, and with a small flare of his energy, causes them to simply disappear! Everyone is in awe of Gohan's amazing power. 

Even Hercule and co. finally stop being complete idiots, and the ZTV Crew and Hercules' followers realize that Hercule's a phony! Hercule still says that he's the reason why Gohan's winning. "I think that kid definitely has some talent, but not as much as me!", said Hercule, while at the same time thinking "This kid is amazing!!!".

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Cell is getting very annoyed, and puts two fingers to his forehead. We all know what that means: "SPECIAL BEAM CANNON! HA! WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW?!?!?!", Cell exclaimed. With a flick of his wrist, Gohan knocked away the blast. It exploded in the sky behind him. Cell dropped down to the ground, screaming: "RAPID FIRE!!!", launching a series of blasts from his index finger. These shots simply pass through Gohan and cause no damage whatsoever. Realizing that he cannot kill Gohan, Cell flies into the air once more. He yells down to Gohan: "I'LL BLOW UP THE WHOLE PLANET!!!" Once in position, he slowly recites the name of the most famous move in all of the DBZ series: "KA... ME... HA... ME..."
"Don't do it Cell!", Goku interrupts. "HAAAA!!!" The blast from Cell is enormous, and it travels straight for Gohan. Just as it's about to hit, Gohan releases his own Kamehameha, and although Gohan's blast looked smaller, it pushed Cell's wave right back into him! When the dust clears, Cell is missing both arms, one leg, and the horn-like armor on his head. Goku says: "Finish him, son!" But for some reason, Gohan simply stands there, allowing Cell to regenerate. Cell floats down, and his chest begins to bulge. Cell covers his mouth, and begins to drool. Then, unexpectedly, he literally vomits up Android #18, completely in one piece. She is covered in spit, slime, and other "yummy substances" inside of Cell. Cell begins to revert back to his second evolutionary stage.


-Kevin Grace


In Episode 102, Cell is shocked that SS2 Gohan brought him to his knees in 
two hits. Cell gets frustrated and powers up. Gohan is still kicking his ass, 
even when Cell is stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Hercule, Earth "last hope", 
decides to take Gohan under his wing. Anyway, Cell gets even more frustrated 
and he flies up and launches a giant Kamehameha, in his last hope to dstroy 
Gohan and the Earth. When the blast almost touches SS2 Gohan,Gohan launches 
an even bigger Kamehameha and Cell. Everyone is still alive after the blast, 
evryone is confident that Cell is gone, except for Goku and Piccolo. Cell is 
actually alive, with both if his legs and arms cut up. Piccolo warns Gohan 
that if he doesn't destroy Cell now, Cell will regenerate (remember, Cell has 
cells of Piccolo).Gohan does not listen and Cell regenerates. Cel gets so 
pissed off that he triggers himself to transform to a new form. It is his 
last form, only much , much bigger. Cell tries to attack Gohan, but Goku said 
that when Cell transformed, his big body made him too slow. Goku is bringing 
back memories of when he and Gohan were training in the hyperbolic time 
chamber. Gohan was getting stronger each day, and when he was tired, he would 
still go on fighting. Back at the Cell Game, Gohan kicked big Cell in the 
face, and then punched him in the stomach. It looked like Cell was throwing 
up, and Piccolo was the only one who new what was happening. Cell spit up, 
and in the spit was...Androind 18. Everyone thought she was lost. Cell was 
still holding his mouth, and even though Gohan had the power to destroy Cell, 
he wouldn't destroy him.


Episode #172 

English/Dubbed Version 

It all starts off with gohan Dodging all of Cells Furious attacks.He 
hits Cell Really Hard a few times. 
Basicly the whole episode gohan is on the ground in the same spot.Dodging and 
hitting away all of Cells attacks! I mean,Cell Did Piccolo's "Special Beam" 
Attack and Gohan Simply tapped it away like hitting a ball up in the air! 
But the best part wuz when Cell went up high in the sky and He did a 
"KAMEHAMEHA" Attack at Gohan! 
The Ki ball was huge(bigger than the spirit bomb Goku used against Freeza in 
the Freeza Saga)!Goku thought it wuz the end of the world!U know that Yell he 
makes when it looks like It's all over!Thatz the Yell he made!Even Vegita 
said in his thoughts <It can't end like this!>So Gohan Did another 
"KAMEHAMEHA" Attack right before the attack hit the earth!When He did the 
attack he didn't ball up his hands until he said the part of 
"KAMEHA(ME)HA!".It wuz ten times bigger than Cells!The blast almost Destroyed 
Cell!His left arm,the top of his head that sticks up,and his right leg wuz 
Then,Goku said that Gohan Had 2 Destroy Cell know! But Gohan said that He 
wanted 2 let Cell Suffer.Goku said that if He waited longer Cell would 
Regenerate! But Gohan just looked back up and smiled when he regenerated.Cell 
Went back down and Charged So He got Huge!He wuz Stronger than Gohan but his 
size slowed Him Down. 
Then,nearing the end,Gohan Kicked Cell Really Hard In the Cheek So that 
His Cheek Wuz all Pushed in.Cell said Fearfully"Ur notta Boy!Ur a 
Monster!"Then 2 allmost kill Cell Gohan Kicked Cell with all His Stregnth in 
the stomach..Cell Barfed out Android 18.Krillin Wuz Kinda Happy and suprized 
The episode Endz With piccolo saying that Cell Will Never become perfect 


I give this episode a 9 fo desperate measures by cell and the awesome 
Effects He Did in his attacks.And because there wuz more blood than any other 
english episode I ever saw! 

My name is Tristan and my site is  

In the next episode cell will try 2 explode 2 destroy the earth.But Goku will 
teleport him off the earth and die with cell.Gohan will fall 2 His knees and 
cry because he knew he should Have listened to His dad. when he said 2 
destroy him know! 

Man I can't wait for the Majin Buu Saga and GT!


The episode begins with the Z fighters standing in awe at Gohan, who 
is a Super Saiyan 2,easily defeating Cell.Cell is low on power and on 
options.He attempts to throw two Destructo Discs at Gohan. Gohan catches both 
Discs and throws them away. Cell then tries to use the Speacial Beam Cannon 
on Gohan.This only ends in Gohan deflecting the beam away. Meanwhile the TV 
station camera is still broken and Hercule is commenting on how he will train 
Gohan.Gohan then starts saying to Cell how he warned him about pushing him 
around.Cell seemingly tries to escape but actually flies into the air and 
unleashes a massive Kamehameha Energy Wave at Gohan in an attempt to destroy 
the Earth. Just before the energy wave hits Gohan he unleashes his own 
smaller but much more powerful Kamehameha Energy Wave.Gohan's attack easily 
throws Cell's back at him.Goku then flashes back! to when he was training 
Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. A scene is shown where Gohan went into 
Super Saiyan 2 for a second and Goku realizes that Gohan has a better chance 
of beating Cell than himself. Cell is left with his head flaps, right foot, 
left leg,and left arm missing. Gohan stalls while Cell regenerates.Cell 
increases his size and attacks with failed multiple kicks against Gohan.Gohan 
returns the favor by kicking Cell in the face leaving a dent.He then kicks 
Cell in the face which causes Cell to throw-up Android 18.Things are looking 
worse for Cell. 

End of episode.... 
Summary by 
Baron BEM


First of all, I'd like to say that my spelling isn't all that good with the
characters' names. Next, after just about everything Gohan does, it shows a
scene with the Z fighters gasping in surprise. Throughout the episode, Cell
goes on and on about how he can't be defeated by a boy and that he is the
greatest. With that said, here's the summary!

Series: DBZ
Version: English
Episode: #172
Title: "Cell's Mighty Breakdown"

Cell is groaning and staring at Gohan. Krillin wonders out loud why Gohan
doesn't just finish Cell off.

Meanwhile, Hercule is staring at Gohan, amazed, while the cameraman tries to
fix his camera and the announcer whines about not being able to show the
fans the fight.

Gohan starts walking toward Cell and stops right in front of him. Cell
calls Gohan "as foolish as his father" and starts trying to kick him. Gohan
blocks each of Cell's kicks with his hands, and, when Cell shouts, "Now
fight me!", kicks Cell in the face. Cell is knocked back a bit and stands
up, looking pretty hurt.

Gohan starts walking toward Cell again. Cell makes two Destructo-Disks and
hurls them at Gohan. Gohan simply catches both of them and blasts them away
with his energy. Cell flies up into the air and does a Special Beam Cannon.
Gohan knocks it away with his hand, and it blows up high in the sky. Cell
flies down and shoots rapid-fire blasts at Gohan, which seem to pass right
through him.

Meanwhile, Hercules, thinking "That kid is gold," announces that Gohan has
talent and that he will take Gohan "under his wing." After his two
sidekicks finish whining, the announcer (MAN, have I been waiting for
this!!) asks Hercules, "Who are you trying to fool?" Hercules brushes this
away, saying that Gohan is really weaker than him.

Gohan begins taunting Cell, and finishes by saying that "I will destroy
you." Cell (seriously scared) flies up into the air and makes a big
Kamea-mea Wave, saying that he will destroy the planet and that there is
nothing Gohan can do to stop him. Gohan counters with an even bigger wave,
and Cell is hit by the blast.

One by one, the Z fighters pick themselves up from the dust. After a short
conversation, Cell is spotted floating in the air, minus a few limbs and
looking beat up, but still alive. Goku starts thinking back to the training
with Gohan in the chamber.

Piccilo shouts that Cell will regenerate, and Goku orders Gohan to finish
off Cell quickly. Gohan refuses with a smirk, saying he wants Cell to
suffer. Goku gets more frantic, but Gohan won't obey. Suddenly, Cell
regenerates all his missing limbs. Now extremely ticked off, he starts
charging up again and gets really big and buffed up.

Cell flies down in front of Gohan and starts talking about how he's going to
kick his butt. However, Gohan easily dodges every move Cell makes, and
Trunks comments on how Cell's size is slowing him down. Gohan finally hits
Cell in the face and then the stomach. Cell staggers around, looking like
he's sick and about to throw up. Piccilo says something about this being
the end of Cell. Cell then spits out Android 18. End.

Next episode is called "A Hero's Farewell." I hope you enjoyed my summary!



The Series is: Dragon Ball Z
Version: English 
Episode Title: "Cell's Great Breakdown"
My Name: SSJ4Gogeta or Wufei shall do

Summary: Gohan approached Cell after he powered up and Cell tried to punch 
Gohan many times, but Gohan just blocked it. Then Gohan grabbed Cell's arm 
and kicked him in the face very hard. Cell tried to hit Gohan but missed 
every time, and then Gohan kicked Cell in the face SOOO hard that it left a 
HUGE dent! Cell became extemely angry and flew up in the air to power up a 
HUGE I mean Spirit Bomb size Kamehameha! When he shot it at Gohan, he said 
it would destroy the Earth because of its power, but Gohan remained calm. As 
the Kamehameha reached Gohan, Gohan launched his own EVEN LARGER Kamehameha 
at Cell's Kamehameha to return the favor. It over-powered Cell's and hit him 
head on. After an explosion that covered everyone in a huge blanket of sand, 
Cell appeared, half destroyed. All that was left was his head, middle body, 
one arm, and half a leg! So Cell regenerated his body parts of coarse and 
powered up really big and ugly like his second form to attack Gohan. Although 
he threw many big hefty punches, Gohan dodged them all with his emmense 
speed. Then after apparently being bored with about 10 missing punches, Gohan 
kicked him with a huge blow to the stomach. This made Cell start shaking and 
puke out Android 18! The next episode is called Farewell to our "Hero!"You 
can contact me at 


Summary: Cell is heavily damaged from Gohan's 2 punches. And boy is he mad about it. He gets all pumped up again and tries throwing 2 Destructo Disks at Gohan, who once again shocks the entire crowd by catching them and dispersing the energy. Mr. Sa...errr...Hercule comments on how good Gohan is and that he should take him under his wing and train him. His 2 lackies are offended at this and the blonde ditsy girl says that he could make a lot of money with that kid. Then the announcer actaully says something intelligent and points out that Gohan is obviously more skilled than Hercule, to which Hercule insists is an amateur.

Back at the battle, Cell goes in the sky and fires the Special Beam Cannon and Gohan swats it away with ease. Cell comes back to the ground and Goah nwalks up to him and tells him that he should have listened, he'd warned him not to push him too far, but now it was too late, now he was going to destroy him. This gets Cell really mad again and he flies up high and charges a huge Kamehameha and fires it toward the earth with intent to destroy the planet. Gohan calmly says "Ka Me Ha Me Haaaa!!!!" and overs powers Cell's Kamehameha with his own. The resulting explosion sends the normal people flying back and buries the Z Fighters in sand. 

When it's over some feel that it may be over but Piccolo and Goku know better. Cell is floating in the sky. He's missing an arm, 2 legs, and parts and his wings and head. Goku has a flashback of when he first realized that Gohan was the only one who could defeat Cell back in the Room of Time and Space. Piccolo reminds everyone that Cell can regenerate. Goku tells Gohan that he should finish it now before he can regenerate. Gohan said he wasn't going to finish it just yet. He wants Cell to suffer some more.

Cell regenerates and pumps up his muscles with power. This causes him to be slower. Gohan easily avoids Cell's attacks and kicks him, putting a noticable dent in his face. Cells calls Gohan a monster and Gohan kicks him in the stomach. Cell starts to convulse. Piccolo says that Cell is about to lose his perfect power. Then Cells throws up Android 18. This scene is editted so you don't see him actaully throw her up. You just see the before and after. And that's it.

Review: What can I say, a very good episode but am disappointed in the editting. 

Chris Mason


US DBZ Episode 172 
Cell's Mighty Breakdown 

Gohan and Cell continue thier battle. Gohan kicks Cell in the chest 
and Cell falls down again. Cell is very angered over the fact that a saiyan 
boy is beating him. Cell flies up into the sky and launches a giant 
Kamehameha wave at Gohan. Gohan shoots another Kamehameha wave and the two 
waves hit Cell. He lost his legs and an arm. He regenerated his limbs and 
powered up into a giant. Cell is two slow in this form and is kicked in the 
stomach by Gohan. Cell gets sick and throws up.......Android 18! 

On the next episode Cell returns to his imperfect state (when he only 
absorbed 18). He grows into a giant again and catches Gohan off guard. Then 
Goku steps into the battle.....A Hero's Farewell. 

~Super Saiyan Gregg

I will start doing reviews again here is a review for episode 172
It all starts off with Cell on the ground. Gohan walks towards Cell. Cell gets upp and starts repideltly kicking Gohan. Gohan blocks all the kicks and Cell demands Gohan too fight him. Gohan grabs Cells foot and kicks him in the face. Cell gets up and cant believe a sayia-jin child is beating him. He launches Kinezans at Gohan. Gohan catches the discs and destroys them. Cell flys up into the air and fires a huge Makanasappo. Gohan blocks it. Cell comes down too ground and fires Rapid KI attack. They miss Gohan. Cell goes high in the air. He powers up a Kamehameha  and says he will destroy the Earth. Cell fires it. Then Gohan says KA ME HA ME HA and launches it. Goahans Kamehameha is stronger the Cells and causes alot of damage. Cell apears in the air with almost half of his body gone. Goku demands Gohan to finish him but Gohan acts all macho and doesnt finish off Cell. Cell regenerates and gies SUPER PERFECT becoming big and bulky. Cell attacks Gohan but all of his attacks miss. Gohan kicks Cell in the face and Cell hits the ground. His face looks really hurt. Gohan kicks Cell in the stomach and Cell pukes up 18. Cell turns back into Half Perfect Cell.

- Meowth3000

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