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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 171 - The Unstoppable Gohan

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: US Dubbed (Toonami)
Episode Title / Number: Unstoppable Gohan / #171


As Super Saiyijn 2 Gohan stands in front of Cell, Trunks begins passing Senzu Beans around to revive the rest of the Z-fighters; all of whom comment on how Gohan has amazingly changed since his transformation into a Level 2 SS. Trunks then orders everybody to leave the fight scene due to is not dangers.

Gohan charges Cell to begin the real battle, then Cell unleashes a fury of punches, all of which Gohan evades and counters; and it seems as though Gohan isn’t even using his full power.  Gohan continues to dodge Cell’s attacks, while all of the “normal” people expect the worst, not knowing what’s going on due to the television coverage problems “ZTV” faces. Cell moves to pummel Gohan into the ground, but lightning fast Gohan dodges the attack and calmly stands in front of Cell, leaving Goku very confident about his son. Vegita, very frustrated, thinks about how much more powerful both Goku and Gohan are over him.

At this point, with all of Gohan’s great dodging skills, Cell is getting frustrated. Cell unleashes a powerful explosion, then stands back to look at the damage done. As smoke clears, Cell sees Gohan standing calmly, aggravating Cell even more. Cell goes on to say that he will now use his full power; which very well may be a huge bluff to scare off Gohan. After making the statement, Cell unleashes another explosion even stronger than before; yet Gohan, unharmed, doesn’t even move an inch. Cell asks Gohan if he is impressed by his (literally) earth-shaking explosion; yet Gohan simply asks, “Is that all you’ve got?”. Gohan delivers a powerful blow that leaves Cell in much pain, as he gasps for air from the blow to the stomach. Cell is now at his knees; but that could all change so soon, leaving the episode at a cliff hanging point...

My Name: Ethan “Eman” Horger

Next episode title: Cell’s Mighty Breakdown


171.  The Unstoppable Gohan



        This episode starts out with ss2 Gohan and cell battling. Cell

starts to get very mad and starts punching and kicking gohan. this goes on for most of the show. and (of course) gohan doges cells attacks. then gohan tosses out a few punches of his own and cell is stop short. Kind of brakes down. End of episode.....-Travis

     The episode begins with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan confronting Cell. Trunks
supplies the injured Z fighters with Sensu Beans while people around the
world including Chi Chi wait for the Camera Man to fix his camera so they can
see the fight. We learn the entire reason that Goku fought Cell in the first
place was just so Gohan could see how Cell fought. We also learn that Vegeta
hates having to eat Sensu Beans to win fights. Cell starts the fight against
Gohan by using only minor physical attacks. These prove to be ineffective.
Cell tries to use a massive energy punch on Gohan. This only succeeds in
nearly killing the wannabe fighters and camera crew who are trying to
run.Gohan saves them in the blink of an eye for better or worse. After
several failed attempts Cell unleashes an energy wave that doesn’t even budge
Gohan. Cell then  decides to unleash his full power. Cell energizes causing
waves to hit even distant areas such as Roshi’s house. Cell flies at Gohan
with incredible speed and delivers a massive punch that succeeds in causing
Gohan’s head to move. This still proves ineffective because Gohan then gives
Cell a massive punch to the stomach followed by an uppercut to his chin which
brings Cell to his knees. Things are looking bad for Cell.

End of episode....
                                                                  Summary by
Baron BEM


first gohan and cell were battling out then cell asked gohan if he was ready to see cells true power gohan said can it cell started powering up while the earth shook everyone said it the end when cell finished gohan said finally but cell still couldn’t touch him gohan laid him two punches and cell was gushing blood then cell talked to himself about why he couldn’t hit gohan cant wait till next episode

from Eddie


English DBZ dubbed version

Gohon just turned SSJ2. Gohan is all cool and all and waits for cell to make the first move. Cell trys to punch him but misses every time. Trunks gives a sensu bean to everyone and telles Krillin,Yamcha,and Tien to go farther away.  Gohan is crackling with energy. Cell makes the Earth shake to try and scare Gohan but Gohan just says “Is that all you can do”. Hercule is a big chicken.  The TV says please stand by and everyone thinks that they’re gonna die. At the end Gohan just punches cell twice and cell is on the ground. Cell is dumbfounded.

I cant wait till next episode    CELLS MAJOR BREAKDOWN

My screen name is JKIAMFIRST


After defeating the Cell Jr.'s Gohan was prepared to fight Cell himself. Cell striked first, but Gohan just dodged every punch. Cell screamed at Gohan for mocking him, and gohan began to block Cell's punches with his fists. Gohan landed on the ground, right next to one of Hercule's students and Cell came down in a rage. Gohan was able to save all of Hercule's students, the anouncer, and the cameraman. Once again in total anger, Cell released another amount of his seemingly endless power. Mocked once again by Gohan, Cell sticks him in the jaw. With a grim smile, Gohan jabs Cell in the stomache. 

Geting ready to return the punch, Cell is caught by an uppercut to the jaw.  

The episode ends with Cell in a pool of self-pity.


A US DBZ episode review. Episode number 171-The Unstoppable Gohan.

 The show starts with Gohan's eyes on Cell. Cell powers up and starts
attacking Gohan, who blocks every one of Cell's kicks and punches. That
sparks him, so he starts using super speed, but Gohan keeps up with him. The
scene goes to Trunks giving Krillin a senzu bean. Then he gives one to Tien
and Yamucha. They get up and speak about how strong Gohan is. Trunks makes
everyone leave. He, Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are the only ones left.
He gives a senzu to Goku and Picollo. The scene is back to the fight. Gohan
tries to attack, but Cell flies off. This keeps happening and Cell keeps
trying but misses so gets mad. The scene is to the idiotic Hercule who keeps
saying this is because of him. Now we see Trunks giving Vegeta a senzu, but
he grabs it and tries to crush it. Then Cell and Gohan talk and Gohan tells
Cell to shut up so Cell goes crazy and powers up like heck. The earth starts
shaking and the idiots at the b! ig ZTV screen are saying the earth is ending.
It is the same idiot who before was sayiing that SS2 Gohan has no chance.
Chichi and OxKing are at their house. Chichi cares only about Gohan, not
bothering that Cell's gonna blow the earth up. Then we see Hercule saying its
another trick. We see his students running away. Gohan starts fighting a
powered up Cell. The earth isn't shaking anymore. Cell punches Gohan who is
next to Hercule and co. Then he and the gang are up at the cliff above and
Gohan comes to fight Cell. Cell punches Gohan but misses. Gohan steps back
and punches Cell in the gut twice. Cell moves back. He's got vomit in his
mouth and hes saying how Gohans two punches arent even hard attacks but he is
really hurt. Then Cell falls down and Goku is wondering about Cells next
move. Then the narrator comes on and shows us in the next episode, Cell's
Great Breakdown, Cell becomes huge and uses multi-kienzan on Gohan but he !
evades it. Then we see Gohan smiling because Cell's gonna puke out Android

A pretty good episode. Nice comedy and good fighting. Wonderful how next
time Cells gonna puke ot 18. On a scale of 1 to ten, its an eleven. Watch
next time, Cell's Great Breakdown. – Torpedo9



English Dubbed

171. The Unstoppable Gohan


Trunks gives Krillin a Senzu Bean. Then one to Yamcha and Tien. Gohan and Cell continue to fight. Cell gets his hand in the ground. Cell's punches always miss Gohan. Cell powers up. The whole earth starts to shake. Gohan's not impressed. Gohan punches Cell. Blood drips from Cell's mouth. Gohan punches him again. Cell looks like he needs to go to the hospital( that's what I think).




The show starts out as Trunks giving out every senzu bean to the Z warriors
and Gohan standing.

Now Gohan and cell fight and Gohan was just playing around with Cell. After a
while of not being able to hurt Gohan Cell got so angry that he threaten to
use full power. (like that really help.) Still with his full power Cell
couldn't hit Gohan.

Hi i am Ultra Magnus on  Dragon Ball Intensity - Can You Feel It?! and


It finally starts. Gohan and Cell are having it out. Cell is giving all his
might into hitting Gohan, but just can't seem to hit him. He gets more and
more frustrated. Eventually, he tells Gohan that he is going to start giving
it his all. Cell starts a power up, and (litteraly) the world shakes. Chichi
is as nervouse as ever. Cell asks Gohan if he is scared. Gohan replied, "Is
that all you've got?" This gets cell fuming. He deliver his strongest punch
to Gohan. Gohan is hit hard, but doesn't go down. Infact, he barely feels a
thing! Gohan gets up and delivered a hard punch deep into Cells stomahe. This
gets Cell bending over, with a mixture of shock and rage. Goku gives a big
smile, and then the show is over!

By Vincent at VincentRock4444


Episode 171: The Unstoppable Gohan, US version.


    Okay, don't count this as a very good summary...I'll try to remember what happened...  It might be a little out of order, though...


Trunks heals everyone with the beans.  He tells everyone to clear out (they fly a few feet away, but they never end up leaving) while he heals Goku and Vegeta.  Vegeta, of course, is angry that he has to use a bean. Gohan and Cell fly around and Gohan matches cell blow for blow.  He even has to save the STUPID humans when the fight lands in front of them andCell blows up the ground with a punch.  Cell says something like "Why do I keep missing?"  Cell finally announces that he has not yet revealed his full power and begins charging up.  The Z fighters are shocked to hear that Cell has even more strength and wonder where he keeps it.  Cell grows some big muscles, but Gohan says something like "Is that it?"  

Cell looks shocked for a second, but then puts on that annoying smirk of his. The announcer forgets that he doesn't have the mike in his hand and starts talking until someone points out that he doesn't have it (I believe I saw the mike on a rock nearby).  Suddenly, Cell does this big punch to Gohan's cheek, freezes in motion, and smirks.  The Z fighters (told you they never left) gasp at Cell's speed and doubt Gohan's abilities.  Then Gohan just straightens back up (Cell looks shocked again) and punches Cell twice, once in the stomach and once in the face. Cell is staggering around muttering stuff like "How could he do so much damage...?"  (Z fighters, again, do that gasp thing that they seem to like to do a lot)  End of episode.


Don't know what the next one is, but it includes Cell beefing up some MORE and trying to fight Gohan.



Unstoppable Gohan

It's startes out with Cell and Gohan facing up.  Gohan is SSJ2 and Cell is ticked off.  Trunks flies over to Krillin with the sinsu beans and gives him one and one to Tein and Yamchua.  Krillin is still worried about Gohan and Trunks tell him his amazing, they all amazed by Gohans power.  Gohan flies towards Cell but disappears, then Cell flies towards Gohan and then disappears. Cell then attacks with a ton of punchs and Gohans doesn't get it, then Cell kicks at Gohan but he easily blocks it.  Then they trade punch for punch.  Piccilo realize, Goku went first so Gohan could see how Cell fights.  The dumb report startes talking to the people of earth and then the camera man tells him that he isn't holding the microphone.  Then it shows the people of earth worried about the fight.  Then the two students of Hercule are tring to run.  Hercule says the kid owns him one.  The students of Hercule are now inbetween Cell and Gohan, Cell punchs at them but Gohan moves everyone at the way before Cell hits the ground.  Gohan through out this fight looks like Goku.  Next Cell and Gohan stand off again, Gohan as lighting all around him.  Then we see the Z warriors still amazed by Gohans power. Trunks hands Vegta a sinsu bean.  Cell and Gohan go at it again, Cell tries to hit Gohan but Gohan just too fast.  Gohan is just toying with him.  One minute Cell sees Gohan about 100 feet up in the air next second Gohan is gone and in front of Cell.  Cell gets mad and powers up and plows up some rocks.  After the dust settles we see Cell still mad and Gohan still there, then we hovers to the ground. Cell then screams his had it and that he hasn't seen his true power.  Everyone is shocked.  Cell startes powering up and the whole earth startes to shake.  It shows everyone scared of the earth shaking, some guy said it's the end of the world.  Gohan says" Turn it up".  Then we see ChiChi all upset and The Ox King is on the ground scared.   Cell is still powering up, and then we see Gohan standing there all clam with lighting going around him.  Cell then stops powering up and asked if  Gohan is impressed.  Gohan says is that all you got?.  Then Cell hits Gohan in the face and Cell is laughing then sees it didn't hurt Gohan.  Cell tries to hit him again and Gohan hits him in the gut, Cell tries hitting him again then Gohan upper cuts him.  Cell starts falling over himself and is out of breathe, he says it was just two hit how can i be so damage.  And the show is over.  Next we see Cell powers up to the Maxium level and tries to pull out all the stops.  Cell's Mighty Breakdown



                  episode # 171
                  The Unstoppable Gohan

      Gohan and Cell finally start fighting.  All the Z fighters are with
senzu beans.  Gohan punches Cell two times and Cell is practically defeated.

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