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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 168 - Android Explosion


Summary: Cell and Gohan are on the desert floor. Cell wants Gohan to get mad and show his hidden power. He tries to by inflicting pain. He ends up giving Gohan a bear hug which causes Gohan to scream out in pain. Piccolo can't stand it. He wants to go help Gohan. Goku doesn't let him, saying that when Gohan is pushed in to a corner he'll get mad and beat Cell down. Piccolo says that even if Gohan is the most powerful fighter on earth that Gohan doesn't want to fight. He's not thinking of battle or competition, he's thinking why his father is making him do this. Goku is then persuaded and ask Krillin to give him a senzu bean. Cell then drops Gohan and says that if physical pain won't make him mad that maybe pain of his friends will. Before Krillin can give Goku the bean, Cell comes up and takes them away.
Android 16 sneaks down behind Cell and grabs him in his own bear hug. He says that he will self destruct and take Cell with him. Cell now has a look of fear on his face. Everyone braces for the explosion and Hercule and co. hide behind a rock and quiver like the cowards they are. Android 16 lights up like he's going to blow but nothing happens. Krillin reveals that Bulma and her father removed the bomb. They thought he might use it on Goku. Cell, then Breaks free and blasts Android 16 to bits with his head rolling over where Hercule and Co. are.
Cell then gives birth (for lack of better words) to 7 Cell Jr's, one for each Z fighter. They all head to the Z Fighters and that where it leaves off.
Review: While I'd would have prefered more fighting, this episode is still on par with all the rest in this series. I am looking forward to the next episode called "Children of Cell Attack"
Chris Mason


episode168 Android Explosion
english/dubbed version
By Sean Bram
The episode starts with Cell beating up Gohan.Gohan wont fight because he knows his power would be so great he would  be unstoppable.Piccilo tells Goku Gohan couldn't win.Goku knowes he will beat Cell.Android 16 jumps in grabbing Cell.He was going to explode himself.Krillen says Bulma took out the bomb.Cell hears this
and blowes 16 to peices!16's head lands near Hurcule.They wont touch the head.Cell then opens up his stinger and seven blue monsters come out.Cell orderes them to kill all Gohan's friends.The blue monster are coming to get Goku and his friends.
-end of episode


DBZ, English version, epsiode 168- Android explosion.

      Cell is still trying to release the anger witin Gohan. Both harsh words and punches are flying as Gohan refuses to fight back. Cell decides to try to tick him off by messing with his friends, he goes to
Krillin and steals his Censu Beans before Goku can have one.  He then grabs Gohan and puts him in a vicious bear-hug. Picollo points out that even though Gohan is powerful, he is still just a boy and isn't a warrior.   Goku begins to releaze that it was a mistake to let Gohan fight.
     Andriod 16 can't wait any longer and grabs Cell in a bear-hug after he lets Gohan fall to the ground.  He then claims he is going to use his self-destruct device to destroy Cell!  But it fails and he is told by Krillin that Bulma and his father removed it because they thought it was dangerous.  Struck by this fact his grip is loosened and Cell breaks free and destroys him.  Gohan is being pushed to the edge.  Cell then produces 7 gray blobs which grow instantly into smaller versions of
himself.  He sends them off to attack the 7 Z fighters on the ridge. 


Will this enrage Gohan to unleash his power?  Will the Z fighters survive the attack from the 7 Cell clones?

Submitted by  Ben


Hi my name is Brian and I'm writing a review for Dragon Ball Z Episode #168 dubbed "Android Explosion".
    It starts with Cell still trying to anger Gohan to unleash his power. Cell then swipes the Senzu Beans from Krillin! Then Cell gets Gohan in a bear hug. He squeezes Gohan relentlessly. Piccolo says he's going to help but Goku stops him. Cell finally lets go only to have Android 16 get HIM in a bear hug. Trunks says it's suicide but 16 says he's going to kill Cell by self-destructing. Everyone gets that "I can't believe it" look on their faces. 16 apologizes for all the troubles the Androids have caused, tells Cell that he is a parasite, and finally starts to glow. Hercule and his posse take cover, while the Z-fighters prepare for the blast. Gohan looks on in awe. The TV reporter covers his head and.............................NOTHING HAPPENS! 16 says the trigger is gone! Krillin finally confesses that he heard Bulma saying that she took it out when she fixed him. They have a flashback of when Bulma and Dr. Briefs were fixing 16. Dr. Briefs said that 16 might still try to kill Goku so they took it out! Krillin says 16 will have to fight Cell another way. But 16's fate is sealed. Cell breaks out of the bear hug and fires a blast that shatters 16 into thousands of pieces. Coruni (that blond guy with Hercule) picks up 16's head but drops in in terror.  Cell then opens his tail and releases 7 Cell Juniors (one for Krillin, Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien and Piccolo). Cell orders the Jr.'s to attack and they do. Vegeta and Trunks go Super Saiyan and everyone else powers up.
Next Episode: "Children of Cell Attack" Gohan unleashes his anger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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