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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 167 - Gohan's Desperate Plea


Summary: This episode pretty much starts where the last left off, with Gohan on the ground waiting for Cell after being thrown down and getting back up. They fight some more and Cell ends up sending Gohan back to earth and Gohan gets buried under tons of rocks. There's no sign of movement and everyone except Goku acts as if Gohan has bitten the dust. The news guy says it looks like it's over and now Hercule can take over. As per yesterday's episode, Hercule fakes a stomach cramp. Piccolo rips into Goku (verbally that is) saying that it's his fault Gohan is dead. Cell says he wants to fight Goku again. Goku smiles and says Piccolo's wrong, that he can still feel Gohan's energy. Krillin and Trunks then notice it as well. They all look at the moiuntian of rocks and it explodes with energy and Gohan emerges with a bloody lip and forehead.
Cell comes down to Gohan and says that he didn't give him enough credit. Gohan tells Cell that the fight isn't necessary. Gohan doesn't really want to fight and pleads with him to stop. Cells says he can't do that. That if he is not defeated he will destroy the earth. Gohan reveals that he has figured out why he is the only one who can defeat Cell. When he gets angry a hidden power is unleashed. He refers back to when he attacked Radits, when he was in training with Piccolo, and when he was fighting Frieza. Cell laughs and says he is intrigues and wants to see this special power. He proceeds to smack Gohan around trying to piss him off. Gohan finally gets a little angry and kicks Cell in the face, giving him a bloody lip. Now thoroughly intrigues, Cell wants to push Gohan even more to see the full power he has. Krillin says that Gohan is going to get killed and that they needed to help. Goku says not to worry, that Gohan is fine. He says that Cell is going to push Gohan until the only way out is to go through Cell. This has been his plan all along.
Now we wait for the next episode called "Android Explosion"
Review: It's on par with the previous episodes in quality. About half fighting and half talking. But most of the talking is actually necessary. 9 out of 10.
Chris Mason


167. Gohan’s Desperate Plea

Cell hits Gohan. The guys think he’s dead. Goku doesn’t. Piccolo yells at Goku. Gohan comes out of the pile of rocks. He remembers when Radditz came to Earth. He tells Cell about what would happen if he made him angry. Now Cell’s really detirmined to see his anger reach its highest point. Cell hits Gohan. He keeps hitting him.

Hercule fakes another stomachache.  Gohan hits Cell. Blood drips from Cell. He wipes it off. In Goku’s mind he tells Cell to keep pushing until Gohan gts in the corner and has nowhere to go but through him.


url: http://pavilion/dragonball


Hi wanted to give my review for:
Gohan's Desperate Plea
English Dub
It starts of with Gohan barely dogding Cell's blasts. A few hit it's target.
Then Cell starts beating him up, then says"It was good while it lasted(or
something like that)" and throws a blast.Gohan gets blown back like 50 miles
and then a montian falls on him. Everybody starts panicking especially
Piccolo. Krillin throws a big fit too.Piccolo says"You wanted him to fight
Goku.You idiot. Now your son is dead!!!!!!!"
Goku satnds there looking dumb."He's not dead,"he states. "He's just fine.
Can't you feel his energy?" Then Trunks starts to feel it too. Then everybody
does. Cell wants Goku to come fight now, but Gohan all of a sudden breaks out
the pile of rock. He walks up to Cell slowly. Then he tells him,"I know why
my dad picked me to take you down. When I'm in a crisis, and I go in a rage,
I become powerful." Then he tells him what he did to Raddtiz and Frieza and
the mountian Piccolo once threw him in. Meanwhile, the reporters try to hear
what their talking about when Hercule comes and says they need a real man to
fight Cell. then the reproters get excitied and think he's gonna fight when
all of a sudden he fakes another stomachache. Then back to Cell and Gohan.
Cell says the speeech worked but not in the way he wanted it to. He says"Now
that I know of this power, I will stop at nothing to see it." Then he
delivers a couple of blows to Gohan and tells him to defend himself the Gohan
kicks him. The end.

Deen O. Jr.


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