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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 166 - Faith a the Boy

Summary: Goku has given up. Everyone is in shock including Cell. Goku says that coming in to the fight he wasn't sure whether he could win or not but now he knows he cannot. He says he has learned more about himself and what he should strive for. He thanks Cell for showing him this. Cell says that if Goku is truly giving up then he will wreak havok on the planet. Goku says no, that there is one more person he has to fight. He says that the person he will fight is even stronger than him. After some talking and more incoherent nonsense form Hercule, Goku names Gohan as his successor. Everyone is once again in shock. Thoughts of "He's crazy!", "What does he think he's doing?", and "Gohan can't fight Cell!" abound. Gohan can't believe it. Goku goes to his son and tells him that he can do it. He points out that he had no trouble at all keeping up with the speed of the fight and that he thought Goku was holding back because he was comparing Goku's power level to his own.

So Gohan throws down his shoulder pads and heads to the desert floor. There's some more babble from Hercule and co. Goku then asks Krillin for a senzu bean. Instead of taking it himself he tosses it to Cell. He says that he needs to take it or it wouldn't be fair. Cell laughs and says he will take the bean and that Goku has just sealed his son's fate. He takes the bean and goes back to full power. Then Gohan powers up in a very cool display ending with bright energy beams coming into him. All the Z warriors are in shock. The main thought being "He is more powerful than I thought possible." Cell says to himself that maybe it will be better than he thought.

Cell and Gohan go at it and Gohan holds his own for a while. Then Cell pumps it up a notch and pummels Gohan into the ground. Gohan gets up, smiles, and wipes the blood from his lip. The others thinks Gohan is going to get wasted and wonders why Goku would do such a thing. The episode ends at this point.

Other things that happend sporatically through the show is Chi Chi going balistic that Goku is making Gohan fight and that old couple form a day or 2 ago spot Gohan on TV and say he look like a hoodlum with the "dyed hair" and call Goku a "Karate Bum".

Review: Wasn't as action packed and the previous episode but it still leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. Top notch episode.

The next epsiode is called "Gohan's Desperate Plea". I can't wait!

Chris Mason -


Series - DBZ
Version- English
Episode- 166-- Faith in a boy
My Name: DJ

Summary -
Goku is talking to cell and tells him that he can not win. He asks Cell if he
could choose the next challenger. Cell is suprised, but lets him choose,
thinking it wont matter. Hercule then thinks Goku will choose him, so he
fakes a stomach ache. Goku says that Gohan is the next challenger, and flies
up to talk to him. He tells Gohan that he has a very good chance of winning.
Meanwhile, ChiChi is going crazy at her house yelling at the TV, and some old
people watching say that gohan has become a hoodlem for dying his hair. Back
at the fight, the annoucer thinks goku said something about ordering food,
and thinks Gohan is a delivery boy. Gohan removes his cape and powers up to
fight. Rocks fly everywhere and cell becomes suprised by Gohan’s power. Goku
then asks Krillen for a Senzu Bean. Krillen thinking Goku will use it to
revive himself gives one to him. Then unexpectedly, goku gives the Senzu Bean
to Cell! He says that it would not be fair for gohan to fight Cell weak.
Gohan starts to battle, blocking most of Cell’s shots. But then gets kicked
in to a large rock breaking it. Meanwhile, Goku stands there smiling as if
Gohan were winning. But what does Goku have planned??


English Subbed
Steve D "The Milk Man"


The episode begins with Goku deciding that he is no match for Cell. Everyone
doesn't understand what goku is doing. Goku giving up? They had never seen
this from him before. Goku has to decide who will fight next. Cell knows
there is no one else that could stand up to him. To everyone's amazement,
Goku chooses Gohan as cell's next opponent. The Z Fighters think Goku is
crazy. A child fighting cell? Goku must be out of his mind. Goku explains to
everyone that Gohan has the power to defeat him and that Gohan is stronger
then Goku himself. Vegeta does not believe what he is saying. Gohan says that
Goku is telling the truth, that he is stronger then Goku. Goku asks krillin
for a senzu bean. With the senzu bean, Goku throws it to cell telling him to
eat it. That it wouldn't be fair if he wasn't at full strength when he fights
Gohan. Everyone cannot believe how stupid Goku is. Does he want his son to
die? Cell takes the bea! n and powers up, he is now at full strength. The fight
between Cell and Gohan begins. Gohan throws down his weighted clothes and
begins to power up . Everyone can't believe how strong Gohan is. They could
have never imagined that a child could hold this much power. Cell is even
astonished at how strong Gohan is. Maybe Goku wasn't lying at how strong
Gohan was. Cell begins to throw kicks at Gohan, Gohan blocks them with ease.
They seem to be even. They are matching each others attacks. Then Cell turns
it up a notch, and begins to strike Gohan. Gohan goes flying down towards the
Earth. But gets up as if nothing happened. Can Gohan, a mere boy, defeat
Cell? Find out on the next Dragonballz.


     The Episode starts out as Goku, (as confident as he is lately) saying
that he gives up on Cell and that there is no way that he can beat him.  So a
few minutes pass, and than he tells Cell that he knows who can beat him.  He
points at Gohan, who’s really freaked out now, (but not as much as Piccolo
and Vegeta, they’re going ballistic right now) but Goku calms him down a
little, and tells everyone that Gohan has a secret power within him.  Then he
asks them how Gohan has almost always been able to keep up with the older Z
warriors, even when he was smaller.  After that, he then asks Gohan if he
could see everything that he and Cell were doing, and that they weren’t too
fast for him.  A little more talk goes on, ! and then Gohan goes down in the
crater, takes off his cape, and powers up to about half of his maximum power
level.  Seriously...  Anyway, they start fighting, and then, back home, (yep,
you guessed it...) Chi-Chi goes absolutely nuts.  Gohan dogdes all of Cell’s
first punches, but then gets hit once, then about 20 more times with Cell
holding him by the shirt, and then one big one that sends him to the ground.  
After that, Gohan gets in his fighting stance, and the show ends.

- SSTrunx77


Episode 166:Faith in a Boy                                                   
            Today's show was hot!When the episode starts every one is
astonished at the sight of Goku giving up.Goku says that Cell is to strong
and that from the beggining he knew Cell was stronger.His plan all along was
to get Gohon to fight Cell.So when every one was told that Gohon was to
fight,every one thought Goku had gone mad!              Then Gohon goes that
why was his dad holding back and Goku goes that he was not giving his all and
the only reason he thought that was because he was comparing his dad's to his
own.Now he and every one knows that gohon is stronger then Goku.Then Chi-Chi
freaks out back at home with the  Oxking.Bulma was quiet and master Roshi
thought it was not looking good.Then Gohon goes and powers up.(Before that
Goku gives Cell a sencu bean because of his confidence in Gohon.)Then they go
at it , they are a complete match. (everyone is amazed)Then Cell hits him
into the ground hard!He then gets up like it was nothing.That was the hole
show e-mail me and tell me how you liked it,if you did.
                         Watch out tomorrow i will have another great

- Megajax89


DBZ,English/dubbed,Faith in the Boy #166.Brian Lee

  When Gohan fights Cell Gohku said to Krillin to give him a senzubean so Krillin said sure then Gohku recieved the senzubean.He said ''Cell catch''!Cell caught the senzubean Gohku said eat it then Krillin said no are you crazy.Cell ate the senzubean he powered up!Everyboby was mad at Goku but
Gohku kept smiling.Cell said thanks Gohku so Gohku said nuthin.Gohan he was powering up too!He got stronger but he didn't transform into Super Saiyin x2.(BOO!)Cell kicked Gohan but Gohan blocked it.Cell was keep on punching and Gohan was keep on blocking too!For some reason Goku was smiling.(I think Goku knows Gohan can kick Cell's BUTT!)Cheechee was keep on wobbling the TV and saying get out Gohan!So Cell he kicked Gohan on the chest he fell and callapsed to the floor!Gohan wipped the little blood on his lips.that was the end of DragonBallZ!        


Series: DBZ
Version:English Dubbed     #166 Faith in the Boy
    Goku stops fighting and cell gets annoyed because Goku wont name who he is picking to fight. Hercule  thinks Goku is going to pick him to fight, so he pretends that he has a stomace ace.  The girl has medicine and offers it to him, but he says no.  then Goku finnaly tellls Cell that he is putting Gohan in. He flys up to gohan and asks him if he could see them fighting gohan says that he could see them.Then gohan says goku was holding back, then goku asks if he was compareing his energy goku's, gohan says yes. Then gohan says that he'll fight.  Then goku gets a senzu bean and throws it to cell.  Cell eats it right away  and than they start fighting.  Gohan starts out with the advantage  but then cell pounds him into the ground.
By Patrick Glennon 


Series: English Dubbed Dragonball Z

Episode Name: Faith in a Boy

Episode No. # 166

Hello! I am writing a summary about episode no. 166 which is called Faith in a Boy. The episode starts off from where the last one left off. Goku has quit his fight with Cell. Everyone is shell-shocked, including Cell. Goku was the least likely of the Z warriors to give up a fight, being a Saiyan. Goku explains his decision to Cell, saying that he has learnt more about himself and what he should aim for. He then thanks Cell for showing him this. Cell thinks that Goku is just mucking around. But he then explains that if Goku is really giving up then he (Cell) has no choice but to destroy the planet. Goku tells him to hold it and says that Cell has to battle one more person. This warrior is even stronger than Goku. Everyone is in suspense. Hercule thinks Goku will choose him and fakes a stomachs ache so he cannot fight (coward!). Cell cannot take it and asks Goku who is this mystery fighter. After some more waiting, Goku chooses his son Gohan to take over. Everyone is surprised, even Gohan. He starts to protest but Goku flies up to him and tells him that he is the one who will beat Cell. Goku asks Gohan if he had any trouble keeping up with Cell and Goku’s fight. Gohan replies no and that he was comparing Goku’s power level with his own to see if Goku was holding back. Cell is disgraced by having to fight a little kid. Gohan takes off his shoulder pads and flies to the desert floor. Goku gives a Senzy bean to Cell, saying it will not be fair if Gohan beats Cell at his weakest. Cell laughs and takes the bean, saying that Goku has sealed his son’s fate. Hercule and co. think Gohan is a delivery boy and it is time for some refreshments. However they are proved wrong when Gohan whips up a hurricane while powering up to Super Saiyan. Then Gohan and Cell start to fight and Gohan just about manages to defend himself, even getting in a few shots on Cell. This is until Cell powers up and starts to beat the crap out of Gohan, pounding him into some mountains. Why has Goku suddenly gone mad? And what will become of Gohan now? Find out on the next episode of DBZ “Gohan’s Desperate Plea”.

SSJ2 saiyaman

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