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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 165 - The Fight is Over

For this episode, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate it 12. This is the first time an episode actually made me impressed. It takes off with Goku finishing blasting Cell to pieces with the Kamehameha wave. So there it is, the bottom half of Cell, on the ground. The TV Announcer dude is saying, “Well folk, this unknown challenger has defeated Cell, we’ll bring you further information.”  

Well, a guy(with a stupid haircut)in the crowd who is watching TV says, “I think it was rigged!(Be prepared for what else I’m going to say, because this guy is a total butthole).

And this little(brat)girl is pulling her mom and saying, “C’mon Mom, let’s go!”

And the mom says, “Wait dear, I want to see who this man is.”

Back at the battle, Hercule(stupid name!)is stunned, but his buttox, dumb, idiot manager still thinks it all a trick. Well, Goku thinks that the battle isn’t over because he can sense a high power level from Cell.


So the body jumps up and the top starts moving and then Cell comes out.  Now Cell and Goku are getting serious. It starts a cool battle scene(and a very cool music). It’s basically, Goku and Cell are shielding themselves by letting there faces get hurt. Cell fires a ki blast a Goku, but he does the Instant Transmission. It’s basically what they keep doing for the next thirty seconds. Cell teleports behind Goku, Goku gets elbowed, Goku teleports, Cell gets elbowed, then both of them teleport again and again and again. Until finally Cell punches Goku in the face, who goes flying into a bunch of rocks, which cover Goku. Cell walks toward the rocks.


Goku flies right out and is powering up. Rocks are beginning to fly Cell’s way. Until Goku unleashes a whole bunch of ki blast. Cell barely can hang on with the force of the ki blasts. The scene cuts back to the people watching the TV. The guy with the stupid hair cut says, “Hey! C’mon, be serious!”

And the brat girl is still begging her mom to go home.

The scene cuts to the TV station who are getting 1,0000,000 + phone calls from angry people. The manager finally gets so frustrated that he breaks the cord on his phone and shouts, “NO MORE CALLS!!!”

A old couple are watching the battle on there TV and the old lady says, “Hey, isn’t that Chi-Chi’s husband? What is he doing fighting there?”

Back to the battle. Cell finally gets so pissed at Goku, he blasts a whole pack of energy. I think it’s the barrier attack. The energy begins to blow everything around away. It barely misses Vegeta. I’d say the barrier is about an inch away from Vegeta (who is calm as anything).

Hercule finally cannot take the barrier’s energy and goes flying into a rock pillar! THANK YOU GOD!!! HE GOT A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE!!!

Finally, Cell stops his energy and says, “You’ve used up your energy, I can see.”

Then it cuts to Roshi’s house, and Bulma who walks in with a crying Baby Trunks.

“I think Goku doesn’t stand a chance against Cell now. He has to have a secret plan,” Roshi says.

Back to the battle.

“You might as well take a senzu bean!” Cell says “This is our chance!” Krillin says.

“We got to give him the senzu bean!” Trunks says.

“I don’t think so, wait a bit longer,” Piccolo says.

“What are you saying!” Krillin shouts.

Then Vegeta says something like, “Kakarot would rather die than...” I couldn’t get the rest. After that he says, “We got to see what the Time Chamber has done to him.” “Right now, no one is stronger than Kakarot, not even I am stronger than him, it’s his choice if he wants to die.”

I’m serious. He actually admitted Goku was better than him. Finally, SOME sympathy from Vegeta.

“You know Cell, I give up!” Goku says.

And it breaks into a “What?!” from everyone. Well, Vegeta says, “You coward!”, and Gohan says “No!”, and Bulma says “No Goku!”

And that’s basically the whole episode.

Next episode: Faith in the Boy.


- CharizardFire9 


Series: DBZ
Version:English Dubbed
Episode: 165. The Fight Is Over
Yamcha and Tien think that Cell is dead and Goku won. But Picillo, Gohan, and Krillen are still worried. The reporter also thinks that he won, so did Goku himself. But they soon found out he can regenerate himself. Goku and Cell tell each other that their power levels became lower. Then, once again they start fighting. Each time one hits the other, the other hits him back. What a fight! It was almost equal. Then, Goku started getting beat up. Then, they stop for a while. They both knew they were getting weaker but Goku was being weakened even faster. Goku admits there needed to be a new hero. Then, you wouldn't believe it.......Goku......gave....up. The preview of the next episode was great to. But I don't want to tell you it. I'll just say that it is called, "Faith in a Boy".


EPISODE 165:THE FIGHT IS OVER.                                               

In this episode every one thinks Cell is dead but he regenerates! Then they go at it again. Cell and Goku are both very tired, then Goku starts blasting ki beams at him! Cell then forms a big energy orb around him. He shuts Goku up comepletly. Both of them are loosing energy but Goku is loosing even faster. They stand there for a few minutes. Goku surprises every one whe he gives in (even cell).                 

When it tells you what happens next time Goku tells Gohan to fight!Yes!, finally Gohan gets to fight. He is my favorite character so look out for my review tomorrow.  

- Megajax89


i don't know what it's called but for the newest episode

it starts out with everyone in a stled for cell blowing the arena up but
Goku keeps at it then the battle lowers to the ground. hercule still thinks
his best even when his blown back by a HUGE ball of energy cell nothn really
happen but then at the end a amazing thing happens goku .......GIVES UP?? yes
indeed he tells cell this battle was over What will is this the end??? well no
duh then there wouldn't be a show

- Nate2208



English Dubbed

165. The Fight is Over


They think Cell is dead(Only some of them). Cell regenerates.

He stretches a little. They put up a good fight. Bulma comes to Master Roshi’s. Goku fires blasts at Cell. Hercule gets blown into a rock. Cell has a shield. Goku’s getting weaker. Goku gives up.

Sdigimon - website url: http://pavilion/dragonball


Title:The Fight is over

    The episode starts when we see Cell in half on the ground.  The Z
fighters start to celebrate except Vegeta (figures).  Then we see the TV
annoucer say that this wild-haired guy could have been the hero.  All of a
sudden Goku says he still feels Cell's power.  We then see Krillin put his
astonished look on like he does every episode.  He yells to Goku that Cell
can regenerate from Piccolo's cells.  Cell jumps up and regenerate's.  The
rest of the episode they are fighting and they look pretty even until Goku
fires a barrage of ki blasts at Cell.  At first Cell blocks the blasts but
then gets nailed.  Goku fires these blasts for about 3 minutes until he
stops.  Piccolo says that both Goku's and Cell's power are dropping but
Goku's was dropping faster.  At the end of the episode Goku quits the battle.

Next episode; GOHAN fights for the first serious time (finally).  He

basically is even with Cell the whole episode.     

- jasdishong

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