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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 163 - Cell's Bag of Tricks

Episode 163 "Cell's Bag of Tricks" English, dubbed

The episode starts as Goku powers up to fight Cell.  The Z crew is amazed by
his power and Hercul and his followers are speechless.  Goku releases a great
blast of power and blows Hercul and his followers back.  They get up and see
Goku glowing and think its an optical alusion.  Goku and Cell face each other
and start to fight again.  The Z crew cheers on Goku.  Cell and Goku both
land good punchs on each other.  Cell uses multiy form, from Tein's cells and
Cell spills into 4.  They resume fighting and 4 Cells surround Goku and start
to attack.  Android 16 says that goku is stronger then all of them.  Cell
uses special beam canon but goku tricks him and makes him back into one. 
cell uses freezers last attack and a disc folows Goku Goku gets rid of it and
Cell puts all his power into a Kamehameha luckly goku end the attack off the
planet.   Cell steals some of gokus cells to use instant transmission. 
Everyone is worried.

Chris Hincke


Synopsis: After the warmup session from the previous episode, Goku and Cell decide to fight for real. Goku powers up to the max. Goku's max is reached with an energy wave that sends Hercule and Co. back a ways. The Z Fighters are in awe, except for Gohan, and Hecule (why'd they change the name for Mr. Satan??) and Co. are dumbfounded. Even Vegeta is shocked at Goku's true power. Goku not only has the typical SSJ glow but his body flash with enrgy as well. Cell then powers up in a similar fashion ending with similar results. Cell let's Goku make the first move. Goku punches Cell in the gut and kicks him in the jaw. The next minute or so is of them fighting in a similar fashion to the previous episode except their puched and kicks have more effect. They stop fighting and return to the ring. Cell makes use of Tien's split-form technique and splits into 4 Cells. Goku easily fights off all 4 in hand-to-hand combat. Android 16 announces that Goku is stronger than all 4 Cells together. This is b/c the split-form technique makes Cell weaker. The Cells then use Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon on Goku, who avoids it easily. Goku lures the Cells into the air and pounds them back to the arena floor causing Cell to become one again. Cell then uses Freiza's disk to chase Goku around. Goku is too fast and even with 2 disks after him is able to avoid them, though it appears as if they do go through him. Cell then uses Goku's Kamehameha with all his power. The blast is more than enough to destroy the earth and everyone knows it. Goku lures the blast into space and uses the Instant transmission to avoid the blast. Cell doesn't understand how he did so Goku tells him. Cell then increases his speed to the point where Goku can't see him. The episode ends when Cell reappears standing behind Goku.
Review: I was thrilled to see this action packed episode. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Even though I know what happens I have enjoyed seeing how it gets there. After 8 or so episodes of relatively no action it's good to that the wait was worth it. I can't wait for the next episode.
BTW, Cell is NOT using the instant transmission. He doesn't acquire that until later.
Chris Mason


      In the beginning of this episode, we see Goku doing a dramatic power up
and Hercule and co. looking as if they saw a ghost. Cell compliments Goku and
powers up to his highest. Then, the real deal happens. Goku and Cell exchange
blows and kicks and a few actually hit. Cell lives up to his name next and
uses attacks the Z warriors and Freeza created. These include the Multi Form,
the KameHameHa, the Makkankosappo, and the Kienzans. Goku escapes all of
these. Hercule is stunned like the rest and has eyes and mouth wide open. He
still lies about it being a magic trick. :::dork! he says while sneezing:::.




Cell’s Bag of Tricks

Goku’s powering up. Everyone’s surprised. Even Vegeta. Goku’s glowing. Then Cell powers up. He glows too. Hercule thinks it’s just a trick. Goku and Cell continue to fight. In a while Cell starts to laugh.  He uses Tien’s splitting technique.  Now there are 4 Cells. In a while Cell uses Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. Goku hits all 4 Cells onto the ground while fighting them. Cell is now back in one. He uses Freeza’s energy disc. Cell only hit Goku’s images.  After that he fires a huge Kamehameha.  He uses his Instant Transmission to make it go into space. When they start fighting again Cell gets the upper hand in other words Goku can’t catch Cell.


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