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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 162 - Goku vs. Cell

The show starts off with the reporter saying how quickly Cell will dispose of the ‘cocky’ Goku, but that idea is quickly proven false.  The battle between Cell and Goku gets underway, each exchanging blows while Hercule falsely explains that the reason the two fighters move so fast is due to an optical illusion.  At one point in the match Goku nearly knocks Cell out of the arena and to the ground, but the Z Fighters (except Goku) are shocked when Cell explains that he has just been toying with Goku.  This statement launches the two combatants into a lighting-quick aerial battle, in which only the Z-Fighters can keep an eye on the Goku and Cell.  Everyone wonders how Goku can remain so calm, but when Cell lands a few well-placed hits, both Goku and Cell agree that their warmup is over and the real battle is about to begin!



Americn Dub DBZ - Episode:Goku VS. Cell

Review: Goku and Cell square off no one seems to be winning until the Z warriors find out there just toying with each other goku lands a couple punches and goes for the KAMEHAMEHA but Cell knocks it away then Cell lands a few kicks and punches and almost gets Goku out of the arena but Goku disappears and reappears landing a punch finally they decide ther going full power.





English Dubbed
161. Goku vs. Cell

Hercule is up. Goku and Cell start fighting. Hercule gets surprised because Goku actually damaged Cell. Cell almost loses.Hercule can’t follow them. Krillin and Gohan’s eyes are moving fast. Krillin laughs. Goku and Cell are moving fast. Goku kicks Cell into the air and fires a Kamehameha at him. All that fighting was only a warm-up. Goku powers up.



In this episode, we see some action between Goku and Cell! Mr. Satan, oh fine, HERCULE finally figures out that the Z-team is stronger than he is, but he still acts like a tard and refuses to admit it.

Goku squares off against Cell and “Lays the Smacketh down on Cell’s candy***!” Each kick and punch is negated as they fly through the air and duke it out for planet Earth. “Hercule” thinks that the super speed and teleportation of the two titans is caused by mirror special effects. Cell and Goku land and decide to give each other their maximum power and Goku begins to charge up. Flying Rose Attack?! What the %^*#$@! is that?!

-         Jeffpg88


DBZ Episode 161”Goku vs. Cell”, English version

The episode starts with Goku stepping into the ring. He and Cell bein to stare at each other for a while.  The Z fighters chat amongst themselves. Meanwhile Hercule comes back to the announcer saying he only lost his footing and will be ready to fight again. When asked what he thinks will happen in the next fight he says Goku won’t last 5 seconds. Goku and Cell begin to fight. They exchange a flurry of punches and Street Fighter style slides. This lasts 30 seconds followed by Hercule and the announcer looking stunned, Hercule can barely respond. Goku and Cell continue to fight.There’s a cool scene where Goku fires a Kamehameha,

Cell smacks it away, then Goku appears behind Cell and nails him in the side.  Cell shows a look of true pain and decks Goku hard, followed by hammering him to the ground.

Goku and Cell agree that it was a good warm up.Hercule& co.  are shocked. Goku begins to power up and it ends with Krillen saying that the real battle is about to begin.



English Dubbed - Goku vs. Cell, Episode #161

If I could be serious for a moment, I just got done watching what had to be the best episode of DBZ so far. It started with a short match of Cell VS Hercule (Mr. Satan), which ended with Hercules defeat, of course. Then Goku stepped into the ring to face Cell. As Cell and Goku smile and do a little sparring, Vegeta looks over to Gohan, sensing something, I believe, coming from the young Saiyen. Goku and Cell Exchange blows, looking huge to the other Z-Fighters, but they are really tiny when it comes to the true power of the combatants. The highlight of this sparring is Goku tossing Cell into the air, powering up a Kami-A-Mah-Ha, which Cell blocks easily. It was only a small attack, and Goku uses the distraction to warp behind Cell and give him a sharp elbow and roundhouse kick. They settle onto the ground, as that annoying reporter and Hercule look on, totally shocked. Goku and Cell agree to power up and really fight this time as the show ends. Until next time... >From Tobias, I’m happy to get emails from anyone intrested in

writing, DBZ, Pokemon, or Wrestling.


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